5 Best RV Bike Racks to Get in 2023

If you own an RV and enjoy biking, you understand the importance of having a dependable bike rack. However, with so many various bike racks on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the best RV bike racks on the market, taking into account criteria like cost, durability, convenience of use, and capacity. We’ll also offer advice on how to select the best bike rack for your RV and your needs.

Whether you need a bike rack to carry two or six bikes, we’ve got you covered. So keep reading to find out more about the best RV bike racks on the market and choose the ideal one for your next journey!

Why you need an RV bike rack

If you own an RV and enjoy biking, you understand the importance of having a dependable bike rack. RV bike racks make it simple to take your bikes on RV travels, allowing you to enjoy cycling wherever you go.

There are several reasons why you might require an RV bike rack:

  • To save room: Because RV storage is limited, a bike rack allows you to keep your bikes outside of your RV, freeing up space inside for other items.
  • To safeguard your bikes: RV bike racks help to keep your bikes safe while traveling.
  • To make transporting your bikes easier: RV bike racks are designed to make it easy to load and unload your bikes, even when they are fully laden.

How to choose the right RV bike rack

There are several variables to consider while selecting an RV bike rack:

  • Capacity: How many bikes will you need to transport? RV bike racks come in a number of sizes, ranging from two to six bikes.
  • Bike type: What kinds of bikes do you have? Some RV bike racks are intended exclusively for road bikes, while others are made specifically for mountain bikes or hybrid cycles.
  • Budget: How much money can you afford to spend on an RV bike rack? RV bike racks can cost anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Tips for choosing the right RV bike rack

Here are some pointers for selecting the best RV bike rack:

  • Consider your requirements. How many bicycles do you need to transport? What kind of motorcycles do you own? What is your financial situation?
  • Read customer reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, browse reviews of various RV bike racks to see what other people think.
  • Examine the warranty. Most RV bike racks come with a guarantee, so be sure to read the details before making a purchase.
  • Think about the installation procedure. Some RV bike racks are more straightforward to install than others. If you are not handy, you should choose a bike rack that is simple to install.

What are the Best RV Bike Racks?

Here are my top picks of the best RV bike racks you can purchase to carry your bikes and e-bikes with your RV.

1. Hollywood Racks RV Bike Rack ($599.99)


The Hollywood Racks RV Bike Rack is your passport to travel the world with freedom and style. This RV Rider E-bike rack, which is specifically built for RV motorhomes, fifth wheels, or flat-towed vehicles, provides unsurpassed convenience for cyclists on the road. It has a full load capacity of 160 lbs and can safely transport two electric bikes, each weighing up to 80 lbs.

This bike carrier hitch mount prioritizes safety and security. It has heavy-duty wheel holders that firmly cradle your bikes and keep them in position during your ride. A locking security cable is included to protect your valuable cargo and provide peace of mind against theft.

The frame grabbers secure the motorcycles even further, discouraging unwanted tinkering. Furthermore, the accompanying hitch tightener improves the bike rack’s overall security and stability.

The Hollywood Racks RV Bike Rack is made of heavy-duty materials and has a sturdy design that ensures dependable performance on the road. This 2-bike rack hitch mount is specifically designed to support the weight of electric bikes and has a sturdy receiver tube for increased strength and longevity. So, whether you have hefty electric bikes or standard bicycles, this rack has you covered.

The compact, folding shape of this RV bike rack is one of its most notable qualities. When not in use, the rack conveniently folds up, allowing you to access your rear cargo without having to remove it. This innovation provides a layer of convenience for passengers, allowing them to easily load and unload their luggage.

Another benefit of the Hollywood Racks RV Bike Rack is its versatility. It is intended to fit a wide range of automobiles and requires only a class 3 trailer hitch with a 2-inch receiver.

This means it may be utilized with a variety of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. So, whatever vehicle you choose for your trips, this bike rack may meet your needs.

2. Swagman RV Bike Rack ($449.99)


The Swagman RV Bike Rack, also known as the E-SPEC hitch mount bike rack, is an outstanding addition to the world of bike transportation, with features tailored to the demands of eBike aficionados and those with bigger bikes. This amazing bike rack is described in detail below:

The E-SPEC hitch mount bike rack is designed to meet the needs of eBikes and other heavy-duty bicycles. This rack offers the stability needed to transport very heavy loads safely.

It can transport not one, but two bikes, each having a maximum weight capacity of 70 pounds. This makes it an excellent choice for folks who own heavy bicycles and require a dependable method of moving them safely.

The E-SPEC bike rack is simple to assemble. With simple and detailed directions, you can have it fully assembled and ready to use in minutes. There’s no need to waste time struggling with complicated installation processes. Once completed, all that remains is to load your bikes and you’ll be ready to go in no time.

The E-SPEC makes no compromises when it comes to the safety of your prized motorcycles. It has locking ratchet hooks that keep your bike firmly in position throughout your ride. It also has a locking hitch pin, which gives you peace of mind by protecting your bike rack from theft or unauthorized removal.

The Swagman RV Bike Rack was created with ease of use in mind. When not in use, the rack folds easily against the back of your vehicle. This revolutionary design allows you to access the trunk of your vehicle without disassembling the entire rack, saving you time and effort. It’s all about making your bike commute as easy and convenient as possible.

This bike rack is designed to work with Class 3 and 2″ hitch receivers, making it appropriate for a wide range of cars. This rack may most likely be fitted into your hitch receiver whether you have an RV, SUV, or a conventional car.

Furthermore, the E-SPEC is designed to accept most frame sizes and bike styles, ensuring its versatility and compatibility for a wide range of bicycle kinds.

3. HYPERAX RV Bike Rack ($349.95)


The HYPERAX RV Bike Rack is a cutting-edge bicycle carrier that has been painstakingly built for RV owners. It provides an unsurpassed level of safety and mobility on the road thanks to an original design optimized to fit Class 3 or higher hitch receivers in both the front and back of your RV.

To offer the highest level of security during your journey, the hitch receivers must be CHASSIS MOUNTED. Attempting to attach the hitch rack to a BUMPER-MOUNTED HITCH RECEIVER could result in serious repercussions such as bumper damage and even death.

This incredible bike rack has a massive overall capacity of 140 pounds and can accommodate up to 70 pounds per rack. It is suitable for a wide range of bicycles, including mountain bikes, electric bikes, and road bikes with up to 5-inch fat tires and a wheelbase of up to 58 inches. A bike adapter (not included) is necessary for step-through or women’s bikes.

The HYPERAX RV Bike Rack prioritizes safety and security. The co-injected soft rubberized ratcheting hooks secure your bike’s frame while leaving no visible scratches on the metal surface. The rack comes with two key locks that secure both your bikes and the rack itself, preventing theft.

The adjustable wheel holders allow for the versatility of accommodating bikes of varying sizes, while fluorescent Velcro straps improve visibility at night. Extra security straps are included in the box to ensure your bike remains safely fastened to the rack.

Another notable characteristic of this bike rack is its ease of use. When transporting your bike, simply fold it up and use the convenient carrying handle for easy transit. An integrated storage hook allows you to hang the rack on the wall when not in use, saving essential storage space in your RV.

The HYPERAX RV Bike Rack is intended to accommodate 2-inch hitch receivers, generally Class 3 and higher. It is firmly fastened by a 12-inch steel anti-wobble pin and a key lockset, a patent-pending technology that assures the rack remains stable and robust during your excursions.

This rack can easily accept wheels with diameters ranging from 20″ to 29″ and tires with widths ranging from 1″ to 5″. Because of its adaptability, it is suited for a wide range of bike styles, from cruisers to fat tire electric bikes.

4. FulTyme RV Bike Rack ($181.49)


The FulTyme RV Bike Rack is a sturdy and trustworthy attachment designed for keen cyclists who want to easily transport their bikes on RV travels. This bike rack is designed to resist the rigors of the road and give long-lasting performance. It is made of heavy-duty steel and has a durable powder-coat finish.

The user-friendly design of the FulTyme RV Bike Rack is one of its main characteristics, making it exceptionally convenient for loading and locking your bicycles.

The adjustable clamps and wheel holders with integrated straps make it simple to attach your bikes and provide a snug and secure fit. You won’t have to deal with intricate or time-consuming bike-loading procedures with this rack.

This bike rack is a versatile option that can accommodate a wide range of bikes, from mountain bikes to road cycles and more. The adjustable features allow it to accommodate bikes with tires up to 5 inches wide, giving it versatility for varied bike kinds and sizes. This versatility is ideal for families or groups of riders with a variety of cycling tastes.

The FulTyme RV Bike Rack has a quiet anti-rattle construction, which is essential for relaxing and comfortable travel. This design reduces vibrations and noise while your RV is in motion, delivering a peaceful travel experience free of the distracting clatter commonly associated with inferior bike racks.

This bike rack has a 2-inch receiver tube and a hitch pin included in the package to make it even more convenient. This means it fits effortlessly into your RV’s existing 2-inch hitch receiver, avoiding the need for any other accessories or modifications.

5. Lippert Components RV Bike Rack ($173.99)


The Lippert Components RV Bike Rack is a versatile and dependable solution for passionate cyclists and outdoor lovers who wish to take their bikes on trips without sacrificing safety and stability.

This bike rack, designed with precision and outfitted with several critical features, is an ideal addition to your recreational vehicle setup.

The Lippert Components RV Bike Rack’s outstanding adaptability is one of its most notable characteristics. The rack is intended to be attached to the trailer tongue tube of many trailer types, including cargo, utility, and boat trailers.

This versatility makes it an excellent alternative for RV owners who routinely tow various types of trailers for their outdoor adventures.

The Lippert Components RV Bike Rack goes above and beyond to protect your valuable bicycles. It has foam bumpers that cushion and protect the bike’s finish while in transit.

You no longer have to be concerned about dings, scratches, or chipped paint on your costly motorcycles.

This bike rack has adjustable wheel cradles and SwayStop straps to keep your bikes secure for a safe and worry-free ride. These parts work together to securely attach your bikes to the carrier, eliminating unwanted movement during transportation. Your bikes will stay firmly in place whether you’re riding down the highway or through rough terrain.

Bike owners are concerned about security, and the Lippert Components RV Bike Rack tackles this issue successfully. NoMotion pins are critical in eliminating rack shaking and potential swing.

Furthermore, these pins may be padlocked for added security, giving you peace of mind that your bikes are not only safe but also secure from theft.

This incredible bike carrier is designed to allow you to go on outdoor adventures with a partner. It can hold two bikes at the same time, tripling your adventure potential.

With a load capacity of up to 80 lbs, you may transport a range of bike kinds without worrying about weight restrictions.

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