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What is Email Marketing and
How Does it Work

Email marketing is the most profitable and cost-effective marketing strategy in the digital marketing field. If you are not implementing email marketing on your business, you are leaving money on the table. But you do not have to worry at all, in this article I will explain all about email marketing and how it will help to grow your business.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending emails to a list of contacts that granted the permission to receive emails from you.

You can use email marketing to inform your customers about news of your company, keep in touch with them to build trust, or to convert potential buyers in to customers.

With the help of email marketing software, you can do this without any extra effort. The reason for this is the email marketing software are providing its users the capability to segment contacts to many groups, automating and create sequences. All these features will do nothing but help your email marketing strategies to succeed.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

In order to send marketing emails, you are goanna need email service providers. Those are also known as email marketing software. This software has the ability to send and manage email marketing campaigns.

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When I say you need email marketing service providers to do email marketing, you might think, “hey wait a minute, we have Gmail. Why waste money on software? ”.and that is a good thought. But hear me out, Gmail are designed to handle personal needs. Like sending simple friendly email or few business emails.

But if you try to send bulk emails through Gmail you will end up getting restricted from the Gmail service. Because that’s not it has designed for. Sending too many emails at once will get spammed.

So, that’s why there is certain software developed just for email marketing purposes. Use them wisely and you will be able to grow your business more than it was.

The Benefits of Email Marketing


Brand awareness

You all know that an email is a powerful thing to reach out to someone. Just like a phone number, people won’t give up their email address easily. If they gave their email address willingly that means you can stay connected with them. They have granted the permission to receive emails from you.  That is beginning of a long journey.

With email marketing, you can stay in close to the subscribers (people who joined to your email list), send personalized emails to inform that you care about their needs, and inform of your future plans to them.

The ability to send emails to large number of people in a second helps you scale the business opportunities. You can’t get that type of advantage from any other marketing tool.


A conversion is called as the last step of a customer. In simple terms, potential customer get to know you, understand what you are trying to help them with and finally they decide to purchase from you. It is conversion on your side. So, if you are running a business, conversions are heavily important.

You already have the most crucial way to get in touch with them, the email address of your customer. So use it to promote your upcoming events, give coupons for the future products that you planning to release on your business. That way, customers get to know you better, and they don’t forget you easily.


Email is used by anyone who have access to internet. Most people might not be actively aware about other social media channels but they do know how to open an email. That will be your goldmine. Because if you deliver your message to the customer, it will be their first thing they see when opening the email inbox. That could help you generate more loyal people around your business.


As I mentioned earlier, email marketing services are easily affordable even if you are a beginner. Most email marketing software provides FREE plans that you can test them and decide whether to go with it or not. That is a unique feature that only email marketing platforms give. You cannot find that kind of comfort from any other digital marketing options.

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You own your email list

Let me tell you something about social media, you may be in so love with them but the algorithms of social media channels change, they change their rules every day. If they shut down their social media channels or ban you, you will lose all your followers, contacts associated with the programs. And just like that, you lose all your contacts and the customers.

But with email marketing you do not have to worry about anything. When you acquire an email address of a customer you own that email address. No one can get it from you. So as long as emails can be sent, you can continue your marketing campaigns via email marketing.

What are the challenges of email marketing?


Not having relevance

Yes, you need to stay connect with the customer and keep following them via emails. But if you send bullshit in your emails just to keep reminding your customer that your business still exists, that will not end well for you. The final result of this might be they decide to ignore your emails and never opens them.

So, keep in mind that to provide value through email marketing. Do not send shitty emails and bring negative feedback on your business.

Deciding the right frequency

Irrelevant, no-value bringing emails are one way to screw up everything in your email marketing campaign. But another thing to be very careful is how often you send emails. Is it daily, weekly or monthly? It all depends on your marketing strategy and the type of your business.

Some businesses need to send emails daily while others just need to send weekly emails. First understand about your marketing goals and prepare an email sending frequency plan based on your goals. If not, your customers will end up getting massive emails daily and it will be a headache to them.


All your email marketing efforts will be a waste of time if emails aren’t receiving by your email list. Main reason for that is emails are not delivered into the customer’s inbox. They will either end up in spam folder or in promotion tab. But that is not your focus. Your goal is to deliver your email right Infront of your customer’s eye.

The solution to this problem lies heavily on what email marketing software that you chose to begin your email marketing campaigns. You can read my Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business article to decide what is best for your business.

Pro Tip: If you wanna know exactly what email marketing software matters most, you can try either Getresponse or MailerLite. Both services are good in my personal experience.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your business is, whether it is small or large scale you can definitely benefit from email marketing. Because of its affordability and ease of learning more people are tend to get the most from email marketing.

Many businesses are acquiring more sales, customers via email marketing. If you want to bring out your business level to a better place, I suggest you should start using email marketing ASAP.