5 Best RV Backup Cameras for Money

If you own an RV, you know how difficult it is to back up. RVs are enormous and heavy, making it difficult to see what’s behind you, particularly when towing a trailer or boat. That is why a strong backup camera system is essential.

Even in blind situations, a backup camera can help you see what’s behind your RV. When backing up into campsites, parking lots, or driveways, this can help you prevent mishaps. Backup cameras are also useful for moving in confined locations, such as when connecting to a sewer line or an electrical outlet.

There are numerous backup camera systems on the market, making it difficult to determine which one is best for your RV. This blog post will analyze the best RV backup cameras on the market and assist you in selecting the best system for your needs.

What to Look for in an RV Backup Camera

When selecting an RV backup camera system, there are a few important elements to consider:

  • Image quality: Image quality is the most critical factor. You want a camera that can capture a clean, sharp image even in low-light situations.
  • Viewing angle: A broader viewing angle will allow you to see what’s behind your RV. Look for a camera with at least a 120-degree viewing angle.
  • Night vision: In low-light situations, night vision is vital. Look for an infrared night vision camera.
  • Durability: Because RV backup cameras are exposed to the outdoors, it is critical to select a long-lasting system. Look for a camera with an IP67 or greater waterproof rating.
  • Installation ease: Some backup camera systems are simpler to install than others. If you are not confident in your ability to install the system yourself, search for a wireless system that does not require any wiring.

What are the Best RV Backup Cameras?

Here are my top picks of the best RV backup cameras you can get to confirm your safety while driving the RV.

1. Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera ($358.40)


The Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera is an innovative and dependable addition to your recreational vehicle that is designed to make backing up and navigating your RV easier and safer. With a plethora of remarkable capabilities, this camera system ensures that you always have a complete view of your vehicle. This remarkable product is described in detail below:

The installation of the Vision S Sharkfin Camera is incredibly simple. It’s a simple plug-and-play system for pre-prepared RVs, avoiding the need for substantial drilling. Even for non-prepped RVs, the user manual gives clear and straightforward directions for a simple setup.

The Furrion Vision S is a high-quality camera with a resolution of 720×480, allowing you to see the area behind your RV in clear and detailed images. The camera is IP65 weatherproof, which protects it from the elements and allows it to operate in a variety of weather conditions.

Furthermore, the camera has infrared night vision, which ensures clear visibility during nighttime activities. The sophisticated IR cut filters improve image quality even further, and the wide viewing angle of 120 degrees gives you a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

The bundle includes a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with anti-glare features, allowing you to view the video stream without interruptions in a variety of lighting settings.

The monitor’s park assist marker lines make it easy to judge distances when parking or maneuvering your RV. The windshield and table mount options allow you to position the monitor for best viewing.

The Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera uses 2.4GHz wireless communication to digitally lock onto the camera system, ensuring a safe and stable connection for all vehicles.

This camera system is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including RVs, motorhomes, trucks, semi-trailers, box trucks, shuttle buses, commuter buses, and tractors, and has a range of 42 feet (13 meters) in motion and an expanded range of up to 492 feet (150 meters) in open places.

This excellent range ensures complete visibility, even in huge cars. The camera’s night vision capabilities extend up to 16 feet (5 meters) behind your RV.

The Vision S camera system includes a motion detection feature that detects movement behind your RV and activates the display. This extra safety function alerts you to any activity in your blind spot.

The rear camera also has an audio transmission microphone, allowing you to hear what’s going on behind your vehicle and adding an extra layer of awareness and safety during backup maneuvers.

The Furrion Vision S RV Backup Camera is designed to be universally compatible with a wide range of vehicles. This system may be smoothly integrated into the setup of any vehicle, including an RV, motorhome, truck, semi-trailer, box truck, shuttle bus, commuter bus, or tractor.

2. VOONOA RV Backup Camera ($250)


The VOONOA RV Backup Camera System will improve your RV and vacation experience. This cutting-edge system has a myriad of cutting-edge innovations to make your ride safer, more comfortable, and visually attractive.

The 10.36-inch 4K super HD touch panel at the center of this system provides a four-way split view. This arrangement, when combined with four 1080P Full HD cameras, provides a level of clarity and vividness that raises your level of road awareness to a new level. Each camera catches its own perspective, resulting in clearer and cleaner images that allow you to move with ultimate precision and pleasure.

The VOONOA RV camera system’s built-in Bluetooth connectivity is a noteworthy feature. This allows you to connect your iPhone to the monitor without difficulty. This allows you to listen to music and answer calls hands-free while driving, maintaining your eyes on the road and lowering dangers. You will no longer have to manage your phone while driving, resulting in a safer and more comfortable travel experience.

When the sun goes down and the road becomes dark, the VOONOA system shines with its enhanced night vision capabilities. The backup and side view cameras, which are outfitted with the latest infrared LED lights and a light sensor, allow a clear picture even in complete darkness, with an astounding night vision range of at least 50 feet. This technology ensures that you can handle any low-light or nighttime condition with confidence.

The VOONOA RV Backup Camera System is also designed to resist the most severe weather conditions. The system’s IP69 waterproof classification, combined with full-glue sealing technology for the cameras and waterproof coverings for all connections, ensures that it performs flawlessly even in extreme weather, making it suitable for all-season travel.

On the road, safety and accountability are vital, which is why this system includes a built-in DVR and loop recording function. It can record videos from all four channels and store them automatically if an accident occurs.

Please keep in mind that the system does not capture audio to respect your privacy, instead focuses simply on capturing the visual evidence you may require.

Because of its basic wiring, installation is a pleasure. Unlike “wireless” systems, you will not need to connect electricity to all of the cameras and monitors separately. Simply attach the monitor’s power wire once, and the cameras will simply connect to the monitor.

The VOONOA camera system is powered by a 12-36 volt DC source, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including RVs, trucks, trailers, buses, vans, tractors, and fifth-wheel setups. This adaptability means that you may use this smart and comprehensive backup camera system in any of your vehicles.

3. DoHonest RV Backup Camera ($179.99)


The DoHonest RV Backup Camera – the V23 wireless backup camera for RVs that’s designed to provide you with unrivaled clarity, durability, and peace of mind – is the ultimate of safety and convenience.

The DoHonest RV Backup Camera emphasizes signal quality with an enhanced twin antenna system and cutting-edge digital technology. This combination enables the camera to broadcast a consistent and clear signal for up to 320 feet in open areas and up to 56 feet when mounted on a vehicle.

This camera provides a great picture of your surroundings whether you’re maneuvering in a large open campground or navigating through tight spots.

The bracket adapter and pigtail wire plug, which are specifically designed to work with Furrion Pre-Wired RVs, make installation a breeze. The V23 wireless backup camera is simple to set up and may be completely functioning in 10 minutes or less. With this straightforward setup, you’ll spend less time fumbling with installation and more time enjoying your RV trips.

The V23 wireless backup camera prioritizes your safety. It functions as a “DVR dash monitor” for your rear, providing a complete picture of the region behind your RV. This functionality can also be used as a travel trailer wireless reverse camera, filming your surroundings to help prevent accidents.

The capacitive touch key sensor in the camera improves longevity and assures smoother functioning. This technology not only extends the life of the camera but also ensures a user-friendly experience. The user interface of the camera is simple and responsive, making it easy to move through the system’s settings and functionalities.

With the flexibility to add up to four towing trailer cameras, you may broaden your field of vision. The improved RV camera system has full, split, and quad screen choices, allowing you to see the front, back, and side viewpoints all at once. This adaptability is a game changer, especially when it comes to maneuvering difficult terrain and confidently parking your RV.

The DoHonest RV Backup Camera is built to resist the most extreme outside environments. Its IP69 waterproof rating, obtained through cutting-edge sealing technology, means that there will be no lens water or fog issues. You can rely on this camera to give a crisp image in any weather circumstances.

When darkness falls, the V23 wireless backup camera’s nine infrared night vision LEDs on each camera glow brightly. These lights produce real HD 1080P films and images, allowing you to view clearly even in complete darkness. Your safety and visibility are ensured at all times, whether you’re driving or parked.

4. AMTIFO RV Backup Camera ($139.99)


The AMTIFO RV Backup Camera is a cutting-edge solution that will improve the safety and convenience of your RV or camper. This wireless backup camera system has a plethora of outstanding capabilities that make it a useful addition to the toolset of any RV enthusiast.

This RV backup camera’s enhanced twin antenna and unique digital signal transmission are two of its noteworthy features. The two antennas provide remarkable signal strength and stability, allowing the camera to transmit a clear feed up to an incredible 825 feet in open spaces while remaining reliable within a 320-foot range on your vehicle. This means you can retain a strong and continuous connection even when traveling in difficult terrain or in less-than-ideal weather.

The kit contains a Furrion bracket and pigtail wire, which is ideal for RV owners who already have Furrion pre-wired installations. This smart addition enables a smooth installation process, saving you time and effort.

The sturdiness and weather resilience of any RV backup camera is critical, and the AMTIFO RV Backup Camera does not disappoint. It is incredibly waterproof and weather-resistant, with an IP69 rating, ensuring that it can withstand even the worst outdoor conditions. This rugged build makes it an excellent alternative for RV enthusiasts who frequently drive off-road or in adverse weather conditions.

This camera system permits the addition of up to four wireless 5th-wheel cameras or license plate cameras for individuals who seek mobility and complete coverage. This gives you a 360-degree perspective of your surroundings, making it much easier to navigate your RV, even in tight areas.

The RV reverse camera also has a capacitive touch key sensor, which increases the device’s endurance and smooth performance. This not only increases its reliability but also its service life, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

The device includes a built-in recording function and loop recording in addition to presenting real-time visuals of your surroundings when driving in reverse. When the memory card is full, the camera automatically erases old files, guaranteeing that you never miss a moment. This can be extremely useful in the event of an accident or if you simply wish to examine your trips afterward.

The AMTIFO RV Backup Camera has a huge 7-inch LCD that allows you to easily watch your surroundings. You may easily switch between front and back views and turn the guidelines on or off in the menu, adapting the camera system to your specific needs. This level of control guarantees that the experience is seamless and personalized.

This RV rearview camera is simple to install. The digital wireless module is built into both the monitor and the camera, making installation easier. Simply connect the antennae and power supply, and the device will automatically carry video signals without any complicated configuration.

5. Yakry RV Backup Camera ($109.99)


The Y27 Yakry RV Backup Camera is a cutting-edge solution for increasing safety and convenience while driving recreational vehicles, 5th wheels, trucks, trailers, campers, buses, and other large vehicles. This innovative system includes a slew of outstanding features that make it an absolute must-have for any driver or RV enthusiast.

With its innovative dual-antenna design and cutting-edge technology, the Y27 RV backup camera provides an exceptional level of signal stability. The Y27 has a 50% greater refresh rate than prior models, ensuring a smooth and reliable transmission.

The signal can reach an astounding distance of up to 825ft in open settings, and it can maintain a functioning range of up to 320ft in more blocked environments. This incredible range ensures that no matter where your journey takes you, you always have a good view of your surroundings.

Because a Furrion bracket and pigtail cable are included, installation is simple, requiring only 30 minutes. Access to a helpful YouTube video with professional instructions is also included in the bundle, making the setup process as simple as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or new to installing backup cameras, the Y27 makes the process simple.

The Y27 RV backup camera’s expandability is a notable feature. The system can support up to four cameras, all of which can be smoothly linked with the high-definition 1080P monitor.

It is simple to switch between camera viewpoints, allowing for a wide viewing angle and giving the driver freedom and control. The system’s eight infrared lights ensure crisp photos even in low-light circumstances.

The Yakry Y27 wireless backup camera system does more than just assist with reverse and rear-view movements; with its recording feature, it also functions as a dependable dash cam.

The touchscreen interface makes it easy to operate, and the IP69K waterproof rating provides consistent operation no matter what the weather conditions are. Whether you’re dealing with rain, snow, or extreme heat, you can rely on our camera system to capture important events and add an extra layer of security.

The Y27 is extremely adaptable, with options for both reversing and full-time constant view. Because of its versatility, it is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including RVs, 5th Wheels, trucks, travel trailers, campers, buses, and others.

The Y27 RV backup camera system is a comprehensive solution for drivers that emphasizes road safety and convenience, providing advanced capabilities in an easy-to-use design.

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