3 Best Web Design Software of 2022

Web designing is hard according to some people’s opinion. But now it is much easier with web design software that has solely meant for designing websites. Back in the day, web design is a much difficult task to learn. But today, anyone with the basic knowledge about website, can design a website from scratch.

Like I mentioned, the main reason for web designing has become easier is there are many software you can use for web design. You don’t need to have a coding knowledge to use this software. Because majority of them allows you to design websites using drag and drop editors.

What is the Best Web Design Software?

For your comfort, I will talk about three best web design software you can utilize. After referring this article, you will get a sound knowledge about which web design software is the best for you.

1. Weebly


Weebly is a website builder which allows you to design beautiful websites, online store and blogs. With the help of their drag and drop website builder you can build a responsive professional website or a blog without using any coding experience.

Key Features of Weebly

  • Build perfect website – Ability to design your website with drag and drop editor with the help of many elements (photos, text, maps, videos) available in the builder.
  • Free eCommerce hosting – Provides a reliable cloud hosting which will result in faster loading of your site and able to handle any amount of traffic your site gets.
  • Mobile apps – You can use Weebly’s mobile apps to built or manage all your sites from any device from anywhere. Apps are available for iPhone, iPad and Android.



Weebly has four pricing plans;

  • Free: $0 (basic use)
  • Connect: $5 per month (connecting a custom domain)
  • Pro: $12 per month (groups & organizations)
  • Business: $25 per month (small businesses & stores)

Get started with Weebly for free.

2. Wix


Wix website builder comes with attractive templates and vast web design tools to begin with.

It has 800+ customizable website templates which will suite for any business. And also has a drag and drop editor which helps to create websites easily without any coding knowledge. You have the capability to add many cool effects like scroll effects, animations and video backgrounds.

If you don’t want to design your website from scratch, you have plenty of templates to choose no matter what your business type is. Wix has ready-made templates for niches such as, Business, Health and Wellness, Beauty, Fashion & styles, Travel, Restaurants and many more.

Key Features of Wix

  • Wix Editor – Allows you to choose templates and design your website with drag and drop editor. You can add scroll effects, animations and upload fonts that you have if you are not comfortable with their 100+ font gallery.
  • Wix ADI – With this Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), you only have to answer few questions and the Wix ADI will instantly design a website for you.
  • Velo by Wix – Velo is an open development platform for building advanced web applications. Get serverless computing, hassle-free coding and total design freedom to create, manage and deploy your next web project.



Wix has four paid plans;

  • Connect Domain: $4.50 per month for basic use
  • Combo: $8.50 per month for personal use
  • Unlimited: $14.50 per month for entrepreneurs & freelancers
  • VIP: $26 per month for priority support

All premium plans have a 14-day free trial.

Get started with Wix for free.

3. Webflow


Webflow is used by over 3500K designers to create amazing websites in a visual canvas without any coding.

Whether you are an individual designer or a designing team, Webflow gives you controls needed for any type of project.

It lets you to design any website with the full power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a visual canvas.

Key Features of Webflow

  • Flexbox – Webflow gives you a more powerful and intuitive way to build flexible, responsive layouts with CSS3’s flexible boxes.
  • 3D transforms & animations – Ability to add a whole new dimension to your website designs with the first tool that lets you create 3D CSS transforms without writing any codes.
  • SEO optimized – Provides clean semantic codes, fast page loading and mobile friendliness.



Webflow has a free plan which allows you to design websites. But it does not gives the ability to have your site with a custom domain.

Apart from the forever free plan, Webflow has four paid plans;

  • Basic: $12 per month for launching a simple site without the built in CMS
  • CMS: $16 per month for content-driven sites like blogs
  • Business: $36 per month for high traffic sites/blogs
  • Enterprise: Contact Webflow to negotiate with a Quote-based plan

Get started with Webflow for free.

What is Web Design Software?

Web design is the process of creating and editing websites using tools and various elements. It includes graphic design, content creation and webpages layout creation.

A good web design software must have the ability to provide functions such as drag and drop editors to design web pages without any coding, built-in templates to kick-start designing process easily, Mobile friendly responsive editing features. All of these features help you to create user friendly websites which will be easy to navigate.

Do I Need Coding Skills for Web Design?

No. As long as you are using a web design software, you won’t need any coding skills to design websites. Because majority of web design software comes with the drag and drop feature which can drag elements and design the web pages as you like.

But if you want to add custom codes, this web design software has elements which allows you to add CSS or HTML codes in particular occasions.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choose one web design software among the best web design software, there is no one fits all solution. Some of you will find many similarities between these software. But it might be different according to your business and niche.

So, for small business owners and beginners, Wix and Weebly might be the best option while some large business owners should go with Webflow since it provides some advanced features.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Meaning I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to purchase through my links . Thank you for your support.

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