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Best Email Marketing Software for
Small Business

Choosing a solid and reliable email marketing software can have a huge impact on your business marketing. If you are searching for options for email marketing software, in this article I will explain about the best email marketing software for small businesses can use in order to improve your marketing campaigns better.

Why having a best email marketing software is important?

Email marketing is considered as the most cost-effective marketing strategy for small business. This is not just a fact, many business owners get high return on investment (ROI) through only email marketing campaigns.

Still figuring out what the heck is email marketing?

Do not worry… I got you covered. Read What Is Email Marketing and How Does It Work.

All the answers for your questions will be there.

You must remember that your whole email marketing campaigns success will solely depend on the email marketing software.

If your chosen email marketing software contains only limited number of features, and email deliverability is awful, you will lose money instead of earning because majority of your emails will end up in the spam folder and people won’t read what you have to say. So as a result of that you lose shit ton of money.

Features of a good email marketing software

Not all email marketing software has the same features. They vary with slight changes. But there are some common things to look forward when choosing a best email marketing software;

  • User-friendly interface – Has the ability to design emails with ease. Drag and drop editing interface would be the best idea.
  • Marketing automation – Ability to send bulk emails to targeted people without ending up in spam folder. Also, the scheduled email sending would be awesome.
  • Segmentation and Tracking – Able to manage various contact groups and segment them according to various demographics. And must be able to track performance of email deliverability happens quite well.

So, let’s keep all the things in mind and get back on the list of best email marketing software. Then you can decide which software to choose for your business.



Getresponse email marketing software is really good software that provides you with a Free-Forever plan which allows to maintain up to 500 contacts. This free plan also gives you Website builder, Landing pages, signup and contact forms, and custom domain connection features.

The free plan alone gives you the flexibility to run your business smoothly. But if you are planning to expand further, there are more features available in getresponse such as,

  • Marketing Automation
  • Webinars
  • Paid ads
  • Conversion funnel
  • Live chat
  • Web push notifications
  • SMS marketing

So altogether, Getresponse is a best email marketing software worth considering.

Choose GetResponse



Mailerlite also have a FREE plan which allows to have 1000 contacts and to send 12,000 emails per month. But the paid plans come with unlimited monthly email sending feature. Free plan consists of Drag & drop editor, email automation builder, website builder, landing pages, and sign-up forms.

Like I mentioned before, the paid plans offer many features than the free plan. So, if you want to get most of it you must see visit Mailerlite and decide whether what plan will be best suited for your business.

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Choose MailerLite

How to improve your email deliverability

Email deliverability is a crucial factor in email marketing. Among the best email marketing software, you must choose wisely to use in your business because if your emails are not delivering to your customers then you can’t make an impact on them or say anything about your business to them. That is why email delivery is so important.

Getresponse and Mailerlite have a good reputation in email marketing field. But you must be careful with your email designs. Because if you design a Christmas card type email and decide to send them via the software it will probably end up in spam folder, even worse it will not deliver at all. So you have to be simple but meaningful when you prepare emails.

Can I send bulk emails from my Gmail or Outlook?

Yes, you can send bulk emails using Gmail and Outlook because those are the software that you are most familiar with. But those email marketing software are specifically made for sending bulk emails. You can use a free email sending provider like Gmail but the majority of the emails you send will end up in spam folder which is not good.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is an essential marketing strategy for any business because it helps you to stay connected with your customers and provide them more value. By following up on them, you can understand more about their behavior and adjust your business accordingly.

To get your message to your customers you gonna need a reliable email marketing software to ease your marketing tactics. So, if your goal is to grow your business you should choose a software that will skyrocket your profits.

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