12 Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads to Get in 2024

Having the appropriate defensive lacrosse head is vital for success, whether you’re a close defender, long-stick midfielder, or goaltender. A clear brain will assist you in grounding balls, checking opponents, and clearing the ball from your zone. However, with so many different heads on the market, it can be not easy to choose which one is best for you.

We’ll look at the best defensive lacrosse heads on the market in 2023 in this blog post. We’ll take stiffness, durability, weight, and pricing into account to help you choose the best head for your needs.

What to look for in a defensive lacrosse head

There are a few crucial aspects to consider while selecting a defensive lacrosse head:

  • Head stiffness: A stiffer head provides more power and control when checking opponents and clearing the ball.
  • Durability: A tough skull is vital for defensive players, who frequently take a beating.
  • Weight: A lighter head will make it easier to maneuver and catch ground balls faster.
  • Price: Defensive lacrosse heads can cost anywhere from $50 to $170. Before you start shopping, you should make a budget.

What are the Best Defensive Lacrosse Heads?

Here are my top picks of both strung and unstrung best defensive lacrosse heads you can purchase from the market today!

Warrior Evo QX2DStringKing Mark 2DWarrior Evo QXNike Alpha Elite 2Maverik Tank 2.0Warrior Burn XPMaverik Havok 2Warrior Burn XP2DECD RebelSTX X20Gait Torq 2Under Armour Command D
Price$169.99$149.99$139.99$134.99$139.99$139.99$139.99$129.99 $89.99$99.99$99.99$84.99
Head TypeStrungStrungStrungStrungStrungStrungStrungUnstrungUnstrungUnstrungUnstrungUnstrung
Warranty2 Months6 Months2 MonthsContact Seller6 Months2 Months6 Months2 Months6 Months1 Month6 Months6 Months
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Best Defensive Strung Lacrosse Heads

1. Warrior Evo QX2D ISO Warp ($169.99)


The Warrior Evo QX2D ISO Warp Defensive Lacrosse Head is a peak of innovative design and functionality, catering exclusively to the needs of the defensive player.

This head’s Therma-Loc+ Hybrid Thermoplastic Resin sets a new benchmark in durability and uniformity. This novel material holds rigidity remarkably well, with a surprising 50% greater retention than normal nylon heads.

Such temperature resistance enables more constant performance, allowing for a faster release without affecting structural integrity.

The head incorporates a Scoop Diffuser, deliberately putting ridges in important regions to significantly minimize drag when navigating to scoop tough groundballs.

These design components allow for more effective and smoother ball recovery, boosting the player’s agility and responsiveness on the field.

The Evo QX2D ISO Warp Defensive Lacrosse Head’s painstakingly crafted bottom rail features a specific arrangement, purposefully fashioned to create a Mid/High pocket.

This design decision gives players rapid control of the ball after picking up a ground ball. The pocket’s strategic positioning within the head improves ball handling, giving defensive players more accuracy and control over their passes and shots.

Furthermore, the head allows for personalization based on choice and playing style. Players can decrease head shaking by incorporating the LOC-THROAT, promoting a more solid and controlled sensation during hard gameplay.

Alternatively, cutting away the LOC-THROAT provides for a lighter-weight experience, suited to people who value speed and agility above strength.

The Warrior Evo QX2D ISO Warp Defensive Lacrosse Head meets the demanding demands of numerous lacrosse associations, including the NFHS, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse Men’s field specs.

This ensures players that the head is not only innovative in design but also completely sanctioned for official play, providing both performance and compliance on the field.

This defensive lacrosse head, whether in the hands of a seasoned veteran or an aspiring rising star, serves as a tribute to invention, precision, and adaptation, enhancing the game of lacrosse for those who wield it.

2. StringKing Mark 2D Type 5 ($149.99)


The StringKing Mark 2D Type 5 Lacrosse Head, designed exclusively for defensive players, is a formidable tool engineered to succeed in the art of defense.

This head is designed to endure the rigors of rigorous defensive play, with a robust build and a broad face shape that improves the ability to perform hard checks while maintaining accurate control over ground balls.

One of the most common fallacies in lacrosse is that defensive players can only perform defensive techniques. The Mark 2D, on the other hand, calls this assumption into question.

This head meets the needs of both defensive and offensive play thanks to its 29 sidewall holes and larger side profile. Its design allows defense-oriented players, known as Stingers, to take advantage of a specially designed pocket that allows offensive maneuvers while maintaining defensive prowess.

StringKing has painstakingly determined the high-impact locations on their heads where checks are frequently performed. In response, scientists reinforced these zones with more material, increasing the strength of the head.

In contrast, the design saves material in low-stress areas, increasing the speed and agility of defensive inspections. This intentional material distribution results in a head that not only serves as a strong defensive anchor but also performs well in offensive plays, providing players with versatility.

The scoop design on the Mark 2D is a game changer, allowing for an advantageous position in ground ball retrieval. Its shape and construction let defenders scoop up the ball with ease, quickly moving from defense to offense.

This trait not only secures possession but also leads to swift transitions on the field, giving defensive play a dynamic edge.

Furthermore, StringKing’s invention includes the incorporation of a locking bolt, a feature designed to eliminate the annoying rattling that is frequently heard during intense gameplay.

They efficiently minimized any potential rattling by inserting a bolt through both the front and rear of the shaft and head, ensuring a steady and stable connection between the head and the shaft.

3. Warrior Evo QX ($139.99)


The Warrior Evo QX Defensive Lacrosse Head is the ideal piece of equipment for the close defensive player looking for both resilience and quickness on the field.

This head was designed with the seasoned defender in mind, and it is built to withstand the demands of defensive play while allowing for quick, responsive motions.

The QX Defensive Head, innovatively manufactured with the latest Therma-Loc resin, establishes a new benchmark for performance, particularly in high-temperature circumstances.

This innovative material not only provides longevity but also maintains the shape and rigidity of the head, which is essential for defensive players who are continuously engaged in physical clashes on the field.

The QX’s bottom rail design is one of its notable features, carefully intended to suit Mid to Mid/High pockets. This design allows for immediate ball possession after ground balls, giving defenders an advantage while shifting from defense to offense.

The increased longevity of the head boosts the player’s confidence, allowing them to concentrate on their defensive techniques without worrying about the equipment’s dependability.

The optional LOC-THROAT feature of the QX Defensive Head provides players with unrivaled control over their gear. This feature allows players to insert the LOC-THROAT for improved head-to-shaft attachment, which can be critical for extra stability during strong defensive movements.

Alternatively, players can remove the LOC-THROAT for a lighter feel, allowing them to tailor the head to their desired playing style.

4. Nike Alpha Elite 2 ($134.99)


The Nike Alpha Elite 2 Defensive Lacrosse Head is a peak of high-performance gear, designed by Nike with the knowledge and demands of great defenders in mind. This lacrosse head is a product of rigorous design and innovative technology, with a strong emphasis on durability and functionality.

Nike’s unique PowerForm technology lies at the heart of the Alpha Elite 2’s construction. This innovation distinguishes it, ensuring unrivaled longevity regardless of weather conditions.

Whether in searing heat or severe weather, this head is designed to resist the rigors of the game, giving players consistent, long-lasting performance.

Furthermore, the Alpha Elite 2 got a thorough overhaul, most notably in its shape. The addition of a deep bottom rail transforms its structure, giving defenders a major advantage.

This adjustment enables the head to be expertly strung with a high pocket arrangement, increasing its ability to suck up ground balls with ease. This feature allows players to maneuver around the field with ease, seizing opportunities and taking control during heated gameplay.

The purposeful improvement of the head’s shape not only improves its performance but also demonstrates the confluence of innovation and pragmatism.

The ability to tailor the pocket setup to a high configuration gives defenders an advantage, allowing them to execute rapid and precise moves and hence dictate the game’s tempo.

5. Maverik Tank 2.0 ($139.99)


The Maverik Tank 2.0 Defensive Lacrosse Head is a new level in defensive play, expertly designed to empower players on the field. Its Face Shape stands out, with a broader design that transforms defensive techniques.

This change improves intercepting performance and allows for smoother transitions, making it a useful weapon for influencing game tempo.

The 6-Strut Design of the head ensures maximum rigidity and longevity throughout the season, even while delivering hard checks. The Ground Control function, an engineering marvel, provides the head with an expertly shaped scoop.

This innovation seamlessly handles ground balls, providing players with unprecedented ease in picking up ground balls, a vital component of defensive play.

One of the head’s distinguishing features is its cross-membered struts, often known as Xrail, which disperse stress efficiently to increase stiffness and robustness.

Durable materials, expertly incorporated into the design, provide an optimum mix of lightness and durability, extending the head’s lifespan without losing its agility.

The Tank 2.0 is intentionally constructed for a high pocket, allowing for an exciting experience in stringing together the perfect defensive setup. This arrangement allows players to dominate the defensive line, making it an important part of their arsenal.

Notably, the head is strung with semi-hard mesh, which provides players with a perfect balance of responsiveness and control, further improving their on-field performance.

Its provenance proudly created in the United States, ensures a high standard of craftsmanship and quality control in its manufacturing process.

6. Warrior Burn XP ($139.99)


The Warrior Burn XP Defensive Lacrosse Head is a game-changing improvement in lacrosse equipment, painstakingly designed to improve the game of the transition defensemen.

This head redefines the standard by being about 10 grams lighter than its predecessor and allowing players to unleash unmatched power in both checks and shots.

The Burn XP-D was designed with the unique demands of the transition defender in mind, and it features a tighter face shape and remarkable durability.

Its unique design integrates Sym-Flex characteristics within the scoop and bottom rail, resulting in a precise balance of scoop fold and back-rail pinch.

This one-of-a-kind arrangement improves long-pass accuracy and increases shot power, especially during the important transition into the offensive zone.

The Burn XP Defensive Head’s bottom rail is intentionally engineered to facilitate mid-pocket placement, boosting hold, and precision ball control, which are key factors for defensive moves on the field.

The greatest strength of the head gives defenders the confidence to conduct harsh checks without fear of durability or performance.

The optional LOC-THROAT innovation is one of the Burn XP Defensive Head’s notable features. This changeable feature gives players the option of improving head-to-handle attachment by adding the LOC-THROAT or opting for a lightweight performance by leaving it out, responding to personal preferences and playing styles.

Furthermore, the Burn XP Defensive Head meets the requirements of numerous lacrosse governing bodies, including the NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse for men’s field lacrosse.

This compliance guarantees that players can use this head with confidence in official matches at various levels of the sport.

7. Maverik Havok 2 ($139.99)


The Maverik Havok 2 Defensive Lacrosse Head is an advanced version of the renowned Havok head, incorporating a number of improvements and innovations that set a new standard in defensive play.

Maverik made major changes with a streamlined design, redefining Havok’s capabilities for lacrosse players seeking improved performance.

One of the most visible changes is the altered face shape, which results in a tighter, more streamlined contour. This change attempts to improve the operation of the head, allowing for more precise and accurate checks on opponents.

The upgrade from the original 3-strut design to the improved 4-strut structure strengthens the Havok 2’s structural integrity, providing additional longevity without sacrificing weight.

The Havok 2 features a new strut orientation, a purposeful change that improves the overall strength and stability of the head. This modification improves defensive performance by allowing players to execute sharp and effective checks, resulting in much higher turnover statistics.

Defenders may confidently challenge opponents because of the head’s sturdy design and intelligent strut placement, offering forceful and accurate maneuvers during gaming.

A Level 4 Bottom Rail is also a remarkable feature, offering a balanced base that adds to better ball control and accuracy. The bottom rail’s precise architecture allows for more agility, offering a smooth and responsive experience during defensive maneuvers.

Furthermore, the Havok 2 is designed with a Mid-High Pocket, making it ideal for defensive players. This pocket arrangement improves ball control and retention, giving players the ability to respond quickly and assertively during gameplay.

The mid-high pocket layout is intentionally designed to create an optimal blend of rapid release and secure ball handling, giving defenders an advantage in controlling the game’s pace and flow.

Best Defensive Unstrung Lacrosse Heads

8. Warrior Burn XP2D ($129.99)


The Warrior Burn XP2D Defensive Lacrosse Head exemplifies cutting-edge innovation and professional player-approved design, catering exclusively to the needs of transition defensemen and midfielders looking for a competitive advantage on the field. This skull is redesigned by a pro player and skillfully created to generate XP power, improving the gaming of those in vital situations.

The new X Truss, an inventive device that stabilizes the upper sidewall while also transferring energy to the scoop, is a notable feature of the XP2D. This innovation strengthens players by enabling for more forceful and lethal checks without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the head.

The spine track bottom rail features a distinct spine shape, adding an extra degree of protection for both mesh and strings. This design not only strengthens the head but also provides a solid pocket, allowing players to string it in a way that suits their playing style while still providing optimal protection and durability during hard gameplay.

The Burn XP2D is made of Therma-Loc+ hybrid thermoplastic resin and can endure a wide range of temperatures. This innovative material retains rigidity up to 50% better than ordinary nylon heads, guaranteeing that the head remains constant and reliable regardless of field circumstances.

This head is distinguished by a redesigned scoop with forceful scoop diffusers. The revamp reduces drag and improves airflow, which is especially useful during ground ball situations.

This feature provides a considerable edge to players, improving their ability to maneuver and control ground ball scenarios.

Furthermore, this defensive lacrosse head fulfills the severe specifications of many governing bodies, including the NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men’s field, ensuring compliance with the standards established by these regulatory entities. As a result, the Burn XP2D is a dependable and adaptable solution for competitive gaming at all levels.

9. ECD Rebel ($89.99)


The East Coast Dyes Rebel Defensive Lacrosse Head is a formidable piece of equipment painstakingly created using their significant expertise in mesh and stringing techniques. This head is specifically designed to empower defenders on the lacrosse field, delivering devastating checks, dominating ground balls, and unleashing powerful shots, embodying a perfect blend of ferocity and durability.

One of its distinguishing aspects is the combination of an aggressive design and an ultra-stiff structure. This combination not only allows the head to withstand strenuous gameplay but also allows the player to deliver powerful maneuvers.

It’s designed for defenders who want to scare their opponents, giving them a strategic advantage with its tighter face shape and more aggressive pinch.

These characteristics provide an advantage in ball control over many other defensive heads on the market. The form of the head offers a discrete channel that allows for quick shots capable of challenging goalies and assisting offensive actions during a clear.

Furthermore, the rounded scoop is expertly designed, boosting the head’s ability to fluidly direct the ball during groundball pickups. This results in faster release speeds and a better tactile connection with the ball, allowing players more control and agility.

The ECD Lacrosse Rebel Unstrung Defense Lacrosse Head is an essential weapon for elite-level defenders aiming to make a big influence on the game.

It’s designed for people who want to wield the power to deliver decisive moves, effortlessly navigate groundball difficulties, and even significantly contribute to their team’s attacking plays.

The strong and versatile design of the head is intended to allow defenders to impose their dominance on the field, making it a must-have for players looking to improve their game.

10. STX X20 ($99.99)


The STX X20 Defensive Lacrosse Head significantly improved over its predecessor, the X20 Unstrung Lacrosse Head. To match the demands of defensive play on the lacrosse field, this redesigned classic head blends creative design elements and advanced technologies.

The X20 is defined by an iconic face shape, which has been precisely created to dominate the passing lanes and block incoming passes around the field.

This unusual design isn’t just for show; it’s intended to control ball movement and knock down passes, providing defenders an advantage in intercepting and diverting incoming throws.

The X20’s innovative Strike PlateTM technology is one of its most notable features. This advancement dramatically increases the effectiveness of defensive checks.

The head is reinforced to give forceful, precise checks without sacrificing durability or performance by deliberately incorporating this technology.

The innovative Speed ScoopTM design on the X20 improves ground ball play. This modification reduces drag, allowing players to scoop up ground balls quickly and easily, which is an important component of defensive strategy in lacrosse.

This feature not only facilitates mobility but also maximizes efficiency when contending for field possession.

The X20 is created of EnduraFormTM, a unique material from STX, in addition to its shape and design. EnduraFormTM is designed to greatly strengthen the toughness of the head, ensuring it can endure the intense demands of defensive play.

This material ensures that the head retains structural integrity even after repeated collisions, delivering longevity and dependability in high-impact gameplay circumstances.

11. Gait Torq 2 ($99.99)


The Gait Torq 2 Defensive Lacrosse Head is the peak of lacrosse equipment design innovation and performance. It is a tribute to the Torq line’s continuing legacy, preserving its original, highly renowned design that has cemented its appeal within the lacrosse world.

The Gait Torq 2 Defensive Head is designed as a stringer’s dream, with an unsurpassed multi-hole stringing system that allows for an unprecedented level of customization.

This feature allows players to customize their stringing setups, making it one of the most versatile and adaptable heads on the market.

The presence of a stringing rib on the interior of the head adds convenience for securely tying off shooters while being in conformity with regulations at all levels of play.

The Gait Torq 2 is particularly developed for Attack and Midfielders, catering to their individual needs and playing techniques. It is geared toward emulating the playing styles of legendary lacrosse giants Gary and Paul.

Notably, it is the stiffest and lightest head in the prestigious Gait range, at only 4.4 ounces. This trait not only improves performance but also provides agility and maneuverability on the field.

One of the Gait Torq 2’s distinguishing features is the Traditional Narrow Pocket, which was designed to allow for the flawless capture of difficult passes even in congested and high-pressure game settings.

This design aspect improves a player’s ability to catch the ball in traffic, which contributes to a better overall gameplay experience.

The Gait Torq 2’s Tapered Sidewall is essential for obtaining exceptional accuracy and ball security. This function improves the performance of the head, giving players more control and precision when handling the ball. As a result, it boosts the player’s confidence in maintaining possession and completing accurate passes.

12. Under Armour Command D ($84.99)


The Under Armour Command D Defensive Lacrosse Head is the peak of engineering and innovation, catering exclusively to the needs of defensive players looking for unsurpassed durability and outstanding field performance.

This lacrosse head is meticulously crafted with a thorough focus on strength and resistance. It embodies a fusion of cutting-edge characteristics that boost the game of any defensive player.

A strong rail structure is at the heart of its design, a distinguishing characteristic that not only makes the Command 2 remarkably lightweight but also fortifies it with an excellent level of durability.

The use of all-weather nylon in this revolutionary construction ensures that the head stays resilient in the face of varying weather conditions.

It is designed to endure severe temperatures and efficiently prevents warping or breaking even in the harshest of environments. The Command D remains steadfast, giving continuous reliability throughout every game, whether in blistering heat or frigid cold.

Under Armour’s unique Glide+ scoop technology is one of Command D’s distinguishing features. This game-changing innovation transforms ground ball retrieval, giving players an unrivaled edge.

The technology expertly directs the player to the ball from any angle, considerably improving the ease and speed with which ground balls are picked up.

This reduced functionality leads to faster and more efficient moves, providing defensive players with a considerable advantage in high-pressure game conditions.

The head is specifically designed for defensive players looking for a balance of strength and versatility. The Command D is specifically designed for defensive maneuverability, excelling in aiding forceful poke checks while also efficiently vacuuming groundballs.

As a result, it is a crucial tool for players looking for a head that suits their defensive approach while providing unrivaled durability and performance.

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