5 Best Mountain Bike Hip Packs (Affordable & Comfortable)

To truly immerse oneself in the world of mountain riding, you must have the proper equipment. While a strong bike and protective gear are apparent must-haves, a well-designed hip pack may make or break your bicycling experience. Today, we’ll look at the best mountain bike hip packs, focusing on two crucial factors: cost and unrivaled quality.

In this blog article, we’ll walk you through a selection of hip packs that strike the perfect blend of affordability and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, our hip packs provide both functionality and durability, allowing you to focus on the pleasure of the ride while keeping your essentials within easy reach.

What are the Best Mountain Bike Hip Packs?

Here are my top picks of the best mountain bike hip packs you can purchase to carry your essentials when riding your mountain bike.

1. EVOC Mountain Bike Hip Pack ($91.01)


The EVOC Mountain Bike Hip Pack is a versatile and useful gear that will improve your biking experience. This hip pack is a must-have for any ardent biker, thanks to its smart design and intelligent functionality.

This hip pack’s large storage capacity is one of its most notable qualities. It comes with a 3L bag that holds your personal items and accommodates the attached 1.5L bladder, allowing you to stay hydrated during your rides with ease.

The Airflow Contact system distinguishes this hip pack, which is made of high-quality materials such as 3D air mesh, Airo Flex, and 210D nylon ripstop. This revolutionary system provides outstanding cooling back ventilation, providing adequate airflow and keeping you comfortable during even the most strenuous rides.

The hydration waist pack was created with your comfort in mind. It has rapid adjustments to find the right fit for uphill and downhill riding. By eliminating excessive heat and moisture buildup, the built-in ventilation improves your comfort.

This hip pack absolutely shines in terms of use. It has two bottle carriers with extra safety attachments, so you can keep your hydration close at hand. This set has you covered whether you prefer bottles or a bladder. Furthermore, the two hip pockets provide ideal storage for items like keys, energy gels, or a compact multi-tool, assuring quick and simple access whenever you need it.

2. Osprey Mountain Bike Hip Pack ($58.84)


The Osprey Mountain Bike Hip Pack is a versatile and handy cycling companion. This pack was created with functionality and convenience in mind, and it includes a variety of features that will improve your bike experience.

The blinker light attachment strap, placed near the bottom of the front panel, is a distinctive element. This ingenious feature enables you to swiftly install a light for improved visibility during evening riding. Safety comes first, and this pack assures you can ride confidently even in the dark.

Staying hydrated is critical during long bike rides, and this pack’s dedicated hydration compartment is designed to address that demand. It neatly holds the 1.5L lumbar reservoir that comes with the pack. Furthermore, the compartment compresses for stable transport, ensuring that your water supply remains securely in place as you travel across tough terrain.

The hose magnet feature comes in helpful when it comes to obtaining your hydration. The magnet, which attaches to the bite valve, keeps the hose in a conveniently accessible position while riding. This means you may easily take a drink of water without interrupting your flow, allowing for on-the-go hydration.

Another area where the Osprey Mountain Bike Hip Pack shines is comfort. Excellent ventilation is provided by the extra thick ridged foam and a central air channel. This design not only keeps you cool on lengthy rides, but it also provides adequate padding for enhanced comfort. You may concentrate on conquering trails and enjoying your bicycle experience without being bothered by any needless pain.

3. CamelBak Mountain Bike Hip Pack ($50.10)


The CamelBak Mountain Bike Hip Pack is intended for hard-charging riders who need more than just a water bottle yet don’t want to carry a complete pack. This hip pack is made of 75% cotton, 15% nylon, and 10% wool and is both useful and comfortable.

One of the pack’s notable features is its load-bearing hip belt, which includes cargo pockets. This wide waist belt not only improves comfort but also helps riders to store essentials close at hand. The integrated carry pockets give a practical and tidy storage solution for a multi-tool, spare tube, or repair kit.

Hydration is essential during long mountain bike rides, and the 1.5-liter Crux reservoir featured with this hip pack keeps you hydrated. This reservoir’s quicker flow rate provides greater hydration performance, allowing you to quench your thirst quickly and efficiently.

The dual reservoir compression straps are used to provide stability and ensure a tight fit. These straps allow you to snug the reservoir into the small of your back, reducing mobility when riding. With this function, you can concentrate on the route ahead of you without having to worry about the pack changing or bouncing around.

The CamelBak Mountain Bike Hip Pack is the ideal trail companion for cyclists looking for a lightweight, compact option for carrying supplies and remaining hydrated. This pack provides the functionality and convenience riders require for their trips, with its load-bearing hip belt, integrated carry pockets, 1.5-liter Crux reservoir, and twin reservoir compression straps.

4. Fox Racing Mountain Bike Hip Pack ($39.95)


The Fox Racing Mountain Bike Hip Pack is a dependable trail companion for any keen mountain cyclist looking for ease and organization. This pack is made of tough 600D polyester ripstop material for long-lasting performance in harsh outdoor environments.

This hip pack is designed with a low-profile under-jersey fit to merge smoothly into your bicycle gear, giving a pleasant and inconspicuous experience. The main compartment of the bag is separated, allowing you to easily organize your things. You can keep everything in its allotted place, whether it’s spare tubes, energy bars, or a tiny tool kit, assuring simple access when needed.

In addition to the main compartment, this hip pack has safe hip compartments built exclusively for valuables. You may safely store your keys, wallet, or smartphone without fear of them being misplaced or damaged during your exciting trips. Your belongings are safe and within reach with the Fox Racing Mountain Bike Hip Pack.

This bundle includes reflective details to improve safety in low-light circumstances. These deliberately placed pieces increase your visibility to others, increasing your visibility on the trails. This feature adds an added degree of protection, allowing you to ride with confidence even in less-than-ideal lighting circumstances.

This hip pack, measuring 55cm in length and 18cm in breadth, provides enough storage space while remaining small and streamlined in design. It provides the ideal combination between functionality and comfort, letting you carry your essentials while being mobile.

5. Nike Mountain Bike Hip Pack ($39)


The Nike Mountain Bike Hip Pack is a multi-purpose gear that will enhance your outdoor activities. This hip pack is a must-have for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts alike, thanks to its elegant appearance and functional features.

Accessing your essentials has never been easier thanks to the easy zipper closure. The tight closure keeps your valuables secure even on rough rides or strenuous climbs. There’s no need to be concerned about goods falling out or being lost along the road.

One of the hip pack’s notable characteristics is its machine-washable fabric. Simply chuck it in the washing machine after a muddy trek or a sweaty workout, and it will come out clean and ready for your next adventure. Because of its low-maintenance nature, it is a sensible choice for those who appreciate convenience.

The Nike Mountain Bike Hip Pack is well-thought-out, with various sections to keep your possessions organized. The second pocket has enough room for a planner, a daily need pouch, and other items. It also offers enough space to hold an entire water bottle, keeping you hydrated during your outdoor activities.

Whether you’re hitting the trails, exploring new territory, or simply doing errands around town, this hip pack has you covered. Its sleek and small shape makes it easy to wear around the waist or over the shoulder, making it a useful accessory for a variety of activities.

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