6 Best Skateboard Bearings for Speed and Durability

If you skateboard, you already know that bearings are one of the most critical parts of your board. They control how fast and smoothly your wheels spin, which affects your ability to ride, do tricks, and have fun on your skateboard. Selecting the appropriate bearings can make or break your skating experience, and with so many alternatives on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones to go with.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at some of the top skateboard bearings on the market and teach you what to look for when choosing the ideal set of bearings for your needs. Upgrade your bearings whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater to take your skating to the next level. Therefore, let’s dig in and learn about skateboard bearings!

What are the Best Skateboard Bearings?

Here are my top picks of the best skateboard bearings you to choose from for your skateboard.

1. Bones Skateboard Bearings ($151.95)


Bones Skateboard Bearings are a high-quality set of skateboard bearings that are designed to last a long time. These bearings are constructed of Swiss Ceramics, which have several advantages over typical steel bearings.

One of the primary advantages of Swiss Ceramic architecture is that it can accelerate quicker, roll faster, and travel farther than steel bearings. This implies that skaters can travel faster and more efficiently on their skateboards. Furthermore, these bearings are engineered to be more resistant to dirt and moisture than steel bearings, which can help preserve them from harm and increase their lifespan.

Another advantage of Bones Skateboard Bearings is that they can aid in the restoration of dirt-related injuries to your races. This is due to their non-contact, detachable rubber shields, which can be quickly wiped to minimize particle buildup and damage. This can assist in ensuring that your bearings continue to operate optimally and last as long as feasible.

In addition to excellent materials, Bones Skateboard Bearings have a high-speed nylon ball retainer for increased strength and speed. This means skaters can rely on these bearings to work consistently and withstand even the most extreme riding conditions.

To improve performance, Bones Skateboard Bearings are developed with Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials, and lubricants. This means they’ve been tested and shown to deliver the finest performance and durability for skateboarders of all skill levels.

Finally, the Bones Skateboard Bearings kit includes eight bearings, instructions, four bearing spacers, and a sticker. This makes installing and maintaining your bearings simple, allowing you to get the most out of your skateboard and enjoy a smooth and responsive ride.

2. KVENI Skateboard Bearings ($109.99)


KVENI Skateboard Bearings are a high-performance set of bearings that fulfill international ABEC 11 standards. This means they are faster, have less friction, and are of greater quality than many other skateboard bearings on the market. These ceramic bearings are more durable and resistant to wear and tear because they have high-density titanium steel rims and anti-deformation black ceramic balls.

These bearings are built with the simplicity of maintenance and cleaning in mind, in addition to their high-quality structure. They are easy to clean and maintain since they have an impact nylon retainer and single-sided removable rubber shields. This is especially crucial for skateboarders, who must keep their equipment in good shape in order to perform at their best.

Ceramic skateboard bearings are also intended to work with the majority of the wheels on the market. This implies they’re adaptable and can be used by skateboarders in a variety of competitions and events. They give a smooth and consistent ride, which is vital for skateboarders who want accuracy and control when performing tricks and maneuvers.

The KVENI Skateboard Bearings have a deep groove ball bearing size of 608-rs with dimensions of 22mm (outer diameter) x 7mm (width) x 8mm (inner diameter/axle). The bearings come in a package of 24 black ceramic skateboard bearings, as well as 12 washers, 24 spacers, and three aluminum alloy boxes. This makes them an excellent choice for skateboarders looking for high-quality bearings that are also inexpensive and simple to use.

In conclusion, KVENI Skateboard Bearings are a high-quality pair of bearings that provide skateboarders with a variety of advantages. They are long-lasting, simple to maintain, and engineered to fit flawlessly with the majority of wheels on the market. Whether you are a professional skateboarder or simply enjoy riding for fun, these bearings are an excellent investment that can help you advance your skills.

3. Cal 7 Skateboard Bearings ($8.99 – $99.99)


Cal 7 Skateboard Bearings are an excellent alternative for skateboarders looking for a smooth, high-performance ride. Because these bearings are composed of stainless steel, they are long-lasting and resistant to rust and wear. Stainless steel is also known for its strong heat resistance, which makes it perfect for skateboard bearings subjected to high speeds and friction.

Cal 7 Skateboard Bearings have an ABEC 7 rating, which is the highest possible rating in the ABEC system. ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) is a rating system for measuring bearing precision and smoothness. The greater the ABEC grade, the better the precision and smoothness of the bearings. These bearings, with an ABEC 7 rating, can spin at very high speeds with minimal resistance, giving a smooth and quick ride.

The Cal 7 Skateboard Bearings have an 8mm core size, which is the industry standard for skateboard bearings. This means they are compatible with the majority of skateboard wheels and trucks, giving them a versatile option for skateboarders. The bearings also have four spacers, which are short metal tubes that fit between the bearings to reduce friction and improve stability.

Cal 7 Skateboard Bearings come in a set of 8 bearings and 4 spacers, which is enough to outfit a full skateboard. The bearings are pre-lubricated with speed cream, which reduces friction and provides a smooth ride right out of the box. Cal 7 Skateboard Bearings are a preferred choice for skateboarders of all ability levels because of their high-quality manufacturing, precision engineering, and smooth spin.

4. BRONSON SPEED Skateboard Bearings ($89.95)


BRONSON Skateboard Bearings are a premium pair of skateboard bearings with a ceramic construction that delivers greater speed, decreased friction, and corrosion. This cutting-edge technology distinguishes the BRONSON bearings from other traditional bearings on the market, as it improves the skateboard’s overall performance.

The bearings have straight-edge frictionless shields that protect against dirt, dust, and debris, ensuring that the bearings remain smooth and long-lasting. The shields are designed to be easily removed and interchangeable, allowing for simple bearing maintenance.

Because of their next-generation design, BRONSON Bearings are the fastest, strongest, longest lasting, and longest spin skateboard bearings ever created. The max impact cage is designed to endure harsh wear and damage while maintaining performance. The balls-out method eliminates cage contact, allowing the bearings to spin smoothly and quietly without causing extra friction.

The kit comes with 8 bearings, 8 washers, and 4 spacers for simple installation and replacement. The washers and spacers are intended to keep the bearings snug and secure in the wheels, allowing for optimal performance and lowering the danger of damage.

Finally, BRONSON Skateboard Bearings are a high-quality product that provides unrivaled performance and longevity. They are the ideal choice for skateboarders who expect the finest from their equipment, thanks to their superior ceramic construction, pop off pop-off straight-edge frictionless shields, and next-generation design.

5. BRAVORD Skateboard Bearings ($68.90)


BRAVORD Skateboard Bearings are a high-performance pair of bearings designed to give skaters a smooth and quick ride. These bearings are made with high-density chromium and anti-deformation black ceramic balls, ensuring their durability and longevity. The use of high-density chromium makes the bearings resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear and tear, while the anti-deformation black ceramic balls allow the bearings to handle high pressure and heat.

BRAVORD skateboard bearings are constructed with an impact nylon retainer, which helps to reduce friction and wear on the bearings in addition to the high-quality construction. This retainer also reduces noise and vibration, allowing skaters to enjoy a smooth and quiet ride.
The double-sided detachable rubber shields are another feature of these bearings. These shields keep dirt, dust, and other debris out of the bearings, which can cause them to wear out quickly. The shields are also simple to remove, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Each skateboard bearing is 608rs and is 22mm (outer diameter) x 7mm (width) x 8mm (inner diameter). This is the normal size for most skateboard wheels, thus the BRAVORD bearings will fit nicely with the majority of the wheels on the market. BRAVORD skateboard bearings are sold in a pair of 16, along with eight aluminum bearing spacers and sixteen stainless steel bearing washers. These components work together to guarantee that the bearings are properly aligned and that the speed and performance are maximized.

Overall, BRAVORD skateboard bearings are a great option for skaters looking for a high-quality, long-lasting set of bearings that can deliver a smooth and quick ride. These bearings are a terrific investment for any serious skater due to their sturdy structure, impact nylon retainer, double-sided replaceable rubber shields, and supplied spacers and washers.

6. Fireball Skateboard Bearings ($54.95)


Fireball Skateboard Bearings are an excellent alternative for skateboarders wishing to improve their performance and advance their skills. These bearings are engineered to provide unparalleled speed and longevity that no other brand can match. Their ceramic ball bearings, combined with proprietary RACE lubrication, produce a high-performance, low-maintenance bearing that can handle the pressures of daily use.

Fireball Skateboard Bearings employ quality Silicon Nitride ceramic balls that are significantly tougher and smoother than standard steel balls, resulting in a faster and smoother roll. The distinctive skate oil lubricant is specifically formulated to improve the performance of ceramic ball bearings by decreasing friction and increasing speed while assuring a longer lifespan.

Fireball Skateboard Bearings also includes trademark dual-labyrinth shields that keep dirt and debris out while providing optimal lubrication retention. Even in difficult and dusty settings, its revolutionary design helps to reduce wear and tear, improving bearing lifespan by up to 50%.

One pair of Fireball Skateboard Bearings is enough for four skateboard or longboard wheels, while two sets are required for inline and roller skates (16 bearings). Fireball Skateboard Bearings are compatible with most skateboard and longboard wheels, measuring 22mm outside diameter, 7mm width, and 8mm inner diameter/axle.

In conclusion, Fireball Skateboard Bearings are the ideal choice for skateboarders seeking unrivaled speed, lifespan, and performance. Fireball Skateboard Bearings are built to perform day in and day out in any climate, with ceramic ball bearings, RACE lubrication, dual-labyrinth shields, and premium Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, and will offer any rider the edge they need to reach their goals.

What type of skateboard bearing is strongest?

There are various types of skateboard bearings available on the market, but ceramic bearings are widely regarded as the strongest.

Ceramic bearings, which use ceramic balls rather than steel balls, are harder and more durable than typical steel bearings. Ceramic bearings, as a result, can tolerate more stress and wear than steel bearings, making them less prone to break or deform over time.

However, ceramic bearings can be more expensive than standard steel bearings, so before making a buying decision, consider your budget and how frequently you intend to use your skateboard. Furthermore, the strength of your skateboard bearings is affected by elements such as material quality, manufacturing precision, and the maintenance and care you provide over time.

How do I choose a skateboard bearing?

Choosing the best skateboard bearings is influenced by several aspects, including your skill level, riding style, and personal preferences. Consider the following factors while selecting skateboard bearings:

  • ABEC rating: ABEC is a rating system that is used to determine the precision of bearings. A higher ABEC grade does not always imply better performance, so don’t get too worked up over it. Most skateboarders should be fine with an ABEC rating of 5 or higher.
  • Material: Bearings can be built of many materials such as steel, ceramic, and titanium. Steel bearings are the most common and least expensive, whereas ceramic and titanium bearings are more expensive but function better.
  • Shields: Different types of shields can be used on bearings, including open, single-shielded, and double-shielded shields. Open bearings are the fastest but require the most maintenance, whereas shielded bearings are more resistant to dirt and debris.
  • Brand: Each skateboard bearing brand has its own distinct attributes and reputation for quality. To discover one that meets your demands, look into several brands and read reviews from other skateboarders.
  • Cost: Skateboard bearings can be either cheap or quite expensive. Choose a bearing that fits your budget, but remember that a higher price does not always imply better quality or performance.

Finally, the easiest approach to selecting skateboard bearings is to experiment with various types and find which ones work best for you. Don’t be scared to experiment to find what fits your skating style and performs effectively.

Do skateboard bearings matter?

Yes, skateboard bearings are important since they affect your skateboard’s speed, performance, and durability. Bearings allow the wheels to spin on the axle, and the smoother and faster the bearings, the greater the performance of your skateboard.

When selecting skateboard bearings, several aspects must be considered, including the ABEC rating (a measure of precision), the bearing material (such as steel, ceramic, or titanium), and the brand. Higher-quality bearings are often more expensive, but they also perform better and last longer.

If you’re serious about skating, it’s worth investing in a solid pair of bearings because they may make a considerable difference in the smoothness and speed of your ride.

Can you skate without bearings?

No, skating without bearings is not possible. Bearings are an important part of a skateboard or roller skate because they allow the wheels to move smoothly and prevent friction between the wheel and the axle.

Without bearings, the wheels would be unable to spin freely and would cause significant resistance to movement. This would make skating difficult, if not impossible. As a result, bearings are an essential component of any skateboarding or roller skating system.

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