11+ Best Adventure Sports To Try Before You Die

Adventure sports are activities that combine adventure and sport. They include activities such as climbing, surfing, kayaking, rafting, paragliding, sky diving, scuba diving, snowboarding, and kiteboarding.

Adventure sports are becoming increasingly popular around the world. In fact, they are now considered a form of extreme sport. People who enjoy these activities often say that they feel alive and free.

There are many types of adventure sports. Some of them are better suited to beginners, while others require more experience and skill.

What are the Best Adventure Sports to Try?

Here are my top picks of adventure sports that you can try to get more experience and create amazing memories.

1. Snowboarding


Snowboarding is an activity in which a rider descends a snow-covered surface on a snowboard. The feet of the rider are attached to the snowboard with the help of mounted snowboard bindings. These bindings can be simply known as boots also, but they can attach to the snowboard so the rider won’t slip out.

The people who are doing snowboarding need to wear special accessories to protect themselves and get the most out of this adventure sport. These accessories include snowboard bindings, helmets, goggles, gloves, etc.

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2. Skateboarding


Skateboarding is considered an action sport where riders perform many styles using skateboards. Skateboards are also used as an environment-friendly transportation method by teens and kids. The beauty of skateboarding depends on the skateboarder that performs freestyle movements using this skateboard.

Since the rider’s feet are not attached to the skateboard, the skateboarder can rotate, swing and do other amazing tricks using the skateboard in the mid-air.

Although nowadays more people tend to use electric skateboards for the same purpose. The reason being is the skateboarder has to use less force to move the skateboard and the technical advantages that come with electric skateboards are awesome.

3. Skydiving / Parachuting


Skydiving or otherwise known as parachuting is done by using a parachute to slow down the diver’s descent to the ground after jumping from a very high place or from an airplane.

This adventurous sport should be done with extra protection because the possibility of something going sideways is extremely high. There are many factors that should be considered when doing skydiving such as exiting altitude, parachute opening altitude, free fall positions, freefall speed, etc.

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4. Kitesurfing


Kitesurfing is done by using the help of wind power and a large power kite to pull a rider across the water’s surface. This adventure sport is known as kiteboarding and can be done on land or snow surfaces. And the rider uses a surfboard to ride across surfaces.

Kitesurfing is mostly popular around beaches because the wind provides great support for riders to perform kitesurfing easily. Since there are simple types of equipment needed to do this sport, it is considered a less expensive sailing sport.

5. Surfing


Surfing is done by a surfer riding on a board of a moving wave. The board used for performing this sport is known as the surfboard which is lightweight but good enough to carry a person.

The waves suitable for surfing can be found mainly on ocean shores. The riders must have perfect balance and flexibility in order to ride on a moving wave toward the shore.

6. Canyoning


Canyoning is performed by navigating down a fast-flowing mountain stream. People who do this sport also improve this activity by using techniques such as climbing, jumping, and sliding.

You need to carry wetsuits, ropes, maps, gloves, and food in order to do this adventure sport at its best. Because this is sometimes a survival sport and can be a great experience for life as well.

7. Rafting / Kayaking


Rafting or kayaking is done by navigating through a river using a raft. The best part is the rivers contain rough flows surrounded by rocks and many obstacles that make the rafter’s journey more difficult.

The difficulty of the journey is what gives an unforgettable experience for rafting people. This sport is mainly done by a team. Because let alone one person cannot handle the raft. And this is a good sport for improving teamwork and corporation.

8. ATV Riding


ATV riding is also known as All-Terrain vehicle riding. This adventure sport is mainly done in off-road environments. ATVs consist of four wheels.

If you get the idea that it is much safer to ride ATVs than motorbikes, you are wrong. Because ATVs are unstable vehicles, especially at high speeds. And since you are performing ATV rides offroad you should be extra careful.

9. Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is a sport in which people climb a rock that has natural or artificial formations. This can be very challenging because it requires mental focus, special climbing techniques, and patience in order to succeed. The end of this sport is decided upon whether the climber reaches the summit of the mountain or a predefined endpoint.

You may use special climbing gear such as ropes, and axes to reach the goal. Before trying natural rocks, people often practice rock climbing by climbing to walls that have attached supporting formations.

10. Bungee Jumping


Bungee jumping is an action-packed sport that involves a person jumping from a tall building with an elastic cord attached to the feet. The jumper will face a few moments of free fall until the elastic cord reaches its full length.

The jumping point will vary according to the jumper’s preference. It will be either from a building, bridge, helicopter, or waterfall. The jumping experience solely depends on the place.

11. Scuba Diving


Scuba diving is an underwater diving activity in which the divers carry their own source of breathing equipment such as compressed air to breathe underwater. And some are using underwater scooters for ease of moving underwater with less effort.

Most divers do scuba diving to explore the sea and also find amazing things underwater such as shipwrecks and fish.

12. Paragliding


Paragliding is somewhat similar to skydiving but instead of jumping from a high altitude, a paraglider sits on a high position such as a mountain peak and waits for wind power to pull him up after wind filled with the parachute. After that, the rider can control the parachute and travel down the mountain.

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