11 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2023

Getting a tattoo can be quite expensive, and that’s not even taking into account the pain of sitting for long hours in front of a needle. That’s why getting a tattoo is usually left to professionals. However, with the advancements in technology, getting a tattoo has become much easier than ever before.

There are now so many different options available on the market today when it comes to choosing the best wireless tattoo machine. This article is going to look at everything you need to know about wireless tattoo machines, so read on if you want to know more!

What are the Best Wireless Tattoo Machines?

Here are my top picks for you to choose the best wireless tattoo machine,

1. Mast Racer Wireless Tattoo Machine ($299)


The Mast Racer Wireless Tattoo Machine is cutting-edge equipment for professional tattoo artists. The device has a battery placed in the grip, which lowers the center of gravity and shortens the length, resulting in a more pleasant and ergonomic grasp. This equipment provides unlimited wireless operation thanks to two sets of large-capacity changeable batteries, allowing tattoo artists to operate without being attached to a power source.

The Mast Racer has a new generation brushless motor that is meant to offer more power, making the 4.0mm stroke easier to control. The motor is intended to suit the needs of experienced tattoo artists by providing the necessary power to create even the most complicated designs.

The device also has a safe charging mechanism, which includes a circuit board with short circuit, overcharge, and over-discharge protection, giving you peace of mind while charging. This machine is also well-balanced for comfort, steadiness, and control, with virtually no vibration, ensuring a smooth and controlled tattooing experience.

The Mast Racer Wireless Tattoo Machine is a dependable and convenient gadget for professional tattoo artists searching for a high-performing wireless machine, with a 1.5-hour charging time and a 5-hour working time.

2. Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine ($249)


The Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine is a powerful tattoo artist equipment. It has a robust battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh that allows artists to work for up to 6 hours without needing to plug in. The RCA connector may be readily replaced if the battery runs out, making the machine more efficient and user-friendly. The operating system is straightforward, with an LED screen displaying the battery level, time, and voltage, making it simple for artists to watch their progress.

Even with big rows of needles, the rapid start-up mechanism guarantees that the machine is ready to use as soon as it is turned on. The customizable variable stroke of 2.4mm to 4.2mm makes it suited for all artists, from traditional tattooing to scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP). Overall, the Dragonhawk Wireless Tattoo Machine is versatile, efficient, and dependable tattoo equipment for all artists.

3. Mast Flip Pro Wireless Tattoo Machine ($229)


The Mast Flip Pro Wireless Tattoo Machine is cutting-edge equipment for tattoo artists looking for a versatile and efficient tattoo machine. This machine’s innovative features are intended to make the tattooing process easier and more convenient. One of its main advantages is the ability to replace the RCA connector when the power goes out, allowing for simple maintenance and extended operating hours. The double-click timing display, double-click power display, and double-click voltage display make it simple to monitor the machine’s performance and make any adjustments.

This machine has a robust battery that enables 2.5 hours of complete charging time and 5-7 hours of operational duration while weighing only 93 grams. It also has 7 customizable strokes to pick from, giving you more freedom in your work. The improved grip design is ideal for long workouts, giving a comfortable grip throughout.

4. Mast Tour Y22 Wireless Tattoo Machine ($149 – $169)


The Mast Tour Y22 Wireless Tattoo Machine is a cutting-edge tattoo machine with unrivaled adaptability and performance. Its bespoke Mast Coreless motor offers a one-of-a-kind and imaginative motor assembly that extends the machine’s service life. The unique RCA jack makes it simple to alter needle depth, making it an excellent choice for tattoo artists of various skill levels. This machine is designed to provide both wireless and RCA cord choices, allowing you to select the mode of operation that best meets your needs.

With a robust 1200 mAh battery capacity and a 10-hour battery backup, you can work on your tattoos for extended periods of time without worrying about running out of power. Furthermore, the machine’s quick charging period of about 2 hours makes it simple to maintain the machine ready when you need it. With its low energy usage, this machine is more energy-efficient, allowing you to use it without worrying about high power bills.

The Mast Tour Y22 has a 3.0mm stroke, making it suitable for all forms of tattooing, from new school to old school, lining, and coloring. This machine is a must-have for any tattoo artist searching for flexible and reliable equipment, as it can do a wide range of tattoo styles. The Mast Tour Y22 Wireless Tattoo Machine is ideal for both beginners and experienced tattoo artists.

5. Ruicoo Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit ($119.99)


Ruicoo Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is a highly effective and efficient tattoo machine that allows for a clean and professional tattoo experience. The rubber membrane design keeps the backflow of ink from causing a problem.

The diaphragm is made of high-strength latex and provides a high level of resistance to backflow. The unit has a convenient funnel-shaped design that makes it easy to change cartridges and storage. The smooth side flush design helps avoid rough patches. The machine is also large enough to accommodate larger tattoos with large images.

What is included in the package

  • 1 Tattoo pen
  • 40 Needles
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Tattoo skin
  • 1 Grip tape
  • 5 Transfer paper

6. Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine ($82.99)


If you’ve run out of ink in your traditional tattooing sessions then the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine is for you! This powerful and e-paper-based tattoo machine is powered by a yet-to-be-revealed great-looking 5-volt battery that can be used for up to 6 hours of charging.

With five levels of voltage control including 6V, 7V, 8V, 9V, and 11V, you can easily find the perfect setting for you. Whether you’re looking to get that special someone or just want to get a neat and ready-made tattoo of your choice, the Wormhole Wireless Tattoo Machine is the perfect choice for you.

What is included in the package

  • 1 Rotary tattoo machine
  • 1 Cordless tattoo power supply with cable
  • 20 Tattoo cartridge needles
  • 2 Tattoo practice skin
  • 1 Blue disposable gloves
  • 40 Tattoo ink caps
  • 8 Tattoo ink
  • 1 Tattoo transfer paper
  • 1 Tattoo kit case
  • 1 Instruction manual

7. Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine ($179.99)


This unique Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine is perfect for those who want to add a new element to their look. It is sleek, black, and has a larger battery capacity than the Tour.

Plus, it’s compatible with all brands of needle cartridges. The stainless-steel spring inside allows for hard enough hits for precise lining, but enough softness for color packing and shading.

8. Stigma Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit ($90.95)


Looking for a way to make your next tattoo fun? Get the Stigma Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit today! This handy 2-pack of batteries in this wireless pen kit will help you make sure you have a great time while you ink your mark. Each 1500mAh battery lasts up to 6 hours, so you can have fun in the sun while having fun with your friends.

Plus, the rose gold tattoo machine made of space aluminum with a Japanese motor makes it perfect for parties and events. The kit comes with 20 needle cartridges that are sterilized and individually wrapped.

9. Solong Wireless Tattoo Machine ($99.99)


Introducing the Solong Wireless Tattoo Machine! This phenomenal machine is designed for those who want to create beautiful and elegant tattoos on their bodies. The patented rotary tattoo pen is made of high-quality construction and has an automatic reuse system that keeps your work clean and vibrant. The sleek and modern design is sure to turn heads, and the convenient one-hand operation makes it easy to use.

This machine is perfect for people who want to easily make permanent designs. It is also perfect for people who want to add a touch of newness to their tattoos.

Solong blade is made of high-quality steel which is extremely durable. It is also made in Taiwan which makes it easy to keep clean.

What is included in the package

  • 1 Hybrid tattoo pen
  • 1 wireless tattoo battery
  • 50 tattoo needles

10. HAWINK Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit


HAWINK Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit is perfect for those who want to get their tattoo, Mubarak! This sleek and stylish device is equipped with a widely used high-quality motor with strong torque and smooth shaft rotation.

The ergonomic, lightweight pen-style machine ensures a fast and easy experience while the powerful high-quality motor ensures tight control and optimized results. The generous size of the kit allows for more comfortable and precise tattooing procedures than traditional machines.

11. Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit ($91.99)


The Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit is perfect for those who want to make their own art without the hassle of putting together a tattoo machine.

The Javelin Spear is built with a smooth-running 4.5-watt motor with a well-rounded 3.5mm stroke that is capable of lining, shading, and packing color. Plus, the included tattoo brush is designed to get the job done with minimal effort.


A wireless tattoo machine can be a very handy tool if you like to get the job done quickly. They let more flexibility to you to move the needle precisely and easily. And finally leads to an awesome level tattoo.

With the list of best wireless tattoo machines, you can choose any one you like and purchase it as you prefer according to the design and technologies associated.

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