5 Best Mountain Bike Grips of 2023

Mountain bike grips act as a direct link between you and your bike, offering stability, comfort, and a stronger connection to your ride. They are a tiny but substantial investment that can have a big impact on your overall trail performance and enjoyment. With so many alternatives on the market today, selecting the appropriate grips according to your preferences and riding style might be difficult.

We go into the world of mountain bike grips in this detailed guide, researching the best solutions that combine exceptional grip, durability, and ergonomic design. This article will be your ultimate reference whether you’re an experienced rider wishing to modify your present grips or a newbie hoping to improve your control.

What are the Best Mountain Bike Grips?

Here are my top picks of the best mountain bike grips to experience a comfortable MTB ride.

1. Ergon Mountain Bike Grips ($29.93 – $33.95)


The Ergon Mountain Bike Grips are a great addition to any bike adventure. These grips, with an advanced “mini-wing” form, address typical issues such as hand pain, numb fingers, sore wrists, and arms pumping. By supporting the hand and wrist in an ergonomically appropriate posture, these grips provide a comfortable and pain-free ride.

One of these grips’ notable qualities is their specialized grip zones that exactly match the contours of the hand. This improves handling and comfort when riding over tough terrain and tackling long downhills by providing more trail feedback. You’ll feel more connected to your bike with these grips, allowing you to confidently traverse even the most difficult routes.

The Ergon Mountain Bike Grips’ inner-core structure is strategically tapered, giving better damping and comfort towards the outer grip area. This feature is especially useful since it relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve, lowering the likelihood of numbness and pain during lengthy rides.

What distinguishes these grips is their flexibility to be modified for a bespoke fit. Riders may simply modify the grips to their preferences thanks to the grip angle adjustment mechanism. These grips can be readily readjusted as needed, whether you prefer a more upright or aggressive riding stance.

The clamp also eliminates twisting once tightened, delivering a solid and sturdy hold. The grips’ low-profile design keeps them out of the way while still giving plenty of gripping surface area for maximum control.

When it comes to bike grips, durability is crucial, and the Ergon Mountain Bike Grips provide this regard. The replacement bar end plugs provide peace of mind in the event of a harsh landing or an accident. You may easily tackle any trail with these grips without worrying about their durability.

2. CyclingDeal Mountain Bike Grips ($22.99)


CyclingDeal Mountain Bike Grips are an excellent addition to any cyclist’s equipment collection. These grips offer greater shock-absorbing capability due to their innovative ergonomic design and anti-slip diamond rubber surface, making your rides smoother and more comfortable.

The soft gel grips and concave matrix designs, which provide a fantastic gripping experience, significantly relieve pressure on your hands and wrists. This function is especially useful when riding sans gloves because it relieves wrist strain.

These grips are made of high-quality, water-resistant, soft non-slip rubber and provide all-weather protection, ensuring a reliable grip even in damp situations. The incorporation of robust aluminum double-locking bolts adds to the durability of these grips. These bolts not only keep the grips firmly in place but also keep them from loosening or slipping during your rides, providing you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on the path ahead.

The adaptability of these grips is one of its most notable characteristics. These grips adapt to the needs of varied cyclists by being suitable for a wide range of bike types, including mountain, hybrid, touring, and city cycles. The CyclingDeal Mountain Bike Grips are designed to deliver great performance and comfort whether you’re riding difficult terrain or cruising through city streets.

Furthermore, the “winged” shape of these grips includes a wide palm platform, which improves wrist comfort during extended rides. This intelligent design aspect makes a significant impact by providing additional support and minimizing fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer cycling sessions without pain.

3. Odi Mountain Bike Grips ($28.61)


The Odi Mountain Bike Grips are a fantastic addition that will improve your biking experience. These grips perfectly fit the curve of your hand thanks to their ergonomic design, ensuring a pleasant and natural grasp without adding extra bulk. They offer the perfect balance between cushioning and support, providing enough padding where it’s most required.

The half-waffle pattern on the front of these grips is a standout feature. This one-of-a-kind design aspect comes into action when you’re slightly off the back of the bike, such as on steep descents or difficult off-road terrain. The half-waffle pattern provides the extra control you need, helping you to keep a solid grip on the handlebars and comfortably steer through uneven terrain.

The Odi Mountain Bike Grips also have a customizable knurl pattern, which offers another layer of utility. This clever design alternates between a smooth and spiky texture, which is deliberately placed to provide traction without causing discomfort or irritation to your hands. Regardless of the trail conditions, the alternating texture delivers maximum grip and handling.

4. ESI Mountain Bike Grips ($22.99)


The ESI Mountain Bike Grips are an excellent option for riders looking for a high-performance grip that performs well in both wet and dry conditions. These grips, made of an extra chunky silicon material, provide an unrivaled amount of traction, ensuring a tight hold on the handlebars at all times. These grips will not let you down whether you’re speeding through muddy tracks or conquering rocky terrain.

One of these grips’ most notable characteristics is their remarkable comfort. The extra bulky construction not only improves grip but also provides cushioning, reducing hand fatigue for lengthy rides. As you navigate rocky paths and overcome difficult hurdles, you’ll love the pleasant feel of these grips.

The ESI grips are simple to install because they do not require any bar adhesion. Say goodbye to sloppy glues and bulky tapes! These grips fit effortlessly onto the handlebars and keep securely in place without the need for additional support. This simple installation procedure allows you to spend more time riding and less time fussing with your gear.

Another noteworthy feature of these grips is their high level of shock absorption. Riding off-road might be hard on your hands, but the ESI Mountain Bike Grips will significantly reduce vibration and impact. This function is especially useful when riding in rough terrain because it reduces hand and wrist strain, helping you to keep better control and focus on your ride.

These grips, at 5-1/8″ in length, provide ample coverage for your hands, ensuring a pleasant and stable grasp on the handlebars. The grip diameter of 34mm is ergonomically intended to fit most hand sizes, delivering a natural and pleasant feel.

The ESI Mountain Bike Grips also feature bar end covers as part of the set. These end caps protect the ends of your handlebars by avoiding damage from accidental hits and adding a touch of robustness to the overall look.

5. MARQUE Mountain Bike Grips ($14.99)


The MARQUE Mountain Bike Grips are an absolute must-have for any ardent mountain biker looking for maximum control and comfort while riding. These grips deliver a firm and confident handling feel on the handlebar thanks to their distinctive multidirectional ergonomic grip surface. Whether you’re tackling difficult trails or cruising through uneven terrain, these grips provide a firm grip that improves your overall bike performance.

The MARQUE grips, made of a special sticky TPR rubber substance, excel at absorbing stress and easing tiredness and hand pressure, even on extended rides. This feature enables you to keep a comfortable grip and ride for extended periods of time without discomfort or strain.

These grips are 130mm long and designed to suit any regular straight handlebar bicycle or handlebars with an outside diameter ranging from 20mm to 23mm. Because of their adaptability, they are compatible with most conventional mountain bike handlebars, making them suitable for a wide spectrum of riders.

The MARQUE Mountain Bike Grips are designed with a single aluminum alloy lock-on locking ring. This design not only assures a solid and stable grip attachment but also decreases the grips’ total weight. The lightweight design reduces unnecessary mass and improves mobility, letting you easily navigate trails.

Furthermore, these grips have a low slender profile with microcavities for added comfort and grip. The microcavities provide additional tactile feedback, improving control and increasing riding confidence. The grips’ thin profile and microcavities work together to enhance your grip and comfort, whether you’re tackling steep downhill descents or navigating difficult parts.

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