5 Best RV Steps to Get in 2023

RV steps are a necessary feature of every RV, but they may also be a safety danger if not carefully chosen. With so many various types of RV stairs on the market, determining which ones are the best can be difficult.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the many types of RV steps available and assist you in selecting the finest ones for your needs. We’ll also go over some critical safety precautions to take when using RV steps.

Types of RV Steps

RV steps are classified into two types: manual and electric.

  • Manual RV steps: The most popular type of RV step is the manual RV step. When not in use, they are normally made of aluminum or steel and fold up. Manual RV steps are inexpensive and simple to build, but they can be challenging to use, particularly for persons with mobility concerns.
  • Electric RV steps: When the RV door is opened and closed, the steps extend and retract automatically. Electric RV steps cost more than manual RV steps, but they are considerably easier to operate.

Choosing the Right RV Steps

There are a few things to consider when selecting RV steps:

  • Weight capacity: Select RV steps with a weight capacity that is larger than the total weight of all people who will be using them.
  • Step height: Select RV stairs with a suitable step height for everyone who will be using them.
  • Material: Select RV steps made of a long-lasting material, such as aluminum or steel.
  • Cost: RV steps can cost anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Set a budget before you begin shopping to avoid overspending.

Safety Tips to Follow When Using RV Steps

Here are some critical safety precautions to remember when utilizing RV steps:

  • When climbing up or down RV steps, always utilize the railing.
  • Exercise caution when using RV steps in wet or slippery situations.
  • Before using the RV stairs, make sure they are fully extended and locked.
  • Never climb the RV steps barefoot.

What are the Best RV Steps?

Here are my top picks of the best RV steps on the market you can purchase to use for getting into your RV and it will be more useful for adults or ill people.

1. Lippert Components RV Steps ($205.64)


Lippert Components RV Steps provide an outstanding and convenient option for safe and easy access to your recreational vehicle. These three processes are meticulously developed to ensure performance and longevity while also considering user ease.

The stairs are 24 inches wide, offering a roomy platform that inspires confidence when entering and exiting your RV. They strike the perfect mix between a pleasant climb and compactness, with a 7-inch rise between each step.

The user-friendliness of these RV steps is one of their most notable qualities. Because of their compact design, users may easily expand and collapse the stairs with just one hand. When you’re juggling bags, groceries, or other goods while entering or exiting your RV, this feature is a game changer.

The steps have a tough powder coat finish to withstand the rigors of the road and the elements. This finish not only improves the aesthetics of the steps but also acts as a protective shield against the weather. These steps are designed to withstand the elements, such as rain, UV radiation, and other outdoor threats.

Lippert Components recognizes that safety is a major responsibility. These steps include anti-slip skid tape on the surface to ensure a stable grip. This innovation ensures a secure footing even in rainy or slick situations, providing you peace of mind when driving your RV.

Lippert Components RV Steps are designed with beauty and safety in mind, in addition to practicality. Because the radius step shape removes sharp corners, these stairs are safer to use and less likely to grab or damage clothing.

It’s a smart touch that improves the overall user experience while lowering the danger of an accident.

2. Toriexon RV Steps ($149.99)


The Toriexon RV Steps are the pinnacle of ease, safety, and versatility for anyone wishing to improve their outdoor experiences. These portable stairs with a grip, handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail, are designed to make entering or exiting an RV, travel trailer, hot tub, or any elevated area a breeze.

These RV steps are built to last and have a sturdy handle made of high-quality carbon steel. This handle gives users essential additional support and stability, as well as a reassuring grasp as they ascend or descend.

Strong screws hold the grip tightly to the base, ensuring a sturdy connection. The threaded connection also enables easy disassembly and storage, making the steps portable wherever your excursions take you.

The Toriexon RV Steps’ amazing weight capacity is one of their most notable qualities. These steps, which can handle up to 300 pounds, can easily accommodate the weight of an average adult, even when carrying objects.

This considerable weight capability gives you peace of mind, knowing that these stairs are strong and dependable.

The RV Step Ladder has a robust structure, which adds to your safety when using it. Each stage in this process has been meticulously developed and manufactured to provide optimal stability.

Whether you’re dealing with rough terrain or simply needing to get access to your RV’s entry, these steps will give you confidence in every stride.

The Toriexon RV Steps prioritize safety. These steps have detachable slip-resistant padding to eliminate any concerns about slipping. These pads have a specially prepared anti-slip substance on the bottom, which provides a stable grip even in wet or slippery circumstances.

The removable design also enables easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that your steps remain safe and clean during your adventures.

The adaptability of these RV steps is unparalleled. They are an excellent complement for people who have movement concerns such as Parkinson’s disease, muscle weakness, balance issues, poor knee support, or impairments. They are also perfect for folks who use canes.

These procedures will improve your safety and functionality whether you’re driving a recreational vehicle, a travel trailer, or a hot tub. Because of their adaptability, they are a vital tool for outdoor enthusiasts, guaranteeing that every expedition is accessible and pleasurable.

3. Kinchoix RV Steps ($137.99)


The Kinchoix RV Steps are the best way to ensure safety and convenience in and around your RV or camper. These adaptable RV stairs include several features that are intended to make your outdoor experience more comfortable and secure.

The Kinchoix RV stairs are the ideal addition to your recreational lifestyle, whether you use them for long-term stationary RV applications, as an alternative to your built-in RV stairs, or for other reasons such as hot tubs and above-ground pools.

The Kinchoix RV Steps include two steps and a total height of 20 inches, giving an optimum blend of accessibility and stability. The upper platform is 27 inches wide and 16 inches deep, providing plenty of room for simple entry and escape.

The stair proportions are 9.5 inches wide by 27 inches deep, with 7-inch stair rise increments to ensure a comfortable and progressive ascent. The railing is 34 inches above the platform for increased safety and support, allowing you to maintain balance while you travel the stairs.

The Kinchoix RV Steps’ sturdy and stable construction is one of their most notable features. Triangular bars are strategically positioned on the steps to stabilize them, reducing swaying and the possibility of an accident during use.

The step panel has a strong 2mm thickness, and a lower beam improves its load-bearing capacity. These steps are designed to withstand weights of up to 300 pounds, allowing them to hold the weight of two people at the same time. This level of toughness assures that you can count on these steps for many years to come.

When it comes to RV stairs, safety is key, and the Kinchoix RV stairs have you covered. The box contains 6.6 feet of anti-slip skid tape, which can be cut to any length. Simply peel off the film cover and secure the tape to the step plates.

Not only does this provide good traction for ascending and descending the steps, but it also reduces the risk of sliding or falling. The tape’s polished black finish not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but is also easy to clean, ensuring a high-quality look.

These RV steps have helped handrails on both sides to improve safety and convenience of use. The handrails are designed for disassembly, making them easy to store and carry. Each handrail is divided into three sections by threaded connectors that ensure strength and integrity.

An additional assist handrail can be purchased for added support. The installation is simple and secure since each grip bar is secured against the step using a shrink tube and sturdy screws from the bottom.

4. Fumingpal RV Steps ($119.99)


The Fumingpal RV Steps are an invaluable addition to your outdoor activities due to their robustness, stability, and mobility. These steps, created with unrelenting attention to detail, are intended to provide safety, simplicity, and convenience for anyone entering an RV, camping trailer, or any other elevated platform.

The Fumingpal RV Steps are made of heavy-duty steel and are built to last. This sturdy construction ensures sturdiness and endurance, ensuring that these steps will serve you well for many years.

The stairs are finished in a black powder coating that not only improves their appearance but also provides waterproof and rust-resistant characteristics, making them suitable for withstanding the roughest outdoor circumstances.

These stairs are more stronger and broader than ordinary pull-out or folding steps, allowing you and your family to confidently access and depart your RV or camping trailer.

The triangular bar shape of the Fumingpal RV Steps improves their stability. This advancement decreases the chance of wobbling or trembling when you step on them, protecting your safety.

The steps also include a thickened step panel to increase their load-bearing capability without deformation, which means they can easily hold the weight of two to three persons at the same time.

These stairs come with removable non-slip pads that provide an extra degree of security, especially in damp or slick circumstances, to further avoid slipping during use.

The Fumingpal RV Steps prioritize safety above all else. These steps’ ladder structure has installation holes on both sides, allowing you to attach one or two handrails for further stability and support.

This versatility in railing location ensures that everybody, regardless of preference or unique needs, can get the assistance they need while ascending or descending the steps.

The adaptability of these RV steps is limitless. Because they are removable, they are extremely easy to store when not in use. These stages, in addition to their principal application for RVs and camping trailers, can be used for a variety of other reasons.

You can use them as steps for your mobile home, pool, hot tub, spa, porch, or even bunk bed. Because they provide a safe and dependable means of access, these stairs are especially well-suited for those with weakening muscles, balance challenges, poor knee support, or mobility issues.

It is not necessary to be a DIY expert to install the Fumingpal RV Steps. The installation procedure is simple and usually does not necessitate the use of any special tools.

With simple instructions and a user-friendly design, you can have these steps ready to use in no time, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience from the start.

5. SCARIU RV Steps ($109.99)


SCARIU RV Steps are a versatile and highly functional addition to your outdoor living environment, designed to improve accessibility and stability for a variety of applications. These robust steps have a variety of characteristics that make them an excellent addition to your RV, travel trailer, mobile home, hot tub, and other structures.

The incorporation of handrails, which give important assistance to users, is one of the distinguishing aspects of SCARIU RV Steps. Whether you’re stepping into your RV, traveling trailer, or hot tub, the handrails provide a secure grasp that keeps you balanced when negotiating these elevated platforms.

This feature is especially useful for persons who have balance concerns, muscle weakness, or who require extra assistance, such as people with Parkinson’s disease or handicapped people.

These stairs are not limited to RVs; they are adaptable and may be used for a variety of purposes. SCARIU RV Steps has you covered whether you need mobile home steps, travel trailer steps, hot tub stairs, above-ground swimming spa steps, camper steps, or just a robust set of house steps leading to your backyard.

Because of their versatility, they are an excellent addition to any outdoor location, making your life more pleasant and accessible.

SCARIU RV Steps are as visually appealing as they are functional. The polished black design of the stairs panel is not only upmarket but also extremely easy to clean. This means you can enjoy a stunning addition to your outside space without having to worry about upkeep.

It is simple to keep your steps looking beautiful and inviting, ensuring that they stay an appealing component of your outdoor arrangement for years to come.

These measures place a premium on durability. They are made of alloy heavy-gauge steel, which is not only strong but also has a black powder-coated finish. This finish provides an additional layer of protection, making the steps resistant to rust and damage caused by exposure to the environment.

As a result, the steps are stronger, wider, and significantly safer than typical pull-out or folding steps, giving you peace of mind as you enter and exit your RV, travel trailer, or hot tub. The steps can support up to 350 lbs, making them sturdy and appropriate for a wide range of users.

Another creative feature is the presence of detachable handrails. These railings are threaded for strength and can be simply disconnected and stowed when not in use.

SCARIU RV Steps ladder shelves include mounting holes on both sides, giving you the freedom to choose the arrangement that best meets your needs. This versatility means that these stairs will fit in with your existing outdoor layout, whether you need railings on one or both sides.

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