6 Best Ice Climbing Harnesses to Get in 2023

If you enjoy the exhilarating challenge of scaling snowy summits and vertical ice walls, you appreciate how important a trustworthy harness is in assuring both safety and performance. In the world of ice climbing, where every decision and piece of equipment can mean the difference between success and failure, your harness selection is no exception.

We’re here to uncover the secrets surrounding the best ice climbing harnesses on the market in this detailed guide. We’ve got your back when you stand on the brink of your next freezing conquest, wondering which gear will accompany you on this hazardous expedition.

Our objective is straightforward: to present you with all of the information, expertise, and recommendations you need to make an informed decision and invest in a harness that genuinely matches your goals.

What are the Best Ice Climbing Harnesses?

Here are my top picks of the best ice climbing harnesses that are available for you to carry your essential tools and be safe when ice climbing.

1. Black Diamond Vision ($122.46)

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Buckles: Speed
  • Gear Loops: 4
  • Ice Clipper Slots: 4

The Black Diamond Vision Ice Climbing Harness is an amazing piece of equipment that meets the needs of both alpinists and ice climbers. This ultralight harness stands out as an indispensable companion for tough alpine adventures and spectacular ice climbs since it was designed with a careful focus on decreasing weight while maximizing utility.

The Vision harness’s carefully crafted ice-clipper holes and molded gear loops are noteworthy features. These vital components are critical in ensuring climbers have quick and simple access to their requirements while navigating the route. Climbers can quickly adjust to changing conditions thanks to the strategically located ice-clipper slots, which allow for the easy attachment of ice screws and other tools. Meanwhile, the perfectly molded gear loops support a wide range of gear sizes, keeping carabiners, slings, and other gear secure and easily accessible.

The Black Diamond Vision harness is distinguished by its exceptional lightweight construction. This harness is designed to be sleek and streamlined, taking up little room in your pack, making it an excellent choice for alpinists who value efficiency and portability. The use of lightweight materials and careful design results in a harness that won’t weigh you down, letting you concentrate on your ascent rather than your gear.

The Vision harness is made even more convenient by the presence of speed buckles and fixed leg loops. When it comes to putting on and taking off the harness, these features make it a breeze. The speed buckles allow you to swiftly modify the fit to your comfort level, while the fixed leg loops prevent the need for continual readjustment, enabling you to focus on the climb’s obstacles.

2. Blue Ice Choucas ($69.95)

  • Material: UHMW polyethylene, nylon
  • Buckles: Aluminum
  • Gear Loops: 2
  • Ice Clipper Slots: 2

The Blue Ice Choucas Ice Climbing Harness is an extraordinary piece of gear that perfectly captures the essence of fast-and-light ski mountaineering expeditions. This featherweight harness, crafted with precision and innovation, is a true partner for those seeking agility and performance on frozen terrain. Let’s look at what makes the Blue Ice Choucas harness such an excellent choice for ice climbers and ski mountaineers.

One of the harness’s most notable features is its tiny form, which allows it to be curled up into size as small as a clenched fist. This remarkable feature ensures that the harness takes up as little room as possible in your kit pack, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who value efficiency and ease of carrying throughout their mountain adventures.

The Blue Ice Choucas harness is designed with user comfort and convenience in mind. The independent leg straps include an opening design that allows for easy donning and doffing. This smart innovation allows you to quickly put on and take off the harness without struggling, even if you’re in a rush or in difficult conditions. This useful tool reduces unnecessary delays and improves the overall climbing experience.

The Blue Ice Choucas harness has two gear loops and ice screw keepers for organizing your stuff. These modifications demonstrate the harness’s practical design, allowing you to store and access your climbing equipment with ease. Whether it’s carabiners, quickdraws, or ice screws, this harness keeps your gear organized and conveniently accessible, allowing you to focus on your ascent rather than rummaging around for your necessities.

One of the Blue Ice Choucas harness’s distinctive features is its ability to be worn and removed while wearing crampons. This is a game changer because it saves time during transitions and eliminates the need to remove and reconnect crampons while adjusting your harness. This feature emphasizes the harness’s versatility and compatibility with the needs of climbers navigating difficult icy conditions.

3. CAMP USA Alpine Flash ($79.95)

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Buckles: auto-locking waist and legs
  • Gear Loops: 5
  • Ice Clipper Slots: 4 hub

The CAMP USA Alpine Flash Ice Climbing Harness is a fantastic piece of equipment designed exclusively for alpinists and ice climbers. This harness is built to enable optimum mobility and security when conquering hard icy terrains, with an emphasis on ultralight performance and compact design.

The Alpine Flash harness’s load webbing construction, which promotes functionality and weight reduction, is one of its distinguishing qualities. In contrast to standard padded harnesses, this model uses little padding, resulting in a lightweight and streamlined design that allows for unfettered movement and comfort during strenuous climbs. The harness carefully distributes weight without adding bulk, so this minimalist approach does not compromise on safety or support.

When ascending in icy circumstances, safety is vital, and the Alpine Flash harness provides in this regard. The incorporation of auto-locking buckles at the waist and legs ensures a secure and adaptable fit.

These buckles provide a quick and easy way to firmly tie the harness to your body, increasing your sense of stability and confidence on the vertical terrain. These buckles hold in position, removing any concerns about loosening or shifting while climbing high ice walls or ascending alpine routes.

Storage capacity is an important issue for ice climbers, and the Alpine Flash harness meets the mark. With five gear loops, this harness gives you plenty of room to organize your climbing gear. Accessing your equipment, from carabiners to quickdraws, will be a breeze, enabling you to focus on the climb ahead.

Furthermore, the four ice tool attachments are designed to meet the specific needs of ice climbers. They provide a safe and convenient location for storing your ice tools, ensuring that they are quickly available whenever you need to make a critical pick or swing.

4. Blue Ice Choucas Pro ($105.95)

  • Material: Polyester
  • Buckles: Aluminum
  • Gear Loops: 4
  • Ice Clipper Slots: 2

The Blue Ice Choucas Pro Ice Climbing Harness is a unique piece of equipment designed exclusively for multi-pitch alpine climbs. This harness thrives in the demanding environment of ice climbing, thanks to its lightest design without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

The Choucas Pro’s surprise level of comfort is one of its notable qualities. Ice climbing can be strenuous, but this harness softens the blow with its cleverly constructed cushioned mesh. This not only adds a layer of comfort to the skin but also allows for better ventilation. This is an important advantage because ice climbing often requires intense work, and being cool and comfortable can make a big difference during those lengthy vertical climbs.

The harness’s clever 3-buckle waist and leg adjustments ensure a snug and secure fit. This design accommodates the various conditions that are frequently experienced during alpine climbs. Whether you’re layering to keep warm or wearing lighter clothing in warmer weather, these modifications ensure that the harness is securely fastened, providing both safety and peace of mind.

The adjustable, removable, and releasable rear elastic riser is a standout feature of the Choucas Pro. This innovation increases the harness’s adaptability by allowing climbers to fine-tune their fit based on their body shape and preferences. It also makes the harness simple to put on and take off, even while wearing gloves, which is useful when time is of the essence during snowy ascents.

The well-thought-out design of the harness extends to its organizational capabilities. The Choucas Pro has four gear loops and two dedicated ice screw slots, providing adequate storage for important climbing equipment. This planned placement allows climbers to keep their gear close to hand, reducing time wasted fumbling for equipment and increasing focus on the task at hand.

5. Edelrid Prisma Guide Alpine ($99.95)

  • Material: Dyneema, Nylon
  • Buckles: Slide Block buckle (20mm)
  • Gear Loops: 6
  • Ice Clipper Slots: 4

The Edelrid Prisma Guide Alpine Ice Climbing Harness is a wonderful combination of innovation, comfort, and usefulness designed exclusively for ice climbers. This harness, designed with painstaking attention to detail, distinguishes out with a slew of features that ensure a safe and comfortable ascent.

The waist belt’s large opening, which cleverly accommodates ski boots and crampons, is one of the most noticeable characteristics. This feature not only highlights the harness’s adaptability but also addresses the frequently neglected logistical issues of ice climbing. The adjustable leg loops, which have two settings for a tailored fit, contribute to the harness’s overall comfort and versatility.

The use of a Dyneema frame distinguishes the Prisma Guide Alpine from other harness designs. This feature not only reduces the overall weight of the harness but also eliminates those irritating pressure points that might ruin an otherwise thrilling climb. Edelrid has totally changed the ice climbing harness experience by focusing on comfort over safety.

Edelrid’s drive to push boundaries is exemplified by the ingenious tie-in loop. This revised loop is lower in weight and more flexible, giving climbers increased movement without sacrificing strength. This minor but significant element exemplifies Edelrid’s commitment to fusing cutting-edge technology with the needs of real-world climbers.

The Prisma Guide Alpine excels at organization because of its gear loops. Four thin, encased gear loops keep their shape without adding bulk. This design keeps vital climbing gear within easy reach, resulting in a more seamless climbing experience. In addition to these four loops, the harness has two extra fabric gear loops for carrying additional equipment on more challenging climbs.

Ice climbers will enjoy the care taken with ice screw organization. The Prisma Guide Alpine has four ice screw clip attachment options, ensuring that ice screws remain tidy and accessible throughout the climb. This level of structure improves safety and efficiency in critical situations.

6. Blue Ice Addax ($109.95)

  • Material: Polyester, UHMW polyethylene, high-tenacity PED
  • Buckles: Aluminum
  • Gear Loops: 4
  • Ice Clipper Slots: 2

The Blue Ice Addax Ice Climbing Harness stands out as a stunning rival in the world of cragging harnesses, having a unique combination of lightweight design and unexpected comfort. This harness was designed to meet the needs of ice climbers and strikes a compromise between functionality and performance.

One of its most notable characteristics is its amazing lightness, making it an ideal choice for climbers looking to lower their load without sacrificing safety. The harness’s basic design and intelligent material selection contribute to its featherweight feel, which improves the entire climbing experience.

The Blue Ice Addax’s unexpected comfort is a notable feature. The use of padded mesh pieces gives a level of comfort that is not usually associated with lightweight harnesses. This one-of-a-kind combination of comfort elements indicates a comprehension of the climber’s experience, where ventilation is critical to long-lasting performance on the ice.

The harness’s emphasis on streamlined functionality is exemplified by the single self-locking speed buckle at the waist. This user-friendly design aspect makes it easier to fasten the harness while yet ensuring a secure fit. The buckle’s functionality contributes to the overall hassle-free experience of gearing up, allowing climbers to concentrate on their ascents rather than equipment changes.

The integration of an adjustable, removable, and releasable rear elastic riser truly distinguishes the Blue Ice Addax. This idea exhibits a deep awareness of climbers’ diverse tastes as well as the problems they face. Personal modifications are accommodated by the elastic riser, ensuring a snug and personalized fit that improves both safety and comfort.

The harness’s usefulness for ice climbers is enhanced by clever gear storage elements. Four amply-sized gear loops provide plenty of room for storing necessary equipment within easy reach. Furthermore, the addition of two dedicated ice screw pockets on the waist increases the harness’s versatility for ice climbing trips, providing a handy and safe way to carry crucial ice protection supplies.

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