5 Best Skateboard Gloves of 2023

Skateboarding is an exhilarating and thrilling activity, but it may also be dangerous if not properly outfitted. A solid pair of gloves is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for a skateboarder. They not only protect your hands from scrapes and bruises, but they also give support to your wrists and fingers, which can aid in injury prevention. In this blog post, we’ll look at the best skateboard gloves on the market and explain why they’re essential for any skateboarder.

In skateboarding, your hands are the primary point of contact with the skateboard. They are in charge of regulating your speed, direction, and balance. Without proper hand protection, you risk sustaining injuries such as scrapes, bruises, and even broken bones. However, with the correct gloves, you can protect your hands while still controlling your board.

Skateboard gloves have several qualities that make them excellent for Skateboarding. They frequently have thick leather on the back of the hand and the knuckles to protect against friction and impact. Many gloves also include adjustable wristbands, which serve to stabilize your wrists and limit the chance of injury. Some gloves additionally include replacement slider pucks for sliding smoothly on grinds and rails.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best skateboard gloves available. We’ll go through their features, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as our top selections for the best skateboarding gloves. We’ll help you choose the perfect pair of gloves to keep your hands safe and your riding smooth, whether you’re a novice or a veteran.

What are the Best Skateboard Gloves?

Here are my top selections for the best skateboard gloves to use when skating and protecting your hands.

1. LINGHANGST Skateboard Gloves ($39.98)


The LINGHANGST Skateboard Gloves are designed for downhill skating dexterity and protection. The seamless single-layer palm construction allows for optimum maneuverability and will not rupture even when used for high-speed downhill skating. The gloves are constructed of HPPE (high-pressure polyethylene) reinforced with glass fiber and are cut, tear, and abrasion resistant. The palms of the gloves are coated with a black matte-finish Nitrile that is both wear and acid-resistant. TPR on the back is anti-impact, protecting each joint of the hand in the event of a collision.

The replacement slide pucks are constructed of a high-quality substance that ensures smooth braking and a near-frictionless slide. The TPR hook and loop clasp ensures a secure fit and prevents the gloves from falling off, allowing for flexibility of movement and safety protection. The skateboard gloves are made of breathable materials, and the padding cushions on the palm are reinforced for vibration absorption. Sewn with aramid yarn that is fire and heat-resistant. Furthermore, breathable fabric provides a comfortable experience and prevents palm stuffiness even during an intensive workout.

2. LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves ($19.99)


The LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves are essential gear for any skateboarder. These gloves are made of sturdy microfiber leather and are intended to help in braking, drifting, and dancing by providing the required support to balance your body and make tough brake actions easier. The wrist strap adjusts to keep the gloves securely in place, preventing them from coming off during your ride and safeguarding your palms.

The longboard gloves’ slider is composed of polyoxymethylene, a material recognized for its toughness and wear resistance. The gloves’ backs are constructed of silicone, which provides good shock absorption to keep your hands safe from collision. The gloves also have a breathable mesh hole and a mesh elastic fabric finger and palm section, which provides excellent ventilation and a sweat effect to keep your hands dry and comfortable. These gloves are ideal for a long ride because they do not tear.

Finally, the LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves are designed to give the ideal combination of durability, protection, and comfort, making them an essential addition for any skateboarder.

3. SANBOOTH Skateboard Gloves ($19.98)


SANBOOTH Skateboard Gloves are custom-made to give optimal protection and support when skateboarding. These gloves come with removable and replacement sliders, allowing you to personalize your experience. The wrist strap adjusts for a proper fit and keeps the gloves from coming off when skateboarding, safeguarding your palms. The gloves are composed of tough microfiber leather and can help with braking, drifting, and dancing. The circular slider will not become stuck while moving, and the sliding direction can be changed at any time. The glove’s back is constructed of silicone for good shock absorption.

The gloves also contain armor and thick leather on the back of the hand and knuckles to protect the finger joint and back of the hand from friction and harm. The gloves contain a breathable mesh hole and granular matte fabric on the finger and palm parts, providing good ventilation and protection. The gloves also contain four specially designed holes that increase airflow and lower internal temperature, making them pleasant to wear even during strenuous exercise. These gloves are appropriate for both adults and children.

4. SLOVEG Skateboard Gloves ($19.98)


SLOVEG Skateboard Gloves are ideal for any skateboarder seeking protection and control on the board. The gloves have an adjustable wristband that keeps the gloves in place and prevents them from coming off when skateboarding, while also protecting your palms. The stitching at the finger joints has been reinforced for further durability, and the distinctive outside movement style allows for a more natural range of motion.

The circular slider on the gloves prevents them from being stuck while sliding, and the sliding direction may be changed at any time. The glove’s back is constructed of silicone material, which efficiently absorbs shock and provides additional protection. Overall, these gloves are the finest option for your safety, whether you’re doing complicated maneuvers or changing directions. They will make it easier for you to complete the longboard’s traction action.

5. IMPORX Skateboard Gloves ($19.59)


The IMPORX Skateboard Gloves are the ultimate in skateboarding protection. These gloves are meant to give your hands optimal support and protection when skating. The gloves have Velcro, a metal clasp, and a polyester fiber wrist wrap for further support, ensuring a precise fit. You can tighten or relax the wrist wrap to achieve a secure and comfortable fit.

The gloves have armor and thick leather on the back of the hand and the knuckles to protect your finger joint and the back of your hand from friction and harm. The gloves also come with free and replaceable slider pucks, allowing you to swap out the slider puck you like if necessary. The gloves also have four holes that are carefully engineered to increase ventilation and lower internal temperature, keeping your hands cool and comfortable while riding your board. The breathable fabric used in the gloves adds to the overall comfort. You may have a safe and comfortable skateboarding experience with IMPORX Skateboard Gloves.

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