6 Best Mountain Bike Gloves of 2023

Mountain biking is a thrilling activity that needs both physical and mental fortitude. While the bike itself is essential, it is also critical to protect your hands from tough terrain and unpredictable weather. This is when mountain bike gloves come in handy. They not only improve grip on the handlebars, but they also protect against scratches, scrapes, and even numbness produced by extended rides.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the best mountain bike gloves on the market and why they’re a must-have equipment for every serious mountain rider. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, keep reading to pick the best pair of gloves for your next ride.

What are the Best Mountain Bike Gloves?

Here are my top picks of the best mountain bike gloves for you to choose when riding your bike through rough environments and want to protect your hands.

1. INBIKE Mountain Bike Gloves ($28)


The INBIKE Mountain Bike Gloves are ideal for any biker seeking a high-performance, ecologically responsible option. These gloves are made to protect your knuckles while remaining breathable and comfortable. The SCR and TPR rubber on the gloves’ backs give additional protection in key regions, while the 5MM palm pads effectively absorb shock and decrease pain and numbness. The gloves also have non-slip silicone stripes that make riding more comfortable.

The high-stretch and breathable fabric used in the rear of these gloves are intended to provide a wonderful hand-wrapping experience, while the mesh will keep your hands cool and comfortable in hot weather. The palm’s microfiber fabric is more durable than normal textiles, increasing the glove’s life.

These gloves are also built for convenience, with the ability to touch the screen with your index and thumb, allowing you to utilize your mobile device in a variety of ways without removing the glove. Furthermore, the Hoop and loop strap makes removing gloves simple. Overall, the INBIKE Mountain Bike Gloves are an excellent choice for any biker seeking a high-performance, environmentally responsible option.

2. Giro Mountain Bike Gloves ($12.50 – $57.43)


The Giro Mountain Bike Gloves are made to fit your hands comfortably and naturally when you’re out on the trails. The gloves have a very absorbent microfiber wiping surface that is ideal for wiping sweat and moisture away from your hands, keeping them dry and comfortable. A moisture-wicking, four-way stretch, breathable mesh upper that adapts to your hand for a close fit is also included in the gloves. Furthermore, flex zones at the knuckles allow the gloves to replicate the natural articulation of the hand without bunching or binding, providing a more natural feel as well as better comfort and control.

The gloves include a silicone fingertip print and an AX Suede microfiber palm that fits the natural curve of your hand with no superfluous material or seams. The ultra-fit three-panel palm design allows your hand to move freely for improved control without compromising the bar feel.

The gloves are further protected by 2mm EVA crash padding. Furthermore, the gloves incorporate touchscreen technology with silver fiber in the fingertips, allowing you to use your smartphone and other touchscreen devices without removing your gloves. Overall, the Giro Mountain Bike Gloves are a fantastic choice for any mountain cyclist looking for a comfortable and safe glove that provides a natural feel and increased track control.

3. KUTOOK Mountain Bike Gloves ($19.99)


The KUTOOK Mountain Bike Gloves are an absolute must-have for every cyclist searching for a long-lasting and comfortable solution. These gloves are made of a robust Nylon Ottoman, 3mm Neoprene on the back, and microfiber, which ensures both wear resistance and comfort. The gloves’ palms have a thicker pad to safeguard your hands from damage and pressure. The area between the thumb and index finger has been thickened for increased protection. The index and middle fingers’ fingertips are wrapped in anti-slip gel, making it easier to touch devices while cycling.

The index finger is also constructed of leather to aid with sweat removal. The bracelet has a hook and loop closure for easy modifications and a custom fit. The gloves are fashionable and modern, with diverse fabrics, stitching, and lines, as well as a basic brand logo. The KUTOOK Mountain Bike Gloves are an excellent alternative for anyone seeking a high-quality and dependable riding glove.

4. FIORETTO Mountain Bike Gloves ($16.99)


FIORETTO Mountain Bike Gloves are ideal for any biker seeking a balance of performance, protection, and style. These gloves are made of high-quality microfiber and are lightweight, breathable, and comfy, making them excellent for long rides. The microfiber material is also anti-abrasive, protecting your hands from uneven terrain.

The high-quality silicone protection on the back of these gloves is one of its notable characteristics, providing extra protection for your knuckles in the event of a crash or from branches while cycling on the road. Furthermore, the palm has three SBR pads of varying shapes to relieve strain and boost gripping force, guaranteeing a stable and pleasant hold on your handlebars.

Another wonderful feature of these gloves is the sensitive touchscreen design on the thumb and fingers, which allows you to access your smartphone without removing the gloves, making it easy to use your phone while cycling.

FIORETTO cycling gloves are also available in a number of fashionable hues, making them suited for both men and women. They are also ideal as a gift for friends and loved ones on important occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and more. Overall, these mountain bike gloves are both functional and fashionable, making them an excellent pick for any biker wishing to improve their riding experience.

5. NICEWIN Mountain Bike Gloves ($16.99)


The NICEWIN Mountain Bike Gloves are an excellent alternative for any biker seeking a comfortable, long-lasting, and secure option. The gel in the palms gives exceptional grip and decreases the danger of injury in the case of a fall, while the SBR cushion on the palms absorbs shock and reduces tiredness on long rides. The gloves also have touchscreen thumbs and index fingers, allowing you to operate your smartphone, iPad, or tablet without removing the gloves.

Furthermore, reflective caution strips on the back of the hand increase safety when riding at night. The gloves are also made to last, with double-layer stitching between the thumb and index finger to keep them from tearing. The polar fleece on the thumb makes it easy to wipe away sweat, and the extra-long adjustable wristband with hook & loop closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit. You can ride confidently and comfortably with the NICEWIN Mountain Bike Gloves.

6. LuxoBike Mountain Bike Gloves ($14.99)


The LuxoBike Mountain Bike Gloves are essential equipment for any serious cyclist. These gloves, which have a non-slip silicone gel on the palm, provide a firm hold on your handlebars even when wet or sweaty. To keep your hands well-ventilated and fresh, the rear of the gloves is comprised of moisture-wicking, 360-degree stretch, breathable Lycra, and knitted mesh fabric. The gloves’ palms are composed of microsuede to prevent burning, and a reinforced patch on the thumb prevents blistering. SBR padding on the hands and wrists gives additional protection from vibration and road pounding.

These gloves also have a highly absorbent terry cloth material on the top side of the thumb to wipe away moisture, as well as fluorescent components to help automobiles and other cyclists, see you better. These gloves have an amazing ergonomic design, with high-quality construction and an enlarged hook & loop fastening with elastic fabric fitting at the wrist for optimal support and comfort. The two loops around the fingers of these gloves make them easier to remove after a long ride, even if they are more difficult to put on. The LuxoBike Mountain Bike Gloves will enhance your cycling experience.

Are mountain bike gloves worth it?

Mountain biking gloves are unquestionably worthwhile! Here are some of the reasons:

  • Better Grip: Mountain bike gloves are designed to improve grip on the handlebars, which is especially crucial when riding in wet or muddy situations. This enhances your control of the bike and may help you avoid an accident.
  • Protection: Mountain bike gloves protect your hands in the event of a fall or an injury. The cushioning on the gloves absorbs some of the impacts and helps to avoid cuts, scratches, and blisters.
  • Comfort: Mountain bike gloves are made to be comfortable and breathable, allowing you to ride for extended periods of time without feeling hand discomfort or weariness.
  • Sweat Absorption: Mountain bike gloves are frequently manufactured with sweat-wicking materials, which help keep your hands from slipping off the handlebars and increase your overall grip.

Overall, mountain bike gloves are an excellent purchase for any serious rider because they improve grip, protection, comfort, and perspiration absorption, all of which can improve performance and make rides more enjoyable.

Should I wear mountain bike gloves with or without fingers?

It is a matter of personal preference whether to wear mountain bike gloves with or without fingers, and it is dependent on your riding style and the conditions under which you will be riding.

Full-fingered gloves protect your hands more in the event of a collision or a fall, and they can also give extra warmth in cold weather. They can also help protect your hands from scrapes and abrasions caused by tree branches and other trail hazards.

Fingerless gloves, on the other hand, provide better breathability and flexibility, which can be useful in hot weather or for riders who want a more basic approach. They can also improve tactile sensitivity, helping you to hold your handlebars more securely.

Finally, the decision between full-fingered and fingerless gloves comes down to personal preference and the type of riding you want to perform. Full-fingered gloves may be preferable if you ride primarily in tough terrain or in colder weather. Fingerless gloves may be a better option if you’re cycling in warmer weather or like a more minimalist feel.

Should mountain bike gloves be tight or loose?

Mountain bike gloves should fit snugly but not so tightly that movement or circulation is restricted. A good fit is essential to prevent the gloves from slipping around or bunching up, which can cause pain and impair your grip on the handlebars.

The gloves, however, should not be so tight that they restrict your movement or make you feel uncomfortable. Your fingers should be able to move freely within the gloves, and you should be able to easily bend your wrists and produce a fist.

When selecting the fit of your gloves, it’s also vital to consider the type of riding you’ll be performing. If you plan on undertaking more aggressive riding with a lot of impacts, a tighter fit may be preferable to guarantee the gloves stay in place and provide maximum protection.

If you intend to ride more casually, a looser fit may be more comfortable. Finally, the ideal fit will be determined by your own preferences and the type of riding you intend to conduct.

How long do mountain bike gloves last?

Mountain bike gloves have a lifespan that is determined by various aspects, including the quality of the materials, the frequency of use, and the intensity of the riding. High-quality mountain bike gloves can last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

The constant rubbing against the handlebars and grip may cause the gloves to wear out faster if you ride regularly and hard. Furthermore, sweat, dirt, and other factors can cause the gloves to deteriorate over time.

It’s a good idea to inspect your gloves on a regular basis for symptoms of wear and tear, such as holes, material thinning, or loose seams. If you notice any damage, it’s time to replace them so you have the proper grip and protection for your hands when riding.

In general, depending on the frequency and intensity of use, you should change your mountain bike gloves every 6-12 months. However, if you discover any symptoms of damage or wear, you should replace them right once to avoid any accidents or injuries while riding.

What is the difference between road and mountain bike gloves?

The primary distinction between road and mountain bike gloves is found in their design and intended use. Here are a few important distinctions between the two:

  • Cushioning: Because off-road riding can be harder and more difficult, mountain bike gloves typically include extra cushioning on the palms and knuckles. Road bike gloves, on the other hand, are intended to provide a more comfortable ride and often have thinner padding.
  • Grip: Silicone or rubberized grip on the palms and fingertips of mountain bike gloves provides greater traction when gripping the handlebars and brakes. Road bike gloves may have some grip, but it is not as strong as mountain bike gloves.
  • Breathability: Road bike gloves are frequently designed to be more breathable, using lightweight and breathable fabrics to keep your hands cool on lengthy rides. Mountain bike gloves, particularly ones designed for downhill or enduro riding, maybe thicker to protect against cold weather and impacts.
  • Finger Coverage: Mountain bike gloves may have extra finger coverage to guard against scratches, thorns, and other trail hazards. Road bike gloves frequently have reduced finger coverage for improved dexterity and shifter and brake handling.
  • Style: While this has no bearing on performance, mountain bike gloves tend to be more colorful and adventurous, whilst road bike gloves tend to be more sleek and minimalist.

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