5 Best Snowboard Pants for Men to Get in 2023

As the winter months approach and the mountains are blanketed in a fresh layer of snow, enthusiastic snowboarders eagerly dust off their equipment in preparation for a day on the slopes. While having the appropriate snowboard and boots is critical, snowboard pants are often ignored yet as important. These hidden heroes of a snowboarder’s outfit provide not just cold and rainy weather protection, but also the flexibility and durability required for an exhilarating ride down the mountain.

We delve into the world of snowboard pants for guys in this comprehensive guide, investigating a curated range of popular and high-performance alternatives that promise to keep you warm, dry, and fashionable as you carve through the powder.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie just starting out on the slopes, selecting the right pair of snowboard pants may make or break your overall comfort and performance.

What are the Best Snowboard Pants for Men?

Here are my top picks of the best snowboard pants for men to purchase and wear for snowboarding journeys.

1. Jones Snowboards High Sierra Pro Pant ($119.98)

  • Material: nylon, Spandex, PFC-free DWR

The Jones Snowboards High Sierra Pro Snowboard Pant is the pinnacle of high-performance gear, built to handle the most difficult alpine conditions with grace and style. These pants were designed with the modern explorer in mind, combining cutting-edge technology with environmentally responsible techniques, making them a standout choice for individuals who demand practicality as well as sustainability from their gear.

These pants, made of water-resistant stretch fabric, excel in breathability, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout high-output expeditions. The inherent moisture-regulating capabilities of the fabric ensure that you keep dry even when pushing the limits on the slopes or in wilderness conditions. The pants effectively control moisture, minimizing the discomfort of clamminess and chills whether you’re working up a sweat on a difficult ascent or riding down powdery descents.

The High Sierra Pro Snowboard Pant features a targeted 2-layer waterproofing system in the knees and seat for those essential places that require exceptional protection. This feature acts as an insurance policy against unforeseen weather conditions, keeping you dry even in places prone to wetness. You no longer have to be concerned about your soggy pants interfering with your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

When dealing with deep snow and slushy situations, the elastic cuffs of these pants come in handy. They establish a barrier that keeps you warm and dry even when walking through the most difficult winter terrain by seamlessly sealing out snow and moisture. This intelligent design feature keeps your attention on the adventure ahead, rather than the misery of damp and cold feet.

In the mountains, safety is vital, and the presence of RECCO technology in these pants indicates a dedication to this idea. This built-in technology acts as a signaling system, allowing rescue teams to find you in an emergency. This added layer of security gives you peace of mind, allowing you to explore with confidence and reassurance, knowing that you’re outfitted with the most recent safety tech.

What truly distinguishes the High Sierra Pro Snowboard Pant is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The fabrics used in its construction are Oeko-Tex 100 certified, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to environmentally friendly techniques. This accreditation confirms that the materials fulfill high ecological and human-ecological standards, reducing the environmental effect of your gear choices.

2. WHITESPACE 3L Performance Pant ($139.60)

  • Material: polyester, spandex

The WHITESPACE 3L Performance Snowboard Pant is an exceptional piece of snowboarding equipment that flawlessly integrates functionality, comfort, and environmentally responsible design. These trousers, designed with performance in mind, offer a variety of characteristics that appeal to both experienced snowboarders and environmental enthusiasts.

The pants’ waterproof and breathable construction is a noteworthy feature, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable during your day on the slopes. These leggings have you covered whether you’re slicing through fresh powder or enduring wet conditions, effectively repelling moisture while allowing your body to breathe.

The attention to mobility is one of the most amazing elements of these snowboard pants. The articulated knees are a game changer, allowing for a natural range of motion that allows you to tackle even the most difficult runs with comfort. There is no limitation or discomfort here; only easy, fluid movement that improves your snowboarding pleasure.

What’s more, these trousers are made from stretchable, recycled fibers, making them a sustainable option for ecologically conscious riders. You’re not only investing in your comfort, but you’re also helping the environment by supporting a business that prioritizes sustainability. The eco-friendly design doesn’t sacrifice quality; these textiles are also water-resistant, guaranteeing that you’re ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Snowboarders understand the value of keeping snow out of their boots, and the water-resistant, elastic boot gaiters woven into these leggings perform a good job of doing just that. Say goodbye to unpleasant wetness sneaking into your boots; these gaiters provide a protective barrier, keeping snow where it belongs: outside.

The WHITESPACE 3L Performance Snowboard Pant has plenty of storage space. The many pockets are cleverly designed to keep your on-hill essentials secure. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, whether it’s your phone, keys, wallet, or a trail guide, without sacrificing movement or comfort.

When things heat up or you need to cool down quickly, the zippered thigh vents come in handy. You can control your body temperature and stay comfortable even on long rides with just a zip. It’s a useful feature that shows how much consideration went into the design of these pants.

With these snowboard trousers, style is not lost in the name of usefulness. Slim-fit pants provide a sleek and modern design that is both appealing and utilitarian. It’s worth mentioning, however, that the slim fit may necessitate some sizing modifications. If you’re in between sizes or want a more regular fit, size higher to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

3. 686 Smarty Cargo ($126.50 – $230)

  • Material: infiDRY (2-layer), Duracore, DWR treatment, stretch polyester fleece

The 686 Smarty Cargo Snowboard Pant is an excellent choice for both sunny bluebird days and turbulent stormy days on the slopes. This 3-in-1 ski and snowboard pant, designed to meet the different needs of winter sports lovers, provides uncommon adaptability and functionality.

The InfiDRY shell pant is a striking feature, designed to keep you dry and protected. Its seamless blend of breathability and waterproofing ensures that you can face the difficulties of the mountain without fear of wetness creeping through. The shell pant has your back no matter how intense your journey is, thanks to its fully taped seams that efficiently seal out any hiding wetness.

The Smarty Cargo Snowboard Pant contains a fleece mid-layer pant to maintain the proper balance of warmth and moisture control. This clever feature not only adds an extra layer of insulation but also excels at wicking moisture away. So, whether you’re pushing your limits on the steps or relaxing on the slopes, you can be confident that your comfort will not be jeopardized.

The shell pant’s exterior waist adjustments underscore the devotion to a secure and tailored fit. This intelligent design feature guarantees that your gear remains precisely where it should, regardless of your movements or the whims of the weather. These leggings will keep you in place whether you’re descending at high speeds or negotiating difficult terrain.

The 686 Smarty Cargo Snowboard Pant is ideal for individuals who value ease. With many compartments thoughtfully positioned, you’ll have plenty of room to stow your essentials. You won’t have to compromise on what you carry, whether it’s your ski pass, snacks, or a little camera to capture the spectacular vistas.

Furthermore, the pant’s compatibility with BOA systems distinguishes it from the competition. BOA-compatible boot gaiters keep snow out while also allowing simple access to your top BOA. This amount of attention to detail shows that the designers of these pants understand the demands of snowboarding and have created a product that flawlessly suits the rider’s needs.

4. Volcom L Gore-Tex Pant ($176.97 – 182.97)

  • Material: GORE-TEX 2-layer membrane, nylon

The Volcom L Gore-Tex Snowboard Pant is a dependable companion for any snowboarding journey, with a variety of features designed to improve your time on the slopes. These pants were designed with waterproofing in mind, ensuring that your core layers stay dry even in the roughest of weather.

The use of Gore-Tex shell technology lays the groundwork for the pant’s excellent waterproofing characteristics. You may securely navigate through snow-covered landscapes with this sophisticated material, knowing that moisture is kept at bay. The Gore-Tex shell provides consistent protection whether you’re slicing down the mountain or fighting the elements.

The V-science lining comes into play as you travel uphill during your snowboarding adventures, demonstrating its breathability prowess. This revolutionary liner does more than simply keep you dry from the weather; it also allows for efficient moisture-wicking, letting you be comfortable even during uphill travel. The pant maintains your body temperature properly, minimizing discomfort caused by excess moisture collection.

The Volcom L Gore-Tex Snowboard Pant, featuring AquaGuard zipped pockets, provides a secure sanctuary for your essentials while doubling down on moisture defense. These well-thought-out pockets not only keep your valuables dry but also serve as a dependable barrier against water infiltration. Feel secure in storing your valuables, knowing that they are safe from water incursion.

When the sun begins to shine brightly, the mesh vents strategically positioned throughout the pant come to your aid. These vents allow your epidermis to breathe, reducing overheating and allowing you to retain your desired degree of comfort. Even when you’re working hard, these vents keep the airflow consistent, so you’re always ready for the next slope.

Snowboarders are all too familiar with the irritation of dampness seeping in through the bottom of their pants. This is where the stretch gaiters with lace hooks really shine. These gaiters not only fit snugly around your boots, but they also have lace hooks to reduce saturation. You won’t have to worry about snow getting into your boots and interfering with your descent.

The zip tech pant-to-jacket interface is a true tribute to Volcom’s commitment to performance and innovation, taking moisture management to the next level. This interface, which seamlessly integrates with compatible Volcom jackets, produces a strong barrier against moisture, ensuring that your upper and lower layers work together to keep you dry. This increased level of protection is game-changing, especially when dealing with inclement weather.

5. Burton AK Pant ($389.95 – $419.95)

  • Material: GORE-TEX (2-layer)

The Burton AK Snowboard Pant is a dependable and high-performing alternative for snowboarders who seek top-tier quality from their equipment. These trousers are meticulously crafted to boost your snowboarding experience by giving an incredible assortment of features that appeal to both functionality and comfort.

The use of a GORE-TEX laminate is one of these pants’ distinguishing features. This clever innovation functions as a powerful barrier, effectively sealing out any sign of moisture while enabling water vapor to escape. This means that whether you’re riding in powder-filled bowls or in wet and slushy conditions, the GORE-TEX laminate will keep you dry and comfortable the entire time.

With its Living Lining technology, the Burton AK Snowboard Pant takes moisture management to the next level. This revolutionary function effectively wicks moisture away from your body, preventing sweat or dampness from accumulating within your layering system. As a result, you can keep a regular level of dryness on the slopes, which is vital for staying warm and comfortable.

These pants include mesh-lined vents strategically positioned throughout to adapt to changing weather conditions and exercise levels. When you’re out on the boot pack or skin track, exerting yourself and creating heat, these vents come in handy. They effectively discharge built-up heat, keeping you from being overly sweaty and allowing you to easily adjust your body temperature.

The Burton AK Snowboard Pant recognizes the importance of organization and preparedness for any rider. These pants have a variety of riding-specific pockets to keep your essentials safe. Whether it’s your phone, cash, or a handy trail map, these strategically positioned pockets keep your possessions secure but still easily accessible, minimizing the need for bulky backpacks or extra layers.

Furthermore, the addition of boot gaiters in these pants demonstrates the design’s care. Nothing ruins a day on the slopes like snow getting into your boots. This worry is virtually alleviated with boot gaiters. They form a smooth barrier between your pants and boots, preventing unwanted snow from getting into your socks, which is especially important when walking through rugged terrain.

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