5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising, Tricks, and Downhill

Skateboarding is a popular hobby loved by people of all ages, and having the proper equipment is critical to having the best experience possible. The skateboard wheel is one of the most significant pieces of equipment. In terms of speed, stability, and overall performance, the appropriate wheel can make a considerable difference.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the greatest skateboard wheels on the market and what distinguishes them. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’re likely to discover a wheel that will meet your demands and help you advance your skateboarding. So, let’s get this party started!

What are the Best Skateboard Wheels?

Here are my top picks for choosing the best skateboard wheels to use when skateboarding to gain speed and ride anywhere.

1. Orangatang Skateboard Wheels ($69)


Orangatang Skateboard Wheels are an excellent choice for downhill skating, aggressive carving, pumping, and long-distance pushing. With a wide 80mm diameter, the Kegels provide blazing speed and easily plow through even the most difficult terrain. The sharp, square lips offer maximum grip for tight bends and rapid maneuvers while still allowing for smooth slides when preferred. The fully exposed 46mm core saves weight while delivering rapid acceleration and precise slides.

Overall, Orangatang Skateboard Wheels are designed to give the optimum blend of speed and grip, making them the ideal choice for any skater trying to push their skating to the next level. Orangatang Kegels are the way to go if you want high-performance skateboard wheels that can withstand the demands of downhill racing and aggressive carving.

2. Bigfoot Wheels Skateboard Wheels ($21.95)


The Bigfoot Wheels Skateboard Wheels are the most recent addition to the world of skating. They are built to deliver a smooth and quick ride even on the roughest terrain. These wheels are built of 83a urethane, which has a high rebound and is quick and smooth. Because of this combination, these wheels are ideal for exposing beginner skaters to smooth riding. The solid plastic core of these wheels provides for precise bearing alignment, allowing them to move quickly and softly.

These wheels are normally street-sized at 32mm wide, making them ideal for cruising around town. The Bigfoot Wheels Skateboard Wheels are the ideal choice for a smooth and quick ride, whether you’re a seasoned skater or a beginner. These wheels will surely take your skating experience to the next level with their robust and high-performance design.

3. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels ($23.99)


FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels are an excellent alternative for skaters seeking a smooth, long-lasting ride. These wheels have a diameter of 60mm and a width of 45mm, making them ideal for street skating and skate park terrain. These wheels are highly sturdy and built to survive the harshest situations because they are made of 83A Polyurethane.

The wheels have ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers added, which provide an even smoother ride by reducing friction and allowing for quicker speeds. They are ideal for cruising and performing early street feats since they roll quite smoothly. These wheels will provide a smooth and secure ride whether you’re cruising on smooth concrete or asphalt.

Look no further than FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels for a high-quality wheel that can withstand the rigors of street skating and skate park terrain. They are ideal for cruising and early street tricks on cruise boards. They are likely to give a terrific ride for any skater due to their smooth roll and robust design.

4. Rollerex Skateboard Wheels ($17.95)


Rollerex Skateboard Wheels are an excellent choice for skaters searching for a long-lasting and dependable wheel. These wheels are comprised of abrasion-resistant, high-density urethane, so they can survive severe use while still gliding smoothly. The wheels’ 92A durometer makes them ideal for skating, delivering the optimal combination of grip and slide.

These wheels are also broader than some other options, with a width of 32mm, which helps provide a more solid ride. To fit your style and personality, they are offered in two eye-catching colors: Rocket Red and Steel Black. These Rollerex Skateboard Wheels are ideal for skaters of all ability levels looking to improve their performance and progress their riding.

5. PATIKIL Skateboard Wheels ($15.99)


PATIKIL Skateboard Wheels are a stylish and long-lasting improvement for any skateboarder wishing to improve their setup. These wheels are available in traditional black and are composed of high-quality PU material, ensuring a smooth and sturdy ride. These wheels feature a hardness rating of 85A and a nice combination of grip and speed, making them suitable for both park and street skateboarding.

These wheels have a large contact surface with the ground and measure 36 x 54mm (1.42 x 2.13 inches), allowing them to easily pass over obstacles. The wheels have a good rebound, which makes them faster and more stable, providing you with superior mobility control. The 22 x 8mm (0.87 x 0.31 inch) bearing size makes these wheels easy to mount and dismount, making them a convenient alternative for any skateboarder.

PATIKIL Skateboard Wheels are ideal for skateboarding on a range of terrains such as asphalt, gravel, brick, and speed bumps. They are an excellent choice for any skateboarder wishing to increase their speed, stability, and control either cruising the streets or shredding in the park. PATIKIL Skateboard Wheels will help you improve your riding today!

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