Best RV Mattresses of 2023: Top Picks for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Taking a trip in your RV is an exciting adventure. The open road, gorgeous vistas, and freedom to explore new horizons are all appealing. But there is one feature of RV life that should not be disregarded if you want to get the most out of your trip: a comfortable mattress.

Whether you’re an experienced RVer or a first-time camper, you’ll agree that a good night’s sleep is crucial for a relaxing and restorative journey. After all, the quality of your sleep has a big impact on your energy, mood, and entire travel experience. That is where the hunt for the greatest RV mattress starts.

We’ll take you on a journey of discovery as we examine the best RV mattresses on the market today in this detailed guide. We’ll help you choose the appropriate mattress that fits your individual preferences and RV size, from memory foam to innerspring, from tiny RV bunk beds to sumptuous king-sized options.

Prepare to sleep like you’ve never slept before as we delve into the world of RV mattresses, revealing the essential features, benefits, and evaluations of the best alternatives available. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and welcome to the kind of sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle each new day of your adventure.

So, whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or a weekend break, let’s make sure your RV is set up for rest and leisure. Let’s look at the greatest RV mattresses, which promise to make your journey one of exceptional comfort and lovely dreams.

What is the Best RV Mattress?

Here are my top picks of the best RV mattresses available in the market to purchase and experience a comfortable sleep on your journeys with RV.

1. Molblly RV Mattress ($279.99)

  • Size: Short Queen
  • Material: Gel Memory Foam

The Molblly RV Mattress is built with a breathable design that keeps you comfy all night. This mattress features a three-layer all-foam system that has been precisely designed for both increased support and effective heat dissipation. The layers work together to provide you a restful night’s sleep.

The top layer, made up of 2 inches of memory foam, cradles your body and molds to your specific shape. This not only provides outstanding comfort but also relieves pressure spots, letting you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

A 1-inch comfort layer sits beneath the memory foam, offering a layer of plushness to your sleep experience. It’s the kind of tenderness that makes you want to go to bed.

The Molblly RV Mattress is built on a sturdy 7-inch layer of high-density base support foam. This layer offers long-term durability while also providing the structural stability required to keep your spine properly positioned. No more tossing and turning in bed; this mattress provides the support you require for a pleasant night’s sleep.

The Molblly RV Mattress’s removable and washable soft cover layer is one of its most notable characteristics. As you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your mattress, convenience meets hygiene. This considerate feature keeps your mattress fresh and inviting while extending its life.

You can rest easy knowing that our Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress fulfills CertiPUR-US Certified performance, emissions, and durability criteria. You can be confident that the Molblly RV Mattress is made of high-quality materials that will last for years.

The Molblly RV Mattress is created not just for utility, but also for your comfort and well-being. This mattress’s memory foam supports continuous airflow and breathability, ensuring that you sleep comfortably without overheating.

The skin-friendly fabric reacts to the surroundings, ensuring a comfortable sleeping temperature regardless of the season.

Furthermore, the buoyant, non-sinking support foam fits your body, giving excellent pressure relief. Get rid of those morning aches and pains. Furthermore, specific foams in the mattress are designed to reduce motion transfer from your spouse. Even if your spouse tosses and turns, you can finally get a good night’s sleep.

2. Foamma RV Mattress ($174.77)

  • Size: 48”x 75”
  • Material: Foam

The Foamma RV Mattress is a unique sleeping solution designed to provide great comfort and durability, making it the ideal choice for a variety of applications such as camping, RV bunks, trucks, campers, guest rooms, cots, daybeds, and more. This mattress has a number of distinguishing qualities that set it apart from the competition.

The Foamma RV Mattress has a navy blue 600 denier polyester fabric cover that acts as a fortress against water and other fluids, keeping your mattress in excellent shape. This water-resistant cover acts as a shield, protecting damage from spills and mishaps.

Furthermore, the ease of removal provided by a zipper makes maintenance a snap. When it’s time to clean, unzip the cover and chuck it in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

This mattress’s core is made of high-density foam, which is firm but exceptionally comfy. The Foamma RV Mattress provides the optimum balance of support and comfort for a night’s sleep in an RV or a guest room. You can rely on it to cradle your body, providing a comfortable night’s sleep and ensuring you wake up feeling revitalized.

The Foamma RV Mattress is designed to last and can handle the demands of numerous applications. This mattress is capable of withstanding road bumps in an RV or welcoming guests in a spare room.

The tough polyester cover not only repels water but also withstands wear and tear, ensuring its durability. Because of its adaptability, it is a wonderful addition to your bedding collection, ready to serve you in any situation.

Foamma takes pride in its environmental and health-conscious manufacturing practices. The Foamma RV Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it is free of ozone-depleting chemicals, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

Furthermore, it is free of the Consumer Product Safety Commission-regulated phthalates and has minimal VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions, assuring good indoor air quality with emissions of less than 0.5 parts per million. You may rest well knowing that this mattress respects both your health and the environment.

3. FoamRush RV Mattress ($139.97)

  • Size: 28”x 72” (Bunk)
  • Material: Gel Memory Foam

FoamRush RV Mattress is a versatile foam product that goes beyond traditional applications, making it an important resource for a wide range of projects and applications. Its versatility goes well beyond standard seating arrangements.

This foam can be customized to fulfill a wide range of requirements, from rejuvenating worn-out chairs to creating unique cushions for outdoor furniture, ottomans, stools, and even headboards.

This foam is a versatile alternative for outfitting an RV interior, improving boat and automobile seats, or offering comfort for golf cart excursions.

FoamRush RV Mattress is a perfect companion for folks who enjoy DIY projects. Because of its ease of manipulation, this foam is ideal for customization. You may easily cut it to your desired dimensions using simple equipment like a sharp knife, serrated knife, or electric knife.

To obtain the necessary thickness, the foam can be trimmed along its edges or layered in layers, resulting in a custom solution that is ideal for your project.

Furthermore, it lends itself nicely to artistic efforts because it can be readily bonded together to create wider pieces or layered to produce thicker cushions, allowing limitless options for size and shape customization.

What actually distinguishes FoamRush RV Mattress is its dedication to comfort and support. This revolutionary product has a dual-layer structure that combines a layer of vented gel memory foam with a layer of high-density support foam.

As a consequence, a harmonious combination that achieves a balance between pressure relief and powerful support, offering a medium-firm feel, is achieved.

The top memory foam layer is infused with a heat-capturing gel substance, which is carefully developed to prevent heat buildup. This provides a more pleasant and peaceful experience, especially in tight settings such as an RV.

The surface layer of memory foam has a vented design to improve ventilation and heat dissipation. This intelligent design feature encourages airflow, resulting in a cooler and more breathable sleeping or seating surface.

4. FoamTouch RV Mattress ($95.15 – $169.97)

  • Size: 6″ x 30″ x 75″
  • Material: Gel Memory Foam

A big layer of high-quality Gel Memory Foam measuring a luscious 1 inch in thickness sits at the heart of this outstanding mattress. This isn’t just ordinary memory foam; it’s the cream of the crop when it comes to foam materials, with a 3lb density.

Why is this significant, you may ask? It’s the secret to that unmatched level of ease you’ll experience. As you sleep, the Gel Memory Foam conforms to your own body shape, gently cradling you in a cloud-like embrace.

But it’s not just about feeling good; it’s also about your health. This outstanding memory foam relieves pressure points, ensuring that your body is supported and comfortable even during long nights of sleep.

A foundation of high-density foam lies beneath the sublime layer of Gel Memory Foam. This foam base is no wimp when it comes to durability and support, with a density rating of 1.8.

It has a compression rate of 44 pounds, ensuring that your FoamTouch RV Mattress retains structural integrity for many years. You won’t have to worry about sagging or pain because this mattress is built to last.

The high-density foam base will provide unwavering support, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated, whether you’re settling in for a little nap or a full night’s sleep.

One of this mattress’s most notable advantages is its capacity to keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. Your bed will feel cooler to the touch thanks to the Gel Memory Foam, producing a more comfortable sleeping experience.

No more waking up sweating or tossing and turning in search of the cool side of the pillow. The FoamTouch RV Mattress regulates your body temperature, allowing you to fall asleep without the pain of overheating.

The endurance of the FoamTouch RV Mattress is what distinguishes it. This mattress, unlike many others on the market, is built to last. You may sleep soundly knowing that your investment will last 7 to 10 years. It’s more than simply a mattress; it’s a long-term investment in your health and comfort.

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