5 Best Skateboard Wrist Guards for Maximum Protection

The wind in your hair and the exhilaration of mastering new tricks is an exhilarating experience like no other in the heart-pounding world of skateboarding. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just getting started, one thing is certain: skateboarding comes with its fair share of dangers.

When learning flips, grinds, and ollies, it is critical not to overlook the need for safety gear. Skateboard wrist protectors stand out as a critical barrier against potential injuries that could jeopardize your skating trip.

We go into the world of skating wrist guards in this detailed guide, discussing their significance, the main criteria to consider when selecting the appropriate pair, and a curated selection of some of the best models available. We have you covered whether you want maximum comfort, top-tier protection, or a stylish combination of the two.

So, before you jump on your board for your next adrenaline-pumping session, consider why investing in the best skateboard wrist guards could be the smartest decision you make to protect your ride.

What are the Best Skateboard Wrist Guards?

Here are my top picks of the best skateboard wrist guards you can wear when skateboarding to protect your wrists from injuries.

1. S-One Wrist Guards ($26)


The S-One Skateboard Wrist Guards are a tribute to uncompromising quality and innovative design, offering skateboarders and athletes a strong shield of protection. These wrist guards are made of Heavy Ballistic Nylon and are extremely durable and strong, making them an invaluable companion for people who require the highest impact protection.

The clever angled form of these wrist guards sets them distinct, a fantastic idea aimed at enhancing impact absorption. The meticulously crafted design includes an extra thick splint that extends around the underside of the wrist, offering a strong barrier against any injuries. This innovative design element ensures that the wrists are protected with the highest care even in the case of a fall.

These wristguards have been precisely designed with comfort in mind. The padded interior reflects this dedication, supporting the wrists in a cocoon of luxurious comfort. The soft cushioning not only improves comfort during continuous usage but also aids in shock absorption, lowering the chance of damage. These wrist guards remain comfortable and supportive even during intense skating sessions, allowing skaters to focus on their performance without discomfort.

The S-One wrist guards are exceptionally durable, with strengthened parts deliberately positioned to ensure an enhanced lifetime. The reinforced thumb area keeps this high-stress zone resistant to wear and tear, while the reinforced palm gives an extra layer of protection to impact-prone locations. This careful fortification results in a wrist guard that can withstand the rigors of both recreational skateboarding and professional athletic use.

It’s no wonder that these wrist guards have won the trust of many top skaters and athletes around the world. Their heavy-duty materials, clever design, and unwavering focus on impact protection make them a vital piece of safety equipment. From skate parks to competitive arenas, the S-One Skateboard Wrist Guards provide dependable protection against potential wrist injuries, representing a harmonious balance of safety, comfort, and durability that any skater can enjoy.

2. ProTec Street Wrist Guards ($22.95)


The ProTec Street Skateboard Wrist Guards stand out as a dependable option for skateboard aficionados, providing a crucial blend of comfort and durability for every rider.

One of these wrist guards’ notable features is their contoured design, which has been precisely constructed to provide an amazing fit that wraps tightly around the wrist without sacrificing comfort. This construction keeps the guards securely in place throughout vigorous skateboarding sessions, allowing for a natural range of motion without feeling restricted.

When it comes to protective gear, durability is crucial, and ProTec has taken this into consideration with its wrist guards. The double stitching, combined with the use of ballistic nylon, ensures that these guards can survive even the most rigorous skateboarding practices. The ProTec wrist guards are up to the task whether you’re a beginner improving your balance or a seasoned pro pushing the limits of your stunts.

ProTec has deliberately positioned extra thick splint protection right at the base of the hand for impact prevention. Because this is where impacts are most likely to occur during a fall, these protectors are extremely effective at absorbing and distributing impact power. This smart design not only protects the wrist bones but also the surrounding area, providing a comprehensive barrier against potential injuries.

The ProTec Street Skateboard Wrist Guards are distinguished by their comfort, durability, and targeted protection. These guards are an essential addition to any skateboarder’s gear collection, with their contoured fit that feels like a second skin, reinforced by double stitching and ballistic nylon for longevity, and cleverly positioned extra thick splint protection.

Whether you’re cruising the streets or grinding rails, these wrist guards allow you to ride with confidence, knowing that your wrists are well-protected without sacrificing performance or comfort.

3. Triple Eight Wristsaver II Slide-On Wrist Guards ($24.95)


The Triple Eight Wristsaver Skateboard Wrist Guards are a fantastic addition to the domain of protective gear, catering exclusively to skateboarders and other wrist-taxing activities. These wrist guards have been meticulously crafted with a combination of characteristics that collectively enhance their performance to an exceptional degree.

The durable yet elastic 4-way stretchable nylon mesh material that envelops the guards is the first thing that draws the eye. This cloth not only provides a snug fit but also a degree of flexibility, which is essential for maintaining natural wrist mobility. The days of restricting gear that limits your mobility are over; the Triple Eight Wristsaver embraces comfort without compromising.

The careful placement of high-density, impact-resistant molded splints is one of these wrist guards’ notable features. These splints, which are placed on both the front and back of the wrists, serve as sentinels of protection.

This design serves two functions: it strengthens the wrists against all angles of impact while also giving much-needed support to the delicate wrist joints. Whether you’re performing acrobatics or navigating through congested areas, these protectors keep your wrists safe.

With the addition of shock-absorbing EVA foam, comfort meets resilience. This foam functions as a cushioning buffer against unexpected impacts when it is nestled between the support splints and the wrists. It absorbs and distributes energy, reducing the force that would otherwise be applied straight to your wrists. This well-thought-out feature not only improves the guards’ defensive powers but also contributes to their general comfort when worn for extended periods of time.

The Triple Eight Wristsaver Wrist Guards are built to last, as seen by reinforced double stitching that runs like a backbone throughout their construction. The stitching not only strengthens the structural integrity of the guards but also adds a level of dependability. You’re not simply investing in short-term security with these guards; you’re investing in a piece of equipment that’s built to survive the test of time and usage.

4. 187 Killer Pads Wrist Guards ($24.95)


The 187 Killer Pads Skateboard Wrist Guards are an outstanding piece of protective equipment meant to keep you safe when skateboarding. These wrist guards have been meticulously crafted with a build that speaks volumes about their longevity and efficiency.

The wrist guards are made of tough Ballistic Nylon and are designed to resist the rigors of skateboarding, ensuring they won’t quickly succumb to wear and tear. The use of Industrial Weight Stitching adds to their durability, assuring that these guards will last through several skate sessions.

The cleverly constructed angled construction of these wrist protectors is a distinctive feature. This design isn’t just for looks; it’s specifically designed to adhere to the natural contours of your hand, resulting in a flawless fit. This means they fit securely around your wrist and hand, delivering a comfortable yet secure experience that doesn’t restrict your movement.

The wrist guards have a strengthened thumb hole and palm to fight the areas that generally face the most stress and wear. These reinforced parts help to improve the overall lifespan of the guards, making them a good purchase for anyone who skates regularly.

The comfort of these guards has been given top priority in their design. The interior is intelligently padded, increasing your comfort and preventing pain or irritation from prolonged use. This means you can skate with confidence, knowing your wrists are safe and nurtured.

With their strategically positioned extra thick splint, the 187 Killer Pads Skateboard Wrist Guards take protection to the next level. This particular splint has been designed to provide focused protection at the base of the hand, where it is most needed. This area is more vulnerable to strong impacts during skateboarding falls, and the extra thick splint provides an effective barrier against potential injuries.

5. Triple Eight Saver Series ($41.95)


When it comes to assuring the safety and protection of skateboard aficionados, the Triple Eight Saver Series Skateboard Wrist Guards stand out as a dependable option, and they do so without sacrificing comfort or mobility. These wrist guards are a tribute to Triple Eight’s commitment to safety gear quality, having been designed with careful attention to both durability and functionality.

The exquisite manufacture of these wristguards is one of its distinguishing features. The knee and elbow pads are made of high-quality robust fabrics that guarantee longevity in the face of rigorous usage and are designed to endure the rigors of skateboarding. The use of EVA foam cushioning not only adds to their durability but also ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Whether you’re practicing tricks at the skatepark or cruising the streets, these wrist protectors protect your joints from impact-related injuries.

These guards increase protection by including polycarbonate full coverage caps. These caps wrap the important areas, providing an all-around layer of protection that is essential while skating.

The caps’ careful design does not hinder movement; they effortlessly blend into the structure of the wrist guards, allowing for natural and uninhibited action. This combination of full protection and unlimited movement distinguishes these wrist guards as a dependable friend for skateboarders who exceed their limits.

The emphasis on support and protection becomes clearer as we go deeper into the wrist guards’ characteristics. The addition of high-density impact-resistant molded ABS splints on both the front and back of the wrists provides an additional layer of strength.

These splints are deliberately placed to absorb and distribute impact forces that could otherwise result in wrist injury. With this level of precision, the wrist guards provide confidence that goes beyond surface-level safety – they provide a powerful defense mechanism against the inherent risks of skateboarding.

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