13+ Best Places to Sell Stuff Online in 2022

Today, more people tend to purchase products online. If you are expecting to sell something you have or to start an eCommerce store, this is the perfect time to get on board.

If you have products to sell, there are many places to sell them. These are websites called online marketplaces. You can list your products on these sites and start selling immediately.

The main benefit of selling through these marketplaces is that those sites already getting huge visitors per day. And there is a good reputation among people with these sites. So, you don’t have to start all from scratch. You just have to sell what customers are searching for.

In this article, I will talk about the 14 best places to sell stuff online (online marketplaces) that are already holding the customer’s trust and respect.

What are the Best Places to Sell Stuff Online

Here are my top recommended places where you can sell your stuff online and make money immediately.

1. Amazon


Amazon is the most famous eCommerce platform on the internet right now. Many people visit Amazon to purchase things.

Because of the popularity and the trust among people, sellers get an advantage in selling stuff on amazon.

You can open a store on amazon for a price and start selling immediately. Books, video games, home, and kitchen items, pet supplies, outdoor and sports goods, and many more items sell heavily on amazon.

Whatever your business niche is, there is a high demand on amazon and you have the best chance of making sales by opening a store.

There are two seller plans known as Individual Plan and Professional plan.

With the Individual Plan, you will have to pay $0.99 for every time you sell an item.

With the Professional Plan, you can sell any number of items, but you should pay $39.99 per month as a subscription.

Also, amazon charges a referral fee for each sale, the percentage might be different according to the product category.

Start selling on Amazon today.

2. eBay


Like amazon, eBay also holds a high authority on the web as an online marketplace. New and used items are sold frequently on eBay.

eBay is the most popular among drop shippers. There are many drop shippers on eBay which are nice and might affect the marketplace’s reputation. Because of the shipping delays.

If you are a genuine seller who wishes to open a store on eBay and sell items you have no worries. Electric and other categories are more popular on eBay.

A big amount of people come to eBay to buy things every day. So, you won’t have any problem selling your stuff.

You can list 250 items per month for free on eBay. If you are listing any additional items you will have to pay $0.35 per listing.

When your item sells, eBay charges around 12.9% of the sale and $0.30 per order.

Start selling on eBay today.

3. Etsy


Etsy is more popular as a platform to sell handmade and vintage items.

But nowadays it is mostly used as a place to sell digital products such as printables, wall art, planners, calendars, eBooks, etc.

The main advantage of selling digital products is you don’t have to worry about shipping your products to the customers. And when you create your digital product once, you can sell it infinite times without reproducing. That’s why more people are selling digital products.

And Etsy is a very user-friendly marketplace and you can set up your store quickly and start selling asap.

You will be charged $0.20 per listing on Etsy.

The transaction fee is 6.5% of the final sale price.

The payment processing fee is $0.25+ 3% of the sales price

Shipping fee is 5% of the shipping price

Start selling on Etsy today.

4. AliExpress


AliExpress is a China base online store company that people visit to buy things at a cheaper price.

The majority of the items are very cheap but sellers are earning more money with the platform. Because many drop shippers use AliExpress to buy products cheaper and sell at their own stores or in other marketplaces.

However, it is easy to sell on AliExpress, because it is a global marketplace in which people come to buy stuff from everywhere in the world.

You will have to pay between 5% – 8% for each product you sell. The rate varies according to product categories.

Start selling on AliExpress today.

5. Handshake


Handshake is a wholesale marketplace that allows you to sell unique branded items.

They are currently supporting only for US market, but expect to expand their platform globally soon.

There are many categories like fashion, stationery, food & drinks, and pets to choose products to sell.

You can easily integrate Handshake with Shopify, so you can manage your inventory and track sales without any barriers.

There are no fees or commissions associated with handshake.

Start selling on Handshake today.

6. Bonanza


Bonanza is a great place to sell any type of product for a good price.

According to SimilarWeb, Bonanza online marketplace gets about 3.1 million monthly traffic. So, if you are selling your products through Bonanza, there is a good chance that many customers will be interested to buy from you.

If the final value is less than $1000 you will be charged 3.5% of the value.

If the final value is greater than $1000 you will be charged 3.5% of the value + flat 1.5% of the amount over $1000.

An additional fee will be calculated for the above fees if your shipping exceeds the $10 limit.

Start selling on Bonanza today.

7. Chairish


Chairish is a popular marketplace for home decor items, art, vintage, and antique items.

Chairish gets about 3.8 million visits per month according to SimilarWeb.

This platform got an award for “Best Place to Shop Online for Furniture and Home Decor” as the winner of USA Today Reader’s Choice.

You won’t be charged for item listing in Chairish.

If you are a wholesale manufacturer planning to sell on Chairish, then you should contact them in order to negotiate a suitable plan.

For other sellers, Chairish offers three major plans;

  • Consignor – Free membership with 1-9 listings and 30% flat commission rate.
  • Professional – Free membership with 10+ listings and 20%-30% commission rate.
  • Elite – $149 per month membership with 10+ listings and 20%-30% commission rate.

Start selling on Chairish today.

8. Ruby Lane


Ruby Lane is another great place to sell antiques, collectibles, art, and jewelry items.

It is getting about 1.5 million monthly visits (SimilarWeb says…)

There are no listing fees associated with Ruby Lane.

You will be charged $25 as the maintenance fee at the beginning of a month, however, if you manage to add 15 items during the month, you will get that $25 as a refund in the next month.

Also, you have to pay 9.9% of the total order as a service fee.

Start selling on Ruby Lane today.

9. Swappa


Swappa is mainly used to sell electronic items such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and even smart home tech.

According to SimilarWeb, Swappa gets around 2.3 million monthly visits.

With Swappa, you sell your products without any involvement from middlemen. So, you can get the most from your profits.

There are no fees to create item listings. However, if you want to list your item as a featured one, you can do it by paying $5 per item. This gives the item more exposure on Swappa like an ad.

You only have to pay flat 3% of the asking price when selling items.

Start selling on Swappa today.

10. Poshmark


Poshmark is a place to sell new and secondhand styles for women, men, kids, pets, and homes.

This online marketplace is mostly popular among girls and women. Because of that reason, it gets about 46.3 million monthly visits to the site.

Many high-demanded brands are available in Poshmark such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.

You can list items for free at Poshmark.

For sales under $15, Poshmark takes a $2.95 flat commission, and for sales above $15 they charge 20% for the sale amount.

Start selling on Poshmark today.

11. Decluttr


Decluttr is a famous marketplace to sell second-hand tech stuff easily. Because you can sell your items instantly to this marketplace and make money.

They even provide free valuations for your items so you can get an estimate of how much you will get from selling your product.

Decluttr is a great option if you are planning to sell used items fast and easily.

There are no listing fees or any commissions associated with Decluttr.

Start selling on Decluttr today.

12. Walmart


Walmart is more similar to AliExpress because most items are available for cheaper to buy.

They support deliveries for about 23 countries outside the U.S.

Walmart is a popular and very authoritative marketplace. So you should definitely have a chance of selling your products through this platform.

There is no subscription fee or item listing fee to sell on Walmart.

But you will be charged a referral fee based on your product categories. The fee differs from 6% to 20% of your selling price.

Start selling on Walmart today.

13. Craigslist


Craigslist is an old-looking website that receives 285 million visits per month. People use this site mostly to buy used items quickly.

It is best for selling stuff in local areas. You can get more interested customers who are living nearby and make money immediately without any trouble.

However, this simple and fast process made Craigslist a paradise for scammers. Therefore, you need to be careful when selling or buying using this site. Other than that, Craigslist is best for listing items/services and getting customers fast.

There are no fees for selling on Craigslist.

Start selling on Craigslist today.

14. Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is a new feature that was introduced by Facebook for people to sell and buy stuff. The selling process is very easy for anyone because the marketplace feature is available inside the Facebook app.

This is another good platform to sell your used items quickly to local customers.

Facebook Marketplace is free to list items and sell. You won’t be charged any commission or selling fees.

Start selling on Facebook Marketplace today.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best place to sell stuff online can be a hard thing. But if you narrow down your options after referring above platforms.

Remember, not all platforms will be suited for you. Because it varies according to what type of products you are selling.

If you are hoping to sell electronic appliances, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress might be good options.

But like Chairish, Etsy they have a different customer audience than other online marketplaces. Because of the product types which are available to sell and buy on those platforms.

So, first of all, identify what type of products you are expecting to sell, and select a platform with the perfect audience. Then after you list your products, interested customers might find you and buy from you.

Good luck!

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