5 Best Wakeboard Helmets to Get in 2023

Welcome to our thorough guide to the Best Wakeboard Helmets, an adrenaline-fueled trip where safety meets flair! As wakeboarding grows in popularity as an exhilarating water activity, it’s critical to have the proper equipment to ensure maximum fun and safety.

Whether you’re an experienced wakeboarder or just starting out, the necessity of a high-quality wakeboard helmet cannot be stressed. In this blog article, we’ll delve deep into the world of wakeboard helmets, investigating the essential features, technologies, and best options on the market. Whether you want better head protection, more comfort, or cutting-edge designs, we’ve got you covered!

What is the Best Wakeboard Helmet?

Here are my top picks of the best wakeboard helmets you can purchase to wear and protect your head while wakeboarding.

1. ProTec Ace Wakeboard Helmet ($69.62)


The ProTec Ace Wakeboard Helmet is an innovative piece of safety equipment designed to improve your watersports experience. This helmet was designed with accuracy and ingenuity, and it features a High-Density Injection Molded ABS Shell that ensures robustness and longevity, protecting your head from potential impacts throughout your aquatic excursions.

One of the helmet’s main features is its Dual Density Waterproof EVA Liner, which not only improves impact resistance but also assures a comfortable fit for extended wear. The waterproof characteristics of the lining prevent water absorption, making it excellent for any water-based sports.

The ProTec Ace Wakeboard Helmet has a versatile Multi-use Rear Mount Strap to accommodate varied customer preferences and needs. This strap allows you to securely attach extras like cameras or lights to your wakeboard, improving your wakeboarding experience and recording unique memories.

This helmet features 15 strategically positioned Open Vents for ventilation and comfort. These vents serve two important functions: providing adequate airflow to keep you cool and comfortable during intense exercises, and permitting water drainage to offer a hassle-free, water-free experience.

The ProTec Ace Wakeboard Helmet stresses safety by providing Full Surround Interior Protection. This smart design covers your head completely, reducing the danger of injury in the event of an accident. This protection is supplemented by the helmet’s “Head Lock” adjustable rear fit system, which allows you to modify the fit to your individual head shape for a secure and snug fit.

The Removable Cupping Ear Guards are a notable feature of this wakeboard helmet. These ear protectors not only provide additional protection for your ears, but they also have clever water channels. This innovation guarantees that water is efficiently diverted away from your ears, increasing comfort and keeping clear hearing while you’re out on the water.

2. Sandbox Legend Wakeboard Helmet ($69)


The Sandbox Legend Wakeboard Helmet has a sturdy design that blends an ABS Shell with an EVA Liner to provide superior protection throughout your exciting water sports experiences. The combination of these materials ensures a dependable and long-lasting helmet, giving you peace of mind as you ride the waves.

This helmet was designed with comfort and breathability in mind, with eleven strategically positioned vents allowing for excellent airflow and ventilation. These vents not only keep you cool and fresh throughout your high-octane wakeboarding workouts, but they also improve general comfort by preventing suffocation during intensive physical activity.

The design of the helmet incorporates detachable fit pads that can be customized to meet individual tastes, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The optional water ear cushions set this helmet distinctive, adding an extra degree of convenience for water sports fans. These cushions effectively protect your ears from water exposure, allowing you to concentrate on the thrilling wakeboarding experience.

Furthermore, the Sandbox Legend Wakeboard Helmet has a key advantage in that it is water sports certified. This accreditation validates the helmet’s dependability and adaptability for aquatic sports, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety criteria for such experiences.

3. BERN Wakeboard Helmet ($59.99 – $64.60)


The BERN Wakeboard Helmet incorporates a number of elements that set it apart from the competition. A significant feature is the Crank Fit dial-adjustable fit system, which ensures a comfortable and personalized fit for customers of all head sizes. This clever feature allows users to fine-tune the helmet’s fit to perfection, improving the whole wakeboarding experience.

The helmet is made with a tried and reliable EPS/ABS structure, with a focus on safety and durability. This material mix provides a dependable shield, protecting wakeboarders during their exhilarating experiences. The ABS shell adds to the helmet’s durability, while the EPS hard foam absorbs impact energy, providing riders with an extra layer of security in the event of an accident.

The BERN Wakeboard Helmet’s low-profile design is one of its most notable features, letting riders maintain a sleek and aerodynamic appearance while riding the waves. The compact shape of the helmet does not compromise safety, since it fulfills both ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B standards, assuring compliance with industry safety laws.

BERN prioritizes comfort, thus the helmet includes a moisture-controlling premium liner. This smart innovation aids with sweat management, keeping the interior dry and comfortable even during strenuous wakeboarding workouts. The premium liner improves the whole experience by removing distractions and allowing riders to focus on their performance.

The changeable ZipMold warm and cold weather liner is another useful feature of the BERN Wakeboard Helmet. This clever design means that the helmet can adjust to changing weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for riders who love wakeboarding all year. The ZipMold liner can be quickly replaced to fit varied preferences and keep users feeling comfortable, whether it’s facing the chill of winter or the heat of summer.

4. Triple Eight Sweatsaver Wakeboard Helmet ($45.99 – $64.99)


The Triple Eight Sweatsaver Wakeboard Helmet is a high-quality piece of protective equipment designed to keep you safe while participating in water sports. Its innovative features set it apart as an excellent choice for any wakeboard aficionado.

The revolutionary Sweatsaver Halo Water liner is one of the helmet’s centerpieces. This liner is made of odor-free, moisture-wicking three-layer foam and is designed to keep you comfortable and dry during intensive wakeboarding workouts.

The moisture-wicking characteristics of the liner easily remove sweat, minimizing any discomfort caused by excessive perspiration. With the Sweatsaver Halo Water liner, you can concentrate on refining your skills without being distracted.

This helmet passes the strict CE EN 1385 water sports safety regulations, which is a high priority. The outer shell is made of high-density ABS thermoplastic polymer, which ensures a strong and long-lasting structure. Impacts are well dispersed by this design, reducing the risk of harm during falls or collisions. Whether you’re a seasoned wakeboarder or a beginner, the dependable protection provided by this helmet will give you the confidence to exceed your limits.

The helmet’s adjustable chin strap has a handy side-release buckle that allows you to get a secure and personalized fit. Finding the ideal fit is critical for both comfort and safety, and the Triple Eight Sweatsaver Wakeboard Helmet delivers on both counts. The adjustable strap keeps the helmet securely in place even during fast maneuvers and flips.

Impact-absorbing EVA foam is used within the helmet. This foam provides an additional layer of safety by absorbing shocks and cushioning in the case of a collision. With this helmet, you can be confident that your head is well-protected against potential hits, allowing you to fully enjoy your wakeboarding excursions.

5. Vihir Wakeboard Helmet ($42.99)


The Vihir Wakeboard Helmet is a high-quality protection gear designed to keep wakeboarders safe and comfortable. Its robust ABS shell, made from imported Chimei 709 material, offers great impact resistance, protecting your head through intense maneuvers and hits.

This helmet’s attention to both safety and comfort is a distinguishing feature. The Hybrid design features cold-molded EVA foam inside, ensuring a snug fit and additional cushioning while being water-resistant. The one-piece waterproof lining enhances overall comfort by keeping it flexible and assuring a comfortable wearing experience throughout your wakeboarding activities.

Furthermore, the Vihir Wakeboard Helmet provides an adjustable fit for people with different head circumferences. The adjustable head size system allows you to fine-tune the helmet to your exact measurements, reducing any discomfort or pressure on your neck and head. Even if you discover that your helmet is a little too big after wearing it, the integrated adjuster will readily correct the problem, delivering a precise fit that stays securely in place.

Ventilation is an important concern in the design of this helmet, which has 11 strategically positioned vents. These vents are strategically placed to form channels in the front, allowing fresh air to flow in while wicking sweat and moisture out of the back. As a result, you may enjoy lengthy periods of wakeboarding without feeling stuffy or sweaty.

The Vihir Wakeboard Helmet is also long-lasting and resistant to water-related corrosion. The helmet’s usage of 304 stainless steel has been subjected to rigorous salt spray testing, showing its ability to survive exposure to water without rusting or losing structural integrity.

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