5 Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Men to Get in 2024

Lacrosse is a fast-paced and violent activity, so having the proper equipment to protect oneself from harm is essential.

Shoulder pads are an essential component of equipment for lacrosse players. Shoulder pads can protect your shoulders, chest, and back from other players, the ground, and the lacrosse stick.

With so many various lacrosse shoulder pads on the market, determining which ones are the best can be difficult.

That is why we have compiled this complete guide to choose the best lacrosse shoulder pads for you.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting lacrosse shoulder pads:

  • Hard shell and soft shell are the two basic varieties of lacrosse shoulder pads. Hardshell shoulder pads offer more protection, but they are bulkier and more restricting. Softshell shoulder pads are more comfortable and less bulky, but they do not give as much protection.
  • Options: Lacrosse shoulder pads come with a range of options, including adjustable straps, removable padding, and ventilation. Select shoulder pads that include the attributes that are important to you.
  • Fit: Lacrosse shoulder pads should be snug but comfortable to wear. They must be neither too tight nor too loose. When putting on shoulder pads, ensure sure the straps don’t scrape into your shoulders and the pads don’t impede your movement.

What are the Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads?

Here are my top picks of the best lacrosse shoulder pads available on the market today!

1. STX Stallion 900 ($169.99)


The STX Stallion 900 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is designed for lacrosse aficionados looking for top-tier performance and ultimate protection.

It is a smart blend of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design. The heart of this gear is its extraordinary lightweight protective system, which incorporates a novel material called Curv, which is patent pending and meets the demanding NOCSAE ND200 Standard.

One of the STX Stallion 900’s distinguishing qualities is its concentration on preserving both superior protection and flexibility.

Its design features a flexible, low-profile construction that maximizes mobility while maintaining safety.

This strategic balance allows players to move quickly and freely, assuring uninterrupted action while shielding them from potential harm.

The A.M.P.TM system (Adjustable Mobility Protection) is a distinguishing characteristic of these shoulder pads.

It cleverly reinforces shoulder protection without limiting the player’s freedom of motion.

This smart engineering guarantees that athletes have the perfect combination of safety and agility, allowing them to perform at their peak without feeling constrained by their equipment.

Furthermore, the overlapping strap system improves the operation of the STX Stallion 900.

This feature enables a highly adaptable and flexible fit, catering to individual comfort and security needs.

Players can adjust the fit to their preference, offering a snug and comfortable fit while retaining the necessary amount of protection during hard gameplay.

2. Maverik Max EKG ($154.99)


The Maverik Max EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad establishes a new standard in safety and performance, meeting the most recent NOCSAE rules to provide lacrosse players with the best possible protection.

This shoulder pad, made with cutting-edge technology, promotes player safety without sacrificing comfort or mobility.

The combination of the EKG (Energy Absorption Protection) and ND200 technology is a game-changing solution to the essential issue of Commotio Cordis.

These novel features work in tandem to reduce the severity of potentially deadly chest injuries, providing players with more safety and confidence on the field.

Its conventional fit strikes the ideal combination of comfort and mobility, allowing players to move freely while benefiting from well-designed protection.

The COMFORTFIT feature provides for a customized fit, allowing the pad to drape easily over the shoulders and give optimal coverage, suited to the demands of the particular player.

The Maverik Max EKG Shoulder Pad’s ANAFORM chest and spine plates are designed to effectively manage high-velocity blows, further boosting the pad’s protection.

These plates are precisely arranged to give maximum coverage in vital impact zones, protecting players from injury.

Furthermore, the incorporation of DuraStretch Panels is a game changer, allowing the pad to move in sync with the body.

These panels provide flexibility and adaptability, ensuring that the shoulder pad does not obstruct the player’s motions and allows for a full range of motion while yet providing enough protection.

3. Maverik Shift EKG ($149.99)


The Maverik Shift EKG Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is a game-changing piece of lacrosse equipment that combines cutting-edge technology with comfort and flexibility.

The External Kardiac Guard (EKG) is designed to meet the demanding new NOCSAE performance standard ND200, which prioritizes player safety and addresses the possible dangers associated with commotio cordis.

This feature demonstrates the company’s dedication to offering top-tier protection to athletes on the field.

These shoulder pads prioritize comfort and mobility with Maverik’s unique traditional fit.

This allows players to move freely, guaranteeing that restricted movement does not impede their performance.

The adjustable ComfortFit arch is a notable feature, allowing players to customize the fit, coverage, and overall drape of the shoulder pads for maximum comfort and protection.

QuickDry technology is a game changer because it quickly wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping players cool and dry during vigorous gameplay.

This feature not only improves comfort but also aids in optimal performance by controlling body temperature and alleviating the discomfort associated with perspiration and moisture accumulation.

Anaform’s chest and spine plates are cleverly designed to withstand high-velocity hits.

This smart design provides an extra layer of protection against potential injuries by absorbing and distributing contact force to better protect the player during active activity.

Additionally, the presence of DuraStretch panels across the torso improves the pads’ adaptability and movement with the body.

These panels are precisely placed to allow the pads to move in sync with the player’s natural contours.

This integration guarantees that the gear does not interfere with the body’s natural motions, allowing players to move freely.

4. Warrior Evo ($149.99)


The NOCSAE performance standard ND200 is adhered to by the Warrior Evo Lacrosse Shoulder Pad, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

This shoulder pad has been designed to provide top-tier protection, greater mobility, and unsurpassed comfort.

It also has several advanced features that cater to the needs of the modern lacrosse player.

At its heart, the Evo Shoulder Pad features a revolutionary impact sternum design that raises the bar for protection, flexibility, and comfort.

This revolutionary design not only provides optimal protection for the athlete but also allows for unlimited movement on the field.

The compression-molded sternum component serves two functions: it reduces the total weight of the pad while greatly increasing the level of protection given.

This combination of lighter weight and enhanced protection strikes a harmonious balance, meeting the demands of intense gameplay without sacrificing safety.

The adjustability and personalized fit of the Warrior Evo Shoulder Pad is an intrinsic feature.

Players can achieve a fully personalized fit with adjustable sternum straps, ensuring that the shoulder pad fits precisely to the individual player’s body shape and preferences.

This adaptability is a pillar, allowing players to concentrate on their performance without distraction or discomfort.

Moreover, the inclusion of the Wartech Liner in this shoulder pad amplifies its performance.

The Wartech Liner’s innovative moisture-wicking properties ensure that sweat and moisture are efficiently pulled away from the body.

By doing so, this technology not only keeps the player cool and dry but also enhances overall comfort during intense gameplay.

The temperature regulation and moisture control enable the player to stay focused and maintain peak performance levels throughout the game.

5. Nike Vapor Elite ($129.99)


The Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is the peak of innovation, offering exceptional protection and unparalleled movement on the lacrosse field.

It is an engineering marvel, combining lightweight materials with outstanding elasticity, allowing athletes to move smoothly and with exceptional freedom during gameplay.

The Vapor Elite Shoulder Pad is designed with comfort and adaptability in mind, with adjustable straps that offer a personalized and snug fit for every individual.

This feature not only ensures a solid fit but also allows players to tailor the pad to their individual body shapes, providing unsurpassed comfort without sacrificing performance.

Furthermore, the pad’s design prioritizes flexibility and comfort while also meeting strict safety criteria.

The NOCSAE ND200 standard for chest protection is met by the Vapor Elite Shoulder Pad, guaranteeing players receive top-tier protection during strenuous gameplay.

This accreditation validates its capacity to provide essential impact protection, ensuring a high level of safety while participating in the sport.

This shoulder pad liner’s use of cutting-edge materials contributes to its ultra-lightweight nature, allowing athletes to encounter little interruption in their motions.

Its versatility is game-changing, allowing athletes to rotate, dodge, and maneuver with maximum agility and speed, giving a seamless experience while maintaining a high level of protection.

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