5 Best Ice Climbing Backpacks of 2023

Ice climbing is an extreme activity that requires the right gear to protect the climber’s safety. A backpack is one of the most important items of gear for ice climbing. A decent ice climbing backpack should be strong, light, and able to hold all required equipment. The best ice climbing backpack for your requirements can be difficult to choose from with so many options available.

We will examine some of the top ice climbing backpacks on the market in this blog article and offer insights into what makes them excellent options for ice climbers. To improve your climbing experience, whether you are an experienced ice climber or a beginner, keep reading to learn about the finest ice climbing backpack.

What is the Best Ice Climbing Backpack?

Here are my top picks of the best ice climbing backpacks you can carry to your next adventure.

1. EXTREMEMIST Ice Climbing Backpack ($259)


A specialized bag created for ice climbers who want to remain hydrated and cool during their climbs is the EXTREMEMIST Ice Climbing bag. A 2-liter insulated water reservoir with a built-in misting feature that can be operated with an 8-speed cordless remote is a feature of the backpack.

This backpack’s potent pump, which atomizes mist up to 170 psi and produces a fine mist that is ideal for keeping cool during strenuous hikes, is one of its special features. Ice climbers who are subjected to extreme temperatures and need to control their body temperature to prevent heat exhaustion will find the misting functionality to be particularly helpful.

A second 0.20mm mist nozzle that adds another degree of mist density customization is included with the backpack. Users can quickly change the mist intensity using the remote control, keeping themselves cool and cozy the entire ascent.

The Personal Mister, which is made for simple removal and reinstallation, is another fantastic feature of this bag. Because of this, it can be used outside of the pack for a variety of cooling tasks, like during pauses or while belaying. Users can precisely guide the mist with the Personal Mister’s adjustable features.

The EXTREMEMIST Ice Climbing Backpack is intended to be sturdy and practical in addition to having a misting feature. It has numerous pockets and compartments for storing climbing gear and other necessities, and it is constructed from durable materials that can endure the wear and tear of ice climbing. The backpack also features a padded back panel and adjustable straps for additional comfort during arduous climbs.

2. Dakine Ice Climbing Backpack ($239.95)


A superb rucksack made especially for ice climbers is the Dakine Ice Climbing rucksack. It is designed with a wide range of features that are intended to give climbers the functionality, comfort, and convenience they require throughout their journey.

100% recycled nylon is used to make the backpack, particularly 420D HD and 630D HD high-density nylon ripstop with a water-repellent finish. The backpack is sustainable and friendly to the earth thanks to recycled materials.

The bag can be used to transport skis and split boards diagonally and in an A-frame, snowboards vertically, and it is compatible with DK Impact Spine Protectors. These characteristics enable the backpack to hold the various gear and equipment configurations needed for ice climbing. Additionally, it has a snow tool/shovel pocket, carry loops for split board poles and ice axes, side pockets, hip belt pockets, a snow-shedding back panel, and a padded hip belt. Additional safety features include a rescue whistle attached to the sternum strap and a waist belt with a reverse draw.

For additional convenience, the backpack also features a deployable helmet carry, a big volume zippered top pocket, and a back panel zippered main access. Climbers can access important gear and remain hydrated at all times thanks to the large fleece-lined goggle pocket, two-way radio handset, and insulated hydration compatibility.

3. USWE Ice Climbing Backpack ($209.95)


The USWE Ice Climbing Backpack is a high-end backpack intended for ice climbers who require a high level of functionality, comfort, and durability. This backpack has a storage capacity of 25 liters, which is adequate for carrying all of the necessary gear and safety equipment for a successful climb.

The USWE Ice Climbing Backpack’s HYDRATION COMPATIBLE design is one of its most notable characteristics. The rucksack can hold up to 3.0 liters (100 oz) of a hydration bladder. This feature guarantees that climbers remain hydrated throughout their ascent, even in harsh winter conditions. The INSULATED Thermo Cell SHOULDER STRAPS also encases the heat generated by physical exercise, preventing the drink tube from freezing.

The backpack also includes a Quick Access Avalanche Equipment pocket for keeping an ice axe and shovel. The pocket is readily accessible, allowing climbers to quickly retrieve their avalanche equipment in the event of an emergency. When not in use, the Helmet transport System can be used to transport a helmet.

The Ski Goggle pocket is another standout element of the USWE Ice Climbing Backpack. This pocket contains a microfiber cleaner tissue to keep your spectacles clear and free of scratches. The NDM 4-point harness system on the backpack offers a 100% BOUNCE-FREE individual fit, allowing climbers to tighten the pack without compromising their breathing capacity or freedom of movement.

Finally, the backpack has a super-ventilated back panel and waist support belt to keep the bottom part of the pack secure during the climb. Overall, the USWE Ice Climbing Backpack is an excellent option for ice climbers looking for a backpack with a high level of functionality, comfort, and durability.

4. Black Diamond Ice Climbing Backpack ($199.95 – $209.95)


The Black Diamond Ice Climbing Backpack is an excellent option for ice climbers seeking a high-performance, versatile backpack capable of withstanding the rigors of ice climbing. This backpack has several characteristics that set it apart from other backpacks on the market.

One of the backpack’s standout characteristics is its active, form-fitting suspension with SwingArm shoulder straps. These shoulder straps are made to move with your body and provide a safe, comfortable fit. The backpack also has a stretch-woven hip-belt pocket for small items like energy bars, sunscreen, or a compact camera.

The backpack has a one-of-a-kind CINCH closure mechanism that lets you open and shut the main compartment with a single pull. This feature comes in handy when you need to rapidly reach your gear or close the backpack to keep it safe from the elements.

The Black Diamond Ice Climbing Backpack also has a detachable ultralight SilNylon lid pocket that can be used independently. This is a great feature for climbers who want to keep their essential items, such as a map, GPS device, or phone, near at hand.

The backpack includes an integrated tools pocket with drain holes, perfect for keeping your avalanche safety equipment. This pocket is intended to keep your shovel and probe safe and accessible, and the drain holes allow any moisture in the pocket to drain away.

The Black Diamond Ice Climbing Backpack also has many features that make it easier to transport your tools. The rucksack has a tuck-away diagonal ski carry, an A-frame carry, and a helmet flap. These features enable you to securely transport your skis or helmet without interfering with your climbing gear.

Ice-tool PickPockets are included in the backpack to securely store your ice tools. The backpack also has a tuck-away rope strap for carrying your rope and a quick-deploy piolet device that works with piolets, technical tools, and mixed tools.

5. Ortovox Ice Climbing Backpack ($110)


The Ortovox Ice Climbing Backpack is a great option for climbers and mountaineers seeking a high-quality, long-lasting, and water-resistant backpack for their outdoor adventures. This backpack is made with high-quality materials and features to ensure optimal comfort and functionality.

The backpack is made of tough, water-resistant materials that can endure the rigors of ice climbing and mountaineering. The materials used to make this backpack guarantee that it will last for years, even if used frequently in extreme weather conditions.

The backpack has an ergonomically designed O-Flex-2 back system with S-shaped stabilizers for a perfect fit. This system distributes weight equally between the hips and shoulders over long periods. The O-Flex-2 back system is adjustable, allowing you to tailor the fit to your body shape.

The integrated hip fins wrap seamlessly around the body, making the Haute Route series an excellent option for carrying all of the gear needed for long days. The backpack is intended to be as comfortable as possible, even when carrying heavy loads for extended periods.

The front and back main compartments of the backpack enable you to easily access your gear in the main compartment. The front compartment is ideal for storing small items, while the rear compartment is ideal for transporting bigger items such as clothing, ropes, and climbing gear.

The backpack also has a compression strap that aids in reducing the size of the backpack when not completely loaded. The ice/axe hiking pole loops, rope attachment, and gear loops make it easy to attach your climbing equipment and access it when you need it.

The backpack is compatible with hydration systems, so you can remain hydrated while climbing. It also includes a key holder, an emergency card, and a chest strap with a signal whistle, all of which are important safety features for any outdoor adventure.

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