6 Best Ice Climbing Screws to Get in 2023

Ice climbers understand the importance of safety when it comes to overcoming frozen vertical environments. Having the appropriate equipment may make all the difference whether you’re a seasoned alpinist or a bold rookie taking your first icy steps.

Ice climbing screws are vital lifesavers in the armory of gear that ice climbers rely on. The anchors that give stability, security, and peace of mind atop treacherous ice barriers are these inconspicuous but vital devices.

In this detailed guide, we’ll look into the best Ice climbing screws, examining their significance, the various varieties available, and the main variables to consider when choosing the best ones for your ice adventures.

We have you covered whether you’re ready for a heart-pounding ascent or simply want to broaden your knowledge. Let’s dissect ice climbing screws and ensure your next vertical trip is both thrilling and safe.

What are the Best Ice Climbing Screws?

Here are my top picks of the best Ice climbing screws from the popular brands on the market.

1. Petzl Laser Speed Light ($84.95)

  • Material: Steel, Aluminum
  • Length: 13cm

The Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Climbing Screws are highly specialized equipment that will improve your Ice climbing experience. These ice screws stand out as a fantastic addition to any climber’s gear inventory, with an unwavering focus on efficiency, weight reduction, and performance.

The Laser Speed Light’s steel tri-toothed drill tip is one of its most notable characteristics. This unique design is meant to quickly break down even the most difficult ice surfaces. The tri-toothed arrangement engages with a tenacious hold as you twist the screw into the ice, ensuring a firm bite that instills confidence with each turn.

This bite-enhancing technology translates into more stability on your climbs, helping you can tackle different ice textures and situations with greater comfort.

While performance is important, the Laser Speed Light also prioritizes weight reduction. The use of aluminum tubing achieves a pleasing blend of structural integrity and lightweight design. This ingenious material selection reduces the overall weight of each screw, thereby lightening your load as you mount ice-covered walls.

This weight consideration demonstrates Petzl’s commitment to meeting the needs of modern climbers who value efficiency and mobility in their gear.

The Laser Speed Light’s flexible crank places ergonomics at the heart of its design. This design not only gives a fantastic grip that feels natural in your palm, but it also maximizes the amount of leverage you can exert during placement.

The flexible crank assists in generating the appropriate torque when you twist the screw into the ice, easing strain on your hand and wrist. This focus on user comfort guarantees that you can concentrate on the climb ahead without being distracted by discomfort or tiredness.

The color-coded hooks of the Laser Speed Light provide a practical advantage by incorporating a visual aid for faster, more efficient use.

Each hanger is color-coded, allowing you to quickly determine the length of the screw at a look. This minor but significant element simplifies the process of picking the correct screw for the situations you’re dealing with.

Whether it’s a rapid change during a dynamic climb or making adjustments on the fly, Petzl’s color-coded hangers demonstrate the company’s dedication to improving the user experience.

2. CAMP USA Rocket ($69.95)

  • Material: Chromalloy Steel
  • Length: 13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 22cm

The CAMP USA Rocket Ice Climbing Screws are a dependable and necessary companion for any ice climber looking for additional security and convenience of placement on frozen surfaces. These screws have been designed to be a workhorse in the world of ice climbing gear, with a design that combines longevity with low weight, ensuring a smooth experience on the ice.

The Rocket Screws’ use of high-quality chromoly steel is one of their distinguishing features. This material choice demonstrates the careful engineering that has gone into guaranteeing the strength and resilience of these Ice climbing screws.

As a consequence, you’ll have a piece of gear that will firmly handle the demands of ice climbing without adding bulk to your gear collection.

The capacity of any ice screw to penetrate the ice with ease and speed is essential, and the Rocket Screws excel in this aspect. Their razor-sharp teeth sliced through the ice with ease, making placements faster and more efficient. This not only saves time on ascents but also conserves energy for the more difficult stages of your climb.

The fold-out crank knobs complement the user-friendly design of the CAMP USA Rocket Screws. These knobs serve as the primary interaction between you and the ice surface, and their deliberate inclusion is not overlooked. Notably, these crank knobs are color-coded, making identification easier.

This means you can tell the difference between screw lengths at a glance, even in a fast-paced climbing scenario or in inclement weather. This ingenious design feature simplifies your decision-making process, allowing you to choose the proper screw for the right situation without hesitation.

3. Salewa Quick ($99.95 – $109.95)

  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 130mm, 160mm, 190mm

The Salewa Quick Ice Climbing Screws stand out as a versatile option for ice climbers looking for quick and easy placements on frozen surfaces. These screws, designed with the discriminating climber in mind, offer a variety of features that simplify the ice-climbing experience.

One of the Salewa Quick’s most notable qualities is its clever design, which enables quick and efficient placements with a single hand. This tool can help you save valuable time and energy in difficult climbing scenarios when every second counts.

The ergonomic screw head, along with a substantially sized crank handle, improves overall placement efficiency. This combination of features ensures a strong and stable anchor point while decreasing pressure on the climber’s hand and wrist.

The Salewa Quick is distinguished from ordinary ice screws by an inbuilt quickdraw capability. After being securely embedded in the ice, the climber can quickly clip in using the built-in quickdraw.

This new feature eliminates the need for additional equipment and speeds up the climbing process even further. As a result, the Salewa Quick is no longer just a screw, but an integrated system that improves speed and convenience of use.

The introduction of a built-in sling keeper increases the practicality even further. This novel design allows climbers to neatly and discreetly rack their screws, decreasing the possibility of tangling during shipment. This clever feature illustrates the manufacturer’s sensitivity to climbers’ practical needs, ensuring that the gear stays functional as well as user-friendly.

The Salewa Quick has been designed with safety in mind. The incorporated screw tip guard is critical in reducing the danger of injury and clothing damage.

This protector not only protects the user from potential danger but also protects the equipment from wear and tear, extending its lifespan.

Color-coded lengths add another layer of convenience for Salewa Quick climbers. Identification and selection of the suitable screw length become second nature, removing the guesswork associated with picking the right gear for the job at hand.

This attention to detail not only enhances the entire climbing experience but also increases the climber’s trust in their equipment.

4. CAMP USA Rocket XS ($69.95)

  • Material: Chromoly steel, Carbon steel
  • Length: 7cm, 9cm

The CAMP USA Rocket XS Ice Climbing Screws is a small and effective tool that excels in difficult Ice climbing conditions. These ice screws, handcrafted with precision and care, serve climbers who require dependable gear that performs particularly well in thin ice conditions.

The Rocket XS’s chromoly steel construction is one of its most notable features. This material strikes an impressive mix between strength and weight, allowing climbers to rely on the screws to stay strong while keeping their overall loadout as light as feasible. This is especially useful during tough Ice climbing expeditions where every ounce counts.

The Rocket XS’s front tooth design is one of its distinguishing features. These unique teeth are strategically designed to allow for quick and easy installation. When you’re on the wall with little time and rapidly changing conditions, having a screw that easily bites into the ice can make all the difference. The combination of the Rocket XS’s front teeth and your skilled technique assures secure and quick placements.

The Rocket XS has reverse-angle threads, which adds to its efficiency. This novel thread design has two advantages. For starters, it allows the screw to be driven gently into the ice, requiring less effort from the climber.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, it provides a firm hold once placed. These threads complement the screw’s overall design, increasing confidence in your placements even in brittle or less-than-ideal ice conditions.

The Rocket XS hanger is perfectly aligned with the screw, giving the climber a convenient advantage when racking. This intelligent design element allows for easy organization on either side, increasing your overall climbing efficiency.

When seconds count and you need to make quick judgments, having a screw that is easy to use can be a game changer.

CAMP USA has also made steps to ensure that choosing the appropriate screw becomes second nature. The use of color-coded crank knobs is a stroke of genius, allowing you to easily distinguish between screws.

When you’re in the middle of it, traversing a variety of placements, this tool comes in handy and saves you precious moments that can add up to a successful climb completion.

5. Petzl Laser Speed ($64.95)

  • Material: Steel, Aluminum
  • Length: 10cm, 13cm, 17cm, 21cm

The Petzl Laser Speed ice climbing screws are an exceptional addition to any ice climber’s toolset, designed specifically for traversing thin and technically hard ice terrains. As you go through the world of ice climbing, these screws will show to be useful friends that mix originality and functionality.

The Laser Speed screws are made with accuracy and experience, and they have a distinct design that sets them apart from the competition. The backbone of these screws is a tough steel tube, which ensures longevity and a solid basis for the task at hand.

This steel design isn’t just for show; it gives a level of solidity that inspires confidence, particularly when undertaking difficult ascents.

One of the Laser Speed screws’ distinguishing features is their tri-toothed drill design. This breakthrough in ice climbing technology improves the screws’ capacity to bite into the ice with unequaled efficiency.

Each of those three teeth engages with the ice as you twist and turn, significantly reducing the effort required to form a secure anchor point. This site is not only dependable, but it is also critical in dangerous situations where you must trust your equipment entirely.

The screws include a flexible crank that is designed for simplicity of usage, especially in situations when the ice is carved or uneven. Navigating such difficult ice formations can be difficult, but the Laser Speed’s flexible crank gives you an advantage by allowing you to enter the screw with less pressure on your hands and wrists.

The addition of a small hanger simplifies the operation even further, ensuring a trouble-free experience as you push the screw into the ice.

The Petzl Laser Speed screws are notable for their sophisticated color-coded identifying system for varied lengths. This feature illustrates a sensible design approach, as each screw is immediately distinguished based on its color, reducing the likelihood of confusion during a climb. This level of detail demonstrates Petzl’s dedication to providing climbers with equipment that improves safety and efficiency.

6. CAMP USA Rocket Plus ($89.95)

  • Material: Chromoly steel, Aluminum alloy, Dyneema
  • Length: 13cm, 16cm, 19cm

The CAMP USA Rocket Plus Ice Climbing Screws are a must-have for any ice climber, combining unique design aspects with practical practicality. These screws, made with precision and care, demonstrate CAMP’s dedication to providing high-quality climbing gear.

The integrated turn handles are one of the Rocket Plus ice screws’ notable features. These handles are cleverly engineered to eliminate the need for fumbling with separate tools, making screw placement a breeze.

It is impossible to overestimate the convenience of having the turn handles incorporated directly into the screw body. Climbers can easily push the screws into the ice with greater control thanks to this design choice, making the procedure both efficient and effective.

The Rocket Plus screws’ reverse threaded design is one of their most notable features. This clever engineering feature enables for rapid screwing motion while maintaining a firm grip on the ice. The reverse threading mechanism provides two advantages: quick insertion into the ice and increased stability once the screw is in position.

Climbers can rely on these screws to keep them in place even in difficult conditions, giving them the confidence they need to face snowy terrain with accuracy.

The addition of Dyneema lanyards to the Rocket Plus screws is a well-thought-out feature. These lanyards serve two functions: they allow for easy attachment to a carabiner, boosting mobility and rapid access, and they also act as an additional safety measure.

Lanyards improve the ease of usage and versatility of the screws, making them suitable for climbers of varying skill levels and preferences.

The Rocket Plus screws combine durability with a lightweight design. These screws are made of chromoly steel and are designed to resist the rigors of ice climbing without adding extra weight to your gear.

The Rocket Plus screws’ precise mix of sturdiness and weight makes them a great choice for both seasoned climbers and those new to the sport, ensuring dependable performance over repeated climbs.

The integrated hanger on the Rocket Plus screws offers still another level of convenience. When the screw is attached to a rope, this component spins freely, providing for smooth screw insertion. The design allows for easier insertion and guarantees that the screw is securely in place, contributing to the overall efficiency of the climbing experience.

Fixed aluminum alloy levers round out the features of the Rocket Plus ice screws. These levers have an ergonomic grip, allowing climbers to set screws with little effort. The levers have been precisely constructed to be both useful and user-friendly, speeding up the process of screwing screws into the ice.

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