8 Best Lacrosse Goalie Heads of 2024

As a lacrosse goalie, your most critical piece of equipment is your head. It’s the only thing that stands between you and the opposition’s shots, so picking the correct one for your game is critical.

With so many various lacrosse goalie heads available, it might be difficult to know where to begin. That is why we have compiled this detailed list of the top lacrosse goalie heads for 2023.

We’ll look at the best goalkeeper heads from all of the big manufacturers, including STX, Warrior, ECD, and StringKing, in this guide. We’ll also go over the important elements to think about while selecting a lacrosse goalkeeper head, such as facial shape, playing style, and money.

We’re convinced that our guide will help you select the best lacrosse goalie head for your needs, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice just starting out.

Key factors to consider when choosing a lacrosse goalie head

There are a few crucial elements to consider while selecting a lacrosse goalkeeper head:

  • Face shape: Traditional, square, and offset face forms are available for lacrosse goalkeeper heads. It is critical to select a head that complements your facial shape.
  • Playing style: Do you prefer to be aggressive or passive? Do you prefer using your glove or your stick to make saves? Choose a head that is appropriate for your playing style.
  • Price range: Lacrosse goalie heads can cost anything from $50 to $150. Setting a budget before you begin shopping will help you avoid overspending.

What are the Best Lacrosse Goalie Heads?

Here are my top picks of the best lacrosse goalie heads you can purchase on the market today.

Best Strung Lacrosse Goalie Heads

1. Nike Prime Elite ($144.99)


The Nike Prime Elite Lacrosse Goalie Head is a piece of athletic equipment that has been precisely manufactured to meet the unique and demanding needs of lacrosse goalkeepers.

This goalie’s head is a top-tier choice for players wishing to elevate their game and create an unyielding defense on the field, thanks to a combination of creative features, sturdy construction, and careful attention to detail.

The Nike Prime Elite Lacrosse Goalie Head is made from a carefully developed blend of materials and exhibits an exceptional balance of flexibility and rigidity.

This remarkable combination means that goalkeepers have the control and responsiveness needed to respond quickly to shots on goal while still being able to endure the force of powerful shots.

This means that, whether it’s high-velocity shots or rapid rebounds, this goalkeeper’s head will withstand the most difficult difficulties, making it an essential part of any goalie’s arsenal.

The ergonomic neck shape of this goalie’s head is one of its main characteristics, meticulously engineered to allow perfect hand placement for goalkeepers.

The ergonomic throat helps goalkeepers preserve a natural and comfortable hold on the stick while also allowing for quick, precise movements.

This design not only improves control and accuracy but also lowers hand strain during hard action, making it simpler to sustain top performance throughout the game.

Stringing options are critical for the discriminating goalie since they can have a big impact on how the goalie’s head performs.

This is addressed by the Nike Prime Elite Lacrosse Goalie Head, which has several sidewall openings.

These strategically located holes offer a multitude of stringing possibilities, allowing goalkeepers to tailor their pocket and stringing preferences to their specific playing style.

This versatility is priceless since it allows players to fine-tune their gear to improve saves and clears.

The Nike Prime Elite Lacrosse Goalie Head features semi-hard 12D goalie mesh in addition to its sturdy construction, ergonomic neck design, and numerous stringing options.

This uniquely constructed mesh provides a perfect blend of stiffness and control, allowing goalkeepers to track shots and effectively clear the ball.

The semi-hard 12D goalie mesh improves the overall performance of the goalie’s head, allowing goalkeepers to make precise, consistent saves while keeping control over their clears and passes.

2. Warrior Nemesis QS ($169.99)


The Warrior Nemesis QS Lacrosse Goalie Head has undergone a remarkable change, blending an iconic design with cutting-edge technology to create a product that stands out.

This head, designed specifically for lacrosse goalies, has a bevy of characteristics that make it an excellent choice for those guarding the net.

Warrior has given the famous Nemesis head a new, worthy design. As a result, the goalie head not only performs admirably but also stands out on the field.

It demonstrates the company’s commitment to merging elegance and substance.

Therma-Loc+ technology, which has enhanced the rigidity of the head by an astounding 50% when compared to ordinary nylon heads, is one of the Nemesis QS’s notable characteristics.

This increased stiffness is a game-changer for goalies, providing unrivaled control and precision when defending the net.

The Nemesis QS’s improved stiffness means that you can make those remarkable saves from outside shots without fear of backbend or deformation.

This reinforcement is an important part of the design of the helmet, as it promotes consistency whether you’re blocking a shot or completing a crisp outlet pass.

You can rely on this head to keep its shape and provide dependable performance in critical situations.

The Nemesis QS prioritizes comfort and feel for the goalie in addition to performance. The head’s elongated ergonomic throat is designed for maximum sensation.

This feature improves overall stick handling and control, allowing goalies to make quick reactions and accurate passes.

The design is intended to feel like an extension of your hand, ensuring that you always have control of your actions, even while under pressure during a game.

Furthermore, this magnificent lacrosse goalkeeper head abides by the standards and restrictions established by several regulatory bodies.

It complies with the NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men’s field lacrosse specifications, making it appropriate for use at all levels and in a variety of competitive contexts.

3. ECD Impact ($174.99)


The ECD Impact Lacrosse Goalie Head is an innovative piece of gear designed to improve your play between the pipes.

This goalie head, crafted with accuracy and innovation, contains an array of features that will have you making incredible saves with ease.

The creative use of ECD’s new SL-105 plastic, along with precise geometric sculpting, is at the heart of its design.

This combination makes the head extremely light, allowing you to respond quickly to incoming shots.

As you make those vital saves during furious gaming, your hands will seem faster than ever.

The optimized face shape of the ECD Impact is one of its most notable features. Every aspect of this form has been meticulously refined to provide greater saving area precisely where you need it most, while still providing structural support where it most.

This optimization means you’ll have the confidence to block shots and properly defend your goal.

The strengthened scoop demonstrates the mechanical prowess of this goalie’s head. It’s designed to resist the rigors of confronting the most difficult shots, ensuring that it holds strong save after save.

You can count on the endurance and strength of this scoop to withstand even the most extreme situations.

The ECD Impact simplifies the process of creating the ideal pocket for your playing style. Every element of the head has been meticulously designed to allow pocket stringing.

If you are unfamiliar with the art of stringing, ECD has a staff of expert stringers ready to assist, ensuring that your pocket exactly meets your tastes.

To finish up the ECD Impact’s amazing qualities, its ergonomically built throat provides optimum comfort and control.

This design not only enables a smooth transition from save to outlet but also improves your grip and mobility when playing.

With this goalie head in hand, you’ll feel completely in control of the game.

In addition to its outstanding performance characteristics, the ECD Impact Lacrosse Goalie Head is proudly built in the United States.

This product represents American tenacity, innovation, and pride, and it is the result of a great deal of goaltender love.

When you choose the ECD Impact, you are not only getting high-quality equipment, but you are also supporting the American craftsmanship tradition and passion for the sport of lacrosse.

4. StringKing Mark 2G ($169.99)


The StringKing Mark 2G Lacrosse Goalie Head is a game-changer in the world of lacrosse equipment, designed with speed and efficiency in mind.

This head has been deliberately constructed to fulfill the demands of goalkeepers who must respond quickly and precisely.

The Mark 2G employs a simplified approach to reach the best level of performance by reducing extraneous weight.

Because of this deliberate weight reduction, the head is not only lighter but also more aerodynamic.

Because of the improved aerodynamics, goalkeepers can quickly push their hands to the ball, keeping them one step ahead of the other team’s offensive plays.

StringKing knows the importance of customization when it comes to lacrosse equipment. As a result, the Mark 2G head comes pre-strung with either G2X (Semi-Hard) or G2S (Semi-Soft) mesh.

This adaptability enables you to customize the head to your specific playing style, whether you like a softer or stiffer feel, giving you ultimate control over your game.

The Mark 2G’s excellent design maximizes the surface area and material composition of the head to optimum stiffness.

With 42 stringing holes, this head offers an unrivaled variety of stringing options. Whether you want to construct the perfect channel or achieve a specific stringing arrangement, the Mark 2G has limitless modification options, allowing you to fine-tune your stick to your preference.

The Mark 2G is also ideal for goalkeepers who require precision control during clears. Its shorter throat shape provides even more control when launching the ball upfield.

This design aspect provides you with the confidence to make accurate outlet passes, allowing your side to keep possession and control of the game.

Best Unstrung Lacrosse Goalie Heads

5. STX Eclipse II ($99.99)


The STX Eclipse II Unstrung Goalie Lacrosse Head exemplifies STX’s unwavering dedication to producing high-quality lacrosse equipment.

This goaltender’s head is the pinnacle of precision engineering, with a superior strength-to-weight ratio that distinguishes it from the competition.

The revised sidewall shape is one of the Eclipse II’s notable features. This invention provides additional stiffness to the skull without adding weight.

This upgrade is a game-changer for goalies since it enables lightning-fast hand motions when reacting to shots on goal.

The rigid and sturdy face of the head ensures that it will remain unyielding and firm in the face of those high-velocity bullets.

Another noteworthy feature of the Eclipse II is its ergonomic neck shape. It’s not only about looks; it’s also about functionality.

The shape gives a firm and comfortable grip, providing goalkeepers more control when making vital saves or performing accurate ball clears.

This amount of control can mean the difference between win and defeat in a game.

The Eclipse II incorporates a redesigned scoop design that pushes your groundball performance to the next level.

It attracts loose balls on the pitch, making it easier for goalkeepers to retrieve the ball and begin the transition.

This is an important feature for maintaining possession and controlling the tempo of the game.

The additional sidewall holes on the STX Eclipse II are another notable feature. These holes provide a plethora of pocket-style options, allowing for easy customization to suit your individual playing style.

Whether you choose a high pocket for rapid releases or a mid-pocket for varied play, the Eclipse II is versatile enough to accommodate goalies of all skill levels.

6. Under Armour Command ($89.99)


The Under Armour Command Lacrosse Goalie Head is an innovative piece of equipment that stands out for its remarkable design and performance features.

This goalie’s head is precision-crafted and constructed for greatness, and it has a slew of impressive features.

The Command D’s stiff rail design is one of its most notable features, as it not only contributes to its lightweight construction but also ensures remarkable longevity and top-tier performance.

This design exemplifies Under Armour’s dedication to manufacturing high-quality lacrosse equipment.

The Command D is designed not just to be lightweight for easy handling, but also to resist the rigors of severe action.

The use of all-weather nylon in the Command D’s construction adds to its durability. This high-performance material was chosen specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions.

It is designed to withstand extreme climates, whether it is the scorching heat of summer or the freezing cold of winter.

As a result, when compared to other goalie heads, the Command D is less prone to warping or breaking, guaranteeing that it retains its top-notch performance and structural integrity regardless of field circumstances.

Under Armour’s proprietary Glide+ scoop technology is one of the primary distinguishing innovations featured in the Command.

This breakthrough provides goalies with an advantage in their ability to track and secure the ball from practically any angle.

This is especially important for goalkeepers, as quick and precise ball control may make or break a game. Glide+ scoop technology enables goalies to move more quickly and efficiently when retrieving the ball.

It makes the Command a versatile and dependable alternative for players who require the greatest scoop technology available.

7. Warrior Nemesis Lite ($99.99)


The Warrior Nemesis Lite Lacrosse Goalie Head is an incredible piece of equipment that has changed the game of lacrosse goalie forever.

This cutting-edge goalkeeper head is designed to give unrivaled performance, combining lightweight design with professional-level rigidity to assist you in making those vital saves against shots that exceed 100 miles per hour.

The Nemesis Lite distinguishes out as the market’s lightest performing goalie head. This lightweight design not only allows for speedier reaction times but also lowers player fatigue during a game.

You may firmly defend your goal without feeling burdened, ensuring that you are always ready to react to the most difficult shots.

The Warrior Nemesis Lite is distinguished by its pro-level rigidity. This goalie’s head is designed to resist the impact of 100+ mph shots while remaining unshakable in the face of tremendous pressure.

It keeps its shape and solidity, giving goalies the confidence they need to defend their goals with unrivaled precision.

The form of the Nemesis Lite is rounded. This shape makes it easier for goalies to scoop up ground balls and make precise passes while switching from defense to offense.

The rounded scoop ensures that you don’t lose out on regaining possession and turning the tables on your opponents.

With 20 sidewall holes and 7 top stringing holes, the Nemesis Lite allows for complete stringing customization.

This goalie’s head supports your stringing technique, allowing you to adjust your stick to your unique demands for consistent and reliable performance, whether you want a high, mid, or low pocket.

The Warrior Nemesis Lite Lacrosse Goalie Head is sold unstrung, allowing players to choose their own mesh and stringing patterns.

This lets you fine-tune the head to your exact requirements, improving your control and playstyle.

8. Brine Triumph ($69.99)


The Brine Triumph Lacrosse Goalie Head is an exceptional piece of athletic equipment that has been precisely designed to improve the performance of lacrosse goalies.

This goalie’s head has been designed to suit the stringent standards of the current game, and it has a number of features that set it apart from the competition.

The Brine Triumph’s revolutionary Strategic Core-Tech sidewall is one of its most notable characteristics.

This cutting-edge technology improves the stiffness and strength of the goaltender’s head.

This increased rigidity is a game-changer for goalies because it ensures that the head retains structural integrity throughout high-velocity shots and hard checks.

With the Strategic Core-Tech sidewall, goalies can stride onto the field with confidence, knowing that their head is up to the task, no matter how intense the game becomes.

The offset sidewall design is another notable feature that makes the Brine Triumph a must-have for lacrosse goalies.

This design aspect emphasizes precision and control, both of which are critical for a goalie’s effectiveness.

The offset sidewall design maximizes accuracy and control when it comes to outlet passes.

The Brine Triumph has you covered whether you’re seeking to make a quick and precise outlet pass to start a fast break or to accurately remove the ball from the defensive zone.

The offset sidewall design allows goalies to make accurate and efficient passes, which notably contributes to their team’s overall performance in the transition game.

Furthermore, the Brine Triumph Lacrosse Goalie Head has a sleek and streamlined design that not only looks good but also decreases wind resistance during clears and passes.

This design, combined with the strategically strengthened sidewalls, enables goalies to move the ball quickly and confidently, especially in the face of tenacious resistance.

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