5 Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems of 2023

RV tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are a must-have piece of equipment for any RV owner. A TPMS can help you identify and address problems before they cause a blowout or other significant issue by monitoring the pressure and temperature of your tires in real-time.

There are numerous RV TPMS systems on the market, so do your homework before deciding on one. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the top RV TPMS systems on the market and help you select the ideal one for your needs.

There are a few crucial considerations to consider while selecting an RV TPMS:

  • Sensor type: There are two types of TPMS sensors: direct and indirect. Direct sensors are installed inside the tire and immediately measure the pressure and temperature. Indirect sensors are installed on the wheel and indirectly detect tire pressure by monitoring wheel speed. Although direct sensors are more precise than indirect sensors, they are also more expensive.
  • Sensor count: RV TPMS systems normally include four sensors, one for each tire. Some systems, however, can accommodate more sensors, which is handy for RVs with tow vehicles or multiple axles.
  • Display: TPMS displays are available in a range of configurations, such as handheld devices, dash-mounted monitors, and smartphone apps. Choose a display that is simple to read and operate while providing the information you require.
  • Extra features: Some RV TPMS systems include extra functions such as low pressure or excessive temperature warnings, as well as the ability to track tire pressure over time. Select a system that includes the characteristics that are important to you.

What are the Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems?

Here are my top picks of the best RV tire pressure monitoring systems you can purchase to keep updated about your RV’s tire pressure.

1. GUTA RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System ($349)


The GUTA RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a cutting-edge solution that ensures the safety and performance of your huge RVs while improving fuel efficiency. This cutting-edge system provides real-time monitoring, simple sensor configuration, enhanced warning technology, and effective power management.

The GUTA TPMS has a wide and easy-to-use screen that can display data from up to ten tires on a single page. What’s more, it will automatically transition between the front trailer and rear portions, allowing you to monitor up to 46 tires without having to push a single button. This system is specifically developed for large vehicles, as it can manage pressure levels of up to 188 psi and tire temperatures of up to 185 °F.

Maintaining optimum tire parameters is critical for vehicle safety and plays a critical role in obtaining optimal fuel efficiency. By keeping an eye on tire pressure and temperature, you can reduce the likelihood of blowouts and other tire-related accidents, thus saving money on gas.

The TPMS from GUTA makes installation and programming easier. GUTA has simplified the installation of traditional TPMS systems, which often need sophisticated sensor programming.

You may quickly assign and configure the anti-theft sensors using the wireless programming capability before placing the TPMS sensors consistently. This not only saves time but also reduces the possibility of problems during installation.

In cases where distance or electromagnetic interference may be an issue, GUTA provides a signal booster to ensure that the signal between the sensors and the monitor stays robust and dependable.

The GUTA TPMS comes with a comprehensive alert system that covers all of the important metrics you should be aware of when driving. High and low tire pressure alarms, high-temperature alerts, quick leak alerts, missing sensor signal alerts, and low sensor battery alerts are all part of this.

The system is designed to be proactive, keeping you informed about the condition of your tires at all times. When data deviates from the predefined safety parameters, it promptly broadcasts both visible and audible warning warnings.

This capability enables you to concentrate on long-distance travel or freight activities while preserving driving safety. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) keeps you informed and watchful, lowering the risks associated with underinflated or overheated tires.

The GUTA monitor has a built-in rechargeable internal lithium battery that may last 12 to 14 days on a single 4-hour charge. If the monitor senses no motion or vibration for 15 minutes, it automatically enters power-saving mode to conserve battery life. As long as the sensors are under pressure, they provide status signals to the monitor at 5-minute intervals.

This ensures that you are never caught off guard by unexpected tire problems. Furthermore, the sensor battery life is outstanding, lasting up to 4 years. Even when it comes time to replace the batteries, the replaceable CR2032 battery architecture makes it an easy operation. With the GUTA TPMS, you can rely on a dependable and energy-efficient system to keep your tires in good shape and your journeys safe.

2. Lippert Components RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System ($282.82)


The Lippert Components RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an essential tool for any RV enthusiast, ensuring your safety and peace of mind while on the road. This revolutionary device provides continuous pressure and temperature monitoring, ensuring that you are always aware of the state of your tires.

The capacity to deliver real-time updates on your tire pressure and temperature is at the heart of the Lippert Components RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System. While your RV is in motion, the sensors work hard to update this critical data numerous times per minute.

Even if your car is parked, these sensors continue to check in every 15 minutes. This proactive approach helps avoid difficulties from becoming significant issues and also provides a safety net in the event of abrupt blowouts or other calamities. Because of its universal fit, the system can accommodate a wide range of RV models.

Lippert Components has utilized cutting-edge repeater technology to improve the signal reliability of the system. These repeaters essentially “repeat” the sensors’ signals, but with greater strength.

This ensures that the information sent to your smartphone is always up to date, no matter where you are about your RV. You can always rely on a strong and dependable connection between the sensors and your smartphone.

It’s never been easier to keep your RV’s tires inflated. The Lippert Components RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System interacts smoothly with the OneControl app, providing a simple interface on your smartphone.

You can easily monitor your sensors, establish tire pressure ranges, receive timely messages, and access alarms using this app. The OneControl connection offers a more streamlined and simple user experience.

The installation of this tire pressure monitoring device is simple. The sensors easily screw onto your existing tire valves, making them compatible with the majority of RV configurations. Furthermore, the repeater effortlessly plugs into a pre-installed dock, which is specifically built for 2020 and later RV models.

Because of this simplicity, you may get your system up and operating quickly, without the need for complicated installs or specialized tools. You can even tweak your sensors and define acceptable tire pressure ranges using the OneControl app to meet your specific demands.

The Lippert Components RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is manufactured by a well-known brand in the RV market. Lippert is a well-known and respected brand among RV owners and outdoor lovers, and this system demonstrates their dedication to quality and innovation. You can rely on the durability and performance of this system to improve the safety and convenience of your RV trip.

3. MIRAIDON RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System ($169)


The MIRAIDON RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a cutting-edge system designed to deliver accurate data for your vehicle’s tires in real-time. This system, which has several amazing features, assures your safety on the road while simplifying tire maintenance.

MIRAIDON employs automotive-grade chips, distinguishing it from the competition and ensuring exact and trustworthy data. With low latency real-time transmission, you can easily check tire pressure and temperature for up to 14 tires at the same time without pressing a button.

This system is suitable for larger vehicles such as motor homes, RVs, and commercial transport trucks, as it can manage tire pressures of up to 176 PSI and tire temperatures of up to 185°F.

The MIRAIDON TPMS is simple to install. External sensors can be readily inserted by unscrewing the inflation port screw and firmly attaching the sensor. Furthermore, the technology makes use of wireless programming, which simplifies the pairing procedure between the anti-theft sensor and the tire.

An optional signal booster is offered to ensure a strong and stable connection in situations where distance and electromagnetic interference may be a concern.

The MIRAIDON TPMS performs admirably in terms of safety. It has six different alert settings to keep you informed of any potential problems. High and low tire pressure alerts, high-temperature warnings, quick leak notifications, sensor low battery alerts, and monitor low voltage warnings are among the alarms available.

When any of these factors vary from predefined safety standards, the system gives visible and audio alerts, allowing you to focus on your travel without jeopardizing your safety.

MIRAIDON is intended to be self-sufficient and energy-efficient. The system includes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, supplemented by a solar charging back panel, allowing up to 200 hours of usage time.

If no motion or vibration is detected within 15 minutes, a motion sensor feature saves battery life by automatically entering power-saving mode. When the car moves, the screen awakens and resumes monitoring. The sensor battery, a CR1632, is easily changed, ensuring that the device continues to function.

MIRAIDON is a versatile solution that may be used on a variety of vehicles, including tractors, five-wheelers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, agricultural trailers, construction trailers, construction equipment, and commercial transport vehicles.

It can monitor up to 14 tires, allowing for a variety of setups. MIRAIDON comes with a 2-year warranty as a testament to its quality and longevity, giving users peace of mind.

4. Hieha RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System ($164.99)


The Hieha RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is packed with impressive features that ensure your road trips are not only safe but also enjoyable. Because of its high-efficiency solar panels and a strong 5000mAh lithium battery, this innovative system is designed to give 24-hour continuous battery life.

This means you can rely on it to work flawlessly in various weather situations, reducing the hassle of frequent recharge.

A high-precision Freescale chip at the heart of this system excels at delivering more accurate data while spending minimum power. Its precision extends to an amazing +/-1psi accuracy level, ensuring that you receive the most dependable tire pressure information. Furthermore, the chip provides immediate abnormal induction, which is crucial for real-time monitoring and accident prevention.

The Hieha RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System is built to withstand the elements. It is not only waterproof but also dust-proof, making it suited for usage in a wide range of environments.

It is also anti-theft and resistant to flying debris and high compression. This longevity ensures that the system can successfully prevent accidents and perform at peak levels.

This system’s real-time monitoring capabilities and comprehensive range of abnormal warning alerts are two of its noteworthy features. It can detect issues such as air leakage, low pressure, high pressure, high temperature, sensor data loss, and low battery. These timely and precise alarms are intended to prevent tire blowouts, thus improving your road safety.

The Hieha RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System has a stunning sensing distance of 130ft and a super-strong antenna signal. This eliminates the need for a repeater, making it appropriate for a wide range of vehicles such as automobiles, SUVs, RVs, travel trailers, trucks, buses, fifth wheels, pickups, towing campers, and motorhomes. This technique will keep your tire pressure in check whether you’re on a cross-country trip or a little weekend getaway.

The intelligence of the system extends to its wake-up and sleep-monitoring capabilities. When driving vibrations are sensed, it automatically wakes up and enters sleep mode when the car comes to a stop.

This guarantees that it saves power efficiently, while the 7.84-inch color screen displays information in a clear and easy-to-read manner. This function is essential for keeping you secure throughout your journey.

5. BlueSkySea RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System ($89.99)


The system’s intelligence extends to its wake-up and sleep-tracking capabilities. When driving vibrations are detected, the automobile immediately wakes up and enters sleep mode.

This ensures effective power savings, while the 7.84-inch color screen presents information in a clear and easy-to-read way. This function is critical to your safety throughout your journey.

This TPMS’s dual charging capabilities are one of its most notable characteristics. It can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, ensuring dependable operation and increasing the life of your tires.

Furthermore, it uses solar energy to complement its energy needs, decreasing its dependency on standard wiring. This innovation not only saves energy but also reduces wiring complexity and assures that the TPMS is active even in remote areas.

This TPMS is intended for a wide range of cars because it can monitor 4 to 6 tires at the same time. This technology will keep you safe whether you’re driving an RV, a huge truck, or a vehicle with numerous axles.

It provides accurate real-time monitoring of temperature and pressure, allowing you to keep informed about the essential data of your tires at all times. The LCD display mode assures high-resolution graphics and crisp presentation of information, with no screen distortion or flickering.

The BlueSkySea RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System places a premium on perfect sensor connection. It makes use of a chip design sourced from the United States to provide stable and accurate signal transmission.

The lightweight sensor design makes installation a pleasure, and it even supports a tire position exchange function, allowing for modification to fit the configuration of your vehicle. The sensors have an IP5K4K waterproof rating, ensuring that they can survive extreme weather conditions and work reliably in any location.

This TPMS’s capacity to balance tire pressure contributes to improved fuel efficiency, air leakage prevention, and tire wear reduction. This device not only assures safe driving but also helps you save money on fuel and tire repairs by maintaining proper tire pressure.

The TPMS is outfitted with RF wireless technology that may automatically activate an alarm when tire pressure and temperature stray from typical ranges, alerting you to potential difficulties before they become significant problems.

Users can customize the system to their preferences and location by choosing between two pressure units, PSI and BAR, and two temperature units, °C and °F.

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